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2017 Saudi articles at our site

Saudi Regime Forces Film Themselves Attacking A Charitable Organization (7/30/17)

Teaching Hate, Inspiring Terrorism: Saudi Arabia’s Educational Curriculum (7/19/17)

Saudi Arabia Voted Into UN Women’s Panel (5/2/17)

Saudi Arabia Sentences Man to Death for Renouncing Islam (5/2/17)

U.S. Supports Saudi’s War In Yemen – Hospitals Bombed, Children Killed (4/21/17)

America’s Role in Saudi Arabia’s War on Yemen (4/6/17)

Saudi Arabia Sued Over 9/11 (3/21/17)

Ron Paul on Trump/Saudi Collusion (3/16/17)

Christian Militia Leader: Saudi Arabia is the Cause of Iraq’s Destruction (3/14/17)

Saudi Arms Imports Triple Amid Yemen Conflict (2/27/2017)

Not A Joke: New CIA Chief Gives Anti-terrorism Medal to Saudi Crown Prince (2/17/17)

Starbucks Hypocrisy (2/7/2017)

UN Panel Concludes Saudi Strikes in Yemen May Amount to War Crimes (1/30/17)

UN Estimates Death Toll in Yemen to be Over 10,000 (1/17/17)
Rights Groups Go After Saudi Arabia After Arrest of Human Rights Activist
s (1/11/17)

2016 Saudi articles at our site

Saudi Cleric Khaled Al-Felaij: Muslims Are Forbidden from Greeting Christians and Jews on Their Holidays (12/29/16)

Saudi Woman Faces Violent Punishment for Not Wearing Hijab (12/13/16)

15 People Sentenced to Death in Saudi Arabia for Iranian Spy Cell (12/6/16)

Saudi-Born Singer Rejects Traditional Political and Religious Notions (11/15/16)

HRW Accuses Saudi Arabia of War Crimes in Yemen (10/13/16)

Leaked Clinton Emails Expose Saudi Support for ISIS (10/12/16)

Saudi Women Activist: Saudi Legal System Has the “Mentality of the 7th Century” (10/12/16)

US Condemns Saudi-led Coalition Bombing Yemen Funeral (10/10/16)

UN Experts Tell Saudi Arabia to End Child Executions (10/7/16)

First Lawsuit Filed Against Saudi Arabia after JASTA Passed (10/3/16)

Saudi bombings kill 20 more civilians in Yemen (09/22/16)

Senate Prepares for Vote on Saudi Arms Sale (09/21/16)

One-Third of Saudi Air Strikes on Yemen Target Civilian Sites (09/21/16)

Saudi Cleric Says Women in the West Suffer Humiliation and Degradation (09/08/16)

60 Members of Congress Attempt to Delay Saudi Arms Deal (8/30/16)

Top Clinton Aide Caught With Ties to Radical Islam (8/22/16)

US Withdraws Military Staff from Saudi Arabia (8/22/16)

Saudi-led Coalition Hits Doctors Without Borders Hospital (8/16/16)

Rand Paul Takes a Stand Against Sale With Saudi Arabia (8/15/16)

McCain Foundation Tied to Saudi Government (8/11/16)

Saudi Arabia’s Major Role in the 2016 Presidential Election (8/03/16)

SAUDI ARABIA: Release Raif Badawi (7/28/16)

Controversy Surrounds Uber’s Ties to Saudi Arabia (7/20/16)

Saudi Arabia Threatened to Break Relations With U.N. Over Human Rights Criticism in Yemen (6/10/16)

Article In Saudi Daily: U.S. Planned, Carried Out 9/11 Attacks (5/20/16)

Saudi embassy branded ‘Daesh bank’ in Berlin projection stunt (5/16/16)

US government hid evidence that Saudi officials supported Al-Qaeda in WTC attacks (5/15/16)

Inside Saudi Arabia’s Push to Silence Criticism of Its Brutal War in Yemen (4/27/16)

Saudi human rights activist has been sentenced to nine years (4/24/16)

Fresh evidence links Saudi government to 9/11 (4/20/16)

28 Pages – CBS 60 Minutes reports on the Saudi connection to 9-11 (4/12/16)

Al-Qaeda gaining power & money from Saudi-led intervention in Yemen (4/10/16)

Saudis fueling jihadist ‘powder keg’ in Belgium (3/30/16)

‘Unlawful civilian deaths in Yemen’: HRW urges US, UK, France to suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia (3/24/16)

Is a Saudi-Led Caliphate in the Making? (3/11/2016)

