POSITION TITLE:    Community and Social Service Specialist


Assist with facilitating delivery of humanitarian relief services and donations for non-profit. Report directly to Programs Director on all aspects of the organizations social service programs in the Middle East and Africa. Communicate with Suppliers for donated and purchased supplies assuring quality standards. In person inspection & reporting of contracted implementation of our social service programs in the Middle East and Africa, such as Diapers for Refugees, and the distribution of food and sanitation supplies in orphanages we sponsor in Nigeria. Report to Program Director whether the programs are in budget, providing services per our standards, and that recipients meet our eligibility requirements. Weekly communication with our service providers in the Middle East and Africa. Provide informational reports on the progress of our social service programs to Grantmakers and other financial supporters.

Minimum Requirements are:

  • Two years of experience working with a non-governmental organization (NGO) or non-profit focused on humanitarian relief projects in conflict zones and/or underdeveloped countries. Excellent written and verbal English skills. Ability to provide accurate reporting, both written and verbal, on progress of relief programs and quality of services provided.
  • High School Diploma

Additional Requirements:

Travel Details:

3-4 weeks a year; to marginalized communities and conflict zones in Middle East & Africa to report on the progress of social services programs.

ADDRESS OF EMPLOYMENT: Washington D.C. / Northern Virginia Area

TO APPLY: Qualified candidates should send BY EMAIL Cover Letter and CV to [email protected].