September 17, 2010 – Washington, DC

September 17, 2010 – Washington, DC

Obama bypasses Congress again / Harvard radical to control banks? / Obama’s stimulus debt / The Defense Authorization (and Gay Immigration) Bill / Taking America Back conference / No 911 mosque / Need a wife, send a child

NEW CHAIRMAN’S REPORT – The September 8th edition of my Chairman’s Report is now available online in a PDF version. This issue contains new material on the background of those who plan to construct a mega mosque at Ground Zero as well as insight into President Barack Hussein Obama’s support of the Islamic insult to the victims of the 911 jihad attack on the United States. Read full Chairman’s Report

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OBAMA BYPASSES CONGRESS AGAIN – President Obama was warned even by Democrats that Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren was too radical to be confirmed by the Senate to virtually any post. Taking this advice, he created a new title and post for her, thus allowing him to give her control of a vast agency without Senate confirmation, Republican congressmen Darrell Issa and Spencer Bachus in a letter last Friday to the White House general counsel said, “By giving Professor Warren responsibilities at both the White House and the Treasury Department, he is undermining Congressional oversight while giving her substantive authority over the CFPB. This is unprecedented.” In this post at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Warren will have vast control over the banking industry.
OBAMA’S STIMULUS – In just two years nearly two trillion dollars in debt has been generated to “stimulate” the economy. Much of that money has been borrowed from wealth producing nations such as China and Saudi Arabia. How much is a trillion? If the United States paid back just one trillion dollars at a dollar a second it would take 32,000 years for the payback. It is now virtually impossible for the United States to repay its outstanding obligations. If the 40,000,000 babies that have been aborted since Roe v. Wade been allowed to be born, there would be no revenue problem in the United States at all. Liberals like Obama champion killing the future taxpayers of the nation while spending wildly.

THE DEFENSE IMMIGRATION BILL? – Radical Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid believes that Republicans have to vote for the defense authorization bill no matter what it contains, so he has added a fast path for illegals in it. Reid believes this will secure him the votes of Hispanics in his tight race for reelection in Nevada. To secure the votes of homosexuals, he also plans to add an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill to allow homosexuals to “serve openly” in the Armed Services.

Note: This week I have been at conferences out of Washington, DC including the Take America Back conference in Miami, and have not had access to my normal congressional contacts. See religion and culture below

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TAKING AMERICA BACK – World Net Daily’s “Taking America Back” conference was held in Miami, Florida on September 16, 17, and 18. Speakers included Alan Keyes, Jerry Corsi and former Senator Jeremiah Denton. Aaron Klein and I spoke on Islamic issues and we served on a panel on Islam with Alan Keyes, Chuck Missler and Joe Farah. My speech on the Ground Zero mosque is in three parts at Youtube. Part 1, part 2, part 3. Each segment is about 12 minutes long. The Religious Freedom Coalition also had a “NO 911 MOSQUE” booth at the conference.
NEW OP-ED ON THE MEGA MOSQUE – A new op-ed I have written on the Ground Zero mosque is now posted at
WWW.NO911MOSQUE.ORG Visit our new Internet site dedicated to stopping the Ground Zero Mosque.

NEED A WIFE, SEND A CHILD – Because of polygamy there is a shortage of Muslim women. As a result, the kidnapping of Christian, Hindu and Buddhist women is common in many countries. A new tactic has arisen in Eqypt to kidnap Coptic Christian women. A child is sent to a Christian neighborhood to cry and act lost. The small child then approaches a young woman asking for help to return home and hands her a small piece of paper with his address on it. If the woman is sympathetic and assists the child to the address, she is pulled into the house, raped, and then forced into a Muslim marriage. Kidnapping Christian women in Egypt continues as a problem. Just recently a Coptic Christian priest’s wife was kidnapped by a Muslim seeking a wife.

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