Our ISIS problem is our Saudi Arabia problem (3/5/16)

EU Parliament adopts resolution calling for arms embargo against Saudi Arabia over Yemen (2/25/16)

Stop Reassuring Saudi Arabia, a Worse Threat to the Middle East than Iran (2/5/16)

2015 Saudi articles at our site

Saudi Continues Assault On Human Rights Around World (12/04/2015)

Emasculating Lethal Ideology Begins In Saudi Arabia (11/23/2015)

Saudi Clerics Call For Jihad Against Russia (10/29/2015)

Floggings Begin Again For Saudi Secular Blogger (10/28/2015)

The Secret Awfulness Of Saudi Arabia (10/26/2015)

Saudis Behaving Badly: 360 Lashes And Beheading For Protesting (10/14/2015)

Saudi Clerics Call For Jihad Against Russia And Syria (10/13/2015)

Saudi Airstrikes Kill 28 At Wedding Party In Yemen (9/28/2015)

Yale Will Be Promoting Saudi Wahhabism (9/25/2015)

Saudi Prince Arrested On Sex Charges In Los Angeles (9/25/2015)

Saudi Diplomat Exposed For Holding Sex Slaves (9/10/2015)

Four Saudi Jets Kill Civilians At Wake In Yemen (9/8/2015)

The Human Cost Of Saudi Airstrikes In Yemen (8/31/15)

Saudis Execute 175 In 12 Months! (8/26/15)

The Saudi Future, The West And The War On Terrorism (8/19/15)

Current Saudi King blamed Israel’s Mossad For 9/11 Attack On America (8/5/15)

Saudis Take Over French Riviera Beach – Tell Police To Ban Female Officers From Area (7/29/15)

Saudi-Led Air Strikes Kill 120 Civilians – Wound 150 Others In Yemen (7/27/15)

We Must Have A Military Nuclear Program Within A Decade (7/14/15)

Saudi Enters Nuclear Arms Race

Saudi Coalition Hinders Humanitarian Aid In Yemen

Saudis & Al Qaeda & Obama On Same Side In Yemen Battles (7/17/15)

Saudi Cables Show Links To Afghan Terror Group (6/30/15)

Obama Assisting al-Qaeda In Saudi Arabia’s War Against Shia Islam (6/25/15) – by RFC Chairman
Saudi Court Upholds Cruel Punishment For Liberal Blogger (6/22/15)
Saudis Won’t Behead Of U.N. Rights Council

Sen. Rand Paul Unveils The Bipartisan “Transparency For The Families Of 9/11 Victims And Survivors Act”

John McCain: Lap dog of Barack Obama, the Saudi royals — or both (5/19/15)

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More below William Murray’s current video editorial

Saudi Arabia/Turkey Aligned With Al Qaeda In Syria

Chairman’s Report for May 7th, 2015 (Features new boycott Saudi Arabia campaign)

Saudi Arabia’s Christian-Killing Machine

New Saudi King Imposing Reverse Reforms In Sunni Nation

Americans ‘Should Be Boycotting Saudi Arabia,’ Says Clinton-bashing Rand Paul

Sweden Ends Its Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia Over Human Rights Speech

Saudi Government Punishes Rape Victim With 200 Lashes

In Saudi Arabia, Young Man Sentenced To Death For Insulting Allah And Prophet Muhammad

Update On Saudi Man Sentenced To Death For Renouncing Islam

Saudi Man Sentenced To Beheading For Ripping Copy Of Koran Online

Saudi Arabian Historian: Western Women Drive Because Rape ‘Is No Big Deal To Them’

Saudi Blogger Could Be Severely Debilitated After 1,000 Lashes

This Is Sharia: Leaked Saudi Beheading Video Goes Viral

U.S. Senators Condemn Flogging Of Saudi Blogger In Letter To King Abdullah

USCIRF Statement On Flogging Of Saudi Blogger, Raif Badawi

2014 Saudi articles at our site

Hezbollah Chief Warns Against Spread Of Wahhabist Ideology

Saudi Arabia Sentences Outspoken Shiite Cleric To Death

Article On Al-Jazeera America Website: Beheadings In Saudi Arabia Also Merit International Concern

Women in Saudi Arabia – Is There Real Reform?

Saudi King Helps Obama Fight ISIL By Arresting Christians

Saudi Arabia Detains 30 Christians For Worship At House Church

Saudi Arabia Cracks Down On Christian Bible Studies – While Arming Syrian Terrorists

Saudi Imam In Islam’s Holy City Of Medina Urges Support For Jihadists Fighting “Christian Americans” In Iraq

Supporting Saudi Arabia is supporting violations of human rights

Saudi Father Takes Preteen Boys To Syria To Fight Against Bashar Assad

Saudi royal family will not allow Obama to save Christians in Iraq

Saudi King Calls Israel’s Gaza Campaign ‘State-Sponsored Terrorism’

Wall Street Journal admits U.S. is puppet of Saudi royals in Middle East

Saudi Blogger’s Wife Says Inhumane Sentence Proves Kingdom’s Brutality

Obama “Silent” Over Persecution Christians In Saudi Arabia

Obama and the Churches of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Law Defines Terrorism As Defaming The State!

From Saudi Arabia with Terror: Controversy Highlights Saudi Ties to Chechen Jihad

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John McCain: Lap dog of Barack Obama, the Saudi royals — or both

Saudi Arabia helps President Obama fight the ISIL by arresting Christian workers

Is America the Puppet of Saudi Arabia – NEW AS OF August 2014

Watch our latest videos on Saudi persecution

Saudi Diplomats holding slaves in Virginia?

2013 Campaign to expose Saudi evil

Updated October 11th  – More newspapers ads listed!

Religious Freedom Coalition booth at the 2013 Values Voter Summit exposing the evils of Saudi Arabia

Religious Freedom Coalition booth at the 2013 Values Voter Summit exposing the evils of Saudi Arabia

The Religious Freedom Coalition advertising campaign to expose the evils of Saudi Arabia is an ongoing effort. Our current ad details the arrests of Ethiopian Christian guest workers in Saudi Arabia for the “crime” of praying in private.

William J. Murray, the chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalitions said: “We are targeting individual congressional districts to gain support in congress for demanding more accountability for Saudi Arabia. By 2015 the USA will produce more oil than Saudi Arabia and we no longer need to turn a blind eye to the killings, the torture and inhumanity of the Saudi royals. Let them peddle their oil elsewhere.”

The ads, which are placed in key congressional districts, direct readers to an Internet site where they learn more about the persecution of Christians in Saudi Arabia. Once at the Internet site, a free fax can be sent to the reader’s congressman asking him to speak out against the brutality of the royal family which operates the criminal enterprise known as Saudi Arabia.

See the petition text and learn how you can send
the free fax to your congressman here!

The ad first raSaudiMay2013n in Orlando, Florida during a national convention on social conservative issues – The Awakening. William J. Murray was one of the speakers at that event and several congressmen, including Michele Bachmann, were also present.  The Religious Freedom Coalition had a display that included large banners about the newspaper advertising program.

The second newspaper ad targeted the district of Darrell Issa (R-CA) who is the chairman of the Government Oversight Committee. Darrell Issa’s district was also chosen because it is the home of Camp Pendleton, and Marine families are well aware of the abuses that occur in and around the Saudi sphere of influence.

Since then the primary targets have been members of the Foreign Relations Committee.  As soon as enough petitions are generated staff of the Religious Freedom Coalition will begin the lobbying effort for congressional resolutions condemning the persecution of Christians in Saudi Arabia. Ads that have run or are scheduled appear in the chart below.

Ad Date Newspaper Congressman District
4/18/2013 Seminole Chronicle Bill Posey – R FL-8
Alan Grayson – D FL-9
5/10/2013 The Coast News Darell issa – R CA-49
5/23/2013 The Coast Star Christopher Smith – R NJ-4
5/30/2013 Lexington Chronicle Joe Wilson – R SC-2
6/5/2013 Humble Observer Ted Poe – R TX-2
6/5/2013 Kingswood Observer Ted Poe – R TX-2
6/21/2013 Brenham Banner Press Michael McCaul – R TX-10
6/26/2013 The Facts Randy Weber – R TX-14
7/17/2013 Anderson Independent Jeff Duncan – R SC-3
7/20/2013 The Pawtucket Times David Cicillini – D RI-1
7/21/2013 Anderson Independent Jeff Duncan -R SC-3
7/31/2013 Madison Weekly News Mo Brooks – R AL-5
9/12/2013 Glendale Star Trent Franks – R AZ-8
9/12/2013 Peoria Times Trent Franks – R AZ-8
9/19/2013 Vally Roadrunner Duncan Hunter, Jr – R CA-50
9/26/2013 Caffee County Times Doug Lamborn – R CO-5
9/27/2013 The Mountain Mail Doug Lamborn – R CO-5
9/27/2013 The Flume Doug Lamborn – R CO-5
10/3/2013 Henderson Press Joe Heck -R NV-3

Free fax to your congressman here!