Chairman’s Report for June 19, 2015

First Iraqi Widows with Children Arrive in New Homes; More on the Way

Cooperative program works: The first five Iraqi Christian widows and their children in our newest program have been successfully processed and moved to new homes. The program to move Iraqi Christian widows and their children who fled the onslaught of the Islamic State (ISIL) murderers in Iraq and Syria has been quietly worked on for months.

We now have nineteen more Iraqi widows and their children in process. This is not an easy task and often requires several trips to gather documents and get them processed. Regardless of the need, obtaining the required documents is impossible without a passport. As a result, for now we can only work with those who managed to salvage their personal documents when they escaped the fast moving Islamic terrorist horde.

Often it is difficult to prove that the husbands are indeed dead. Many were beheaded in front of their wives and children when they refused to convert to Islam, and their bodies were dumped in a trench like garbage. There are no death certificates.

How we got involved: A counterfeit aid organization run by Muslims in Turkey promised an American Christian aid organization that they would help Christian widows and orphans travel to European nations. Agreements were reached by the American organization with some European countries who agreed to take in the Christian refugees, under sponsorship of church groups in those nations.

Thousands of dollars were sent to Turkey to the phony aid organization to help organize the evacuation of the Christians. The con artists then vanished …BUT …the agreements with the European countries were still in place. It was at this point when the Religious Freedom Coalition got involved to use the agreements to help families already in our care.

The Religious Freedom Coalition already had the ability to take over the portion of the resettlement program inside the Middle East. Through our local ministry partner we have long been operating a warehouse and helping feed thousands of Iraqi and Syrian Christian refugees. Records are kept of each family, including the status of the mothers. We don’t have to look for widows; we know exactly which families are without their husbands and fathers to provide. Within a few days of becoming involved we began to process those in the most need.  We are now moving Christian refugee families on to better lives!

  Our Post Card Program

Campaign to stop Congress from funding Islamist fighters hits one year mark – Why go past the one year mark? Sometime this month we will have achieved the record goal of distributing to concerned Americans one million personalized postcards that were pre-addressed to their congressmen and Senators. The vast majority of these post cards have been signed and mailed to Congress, demanding a halt to giving President Barack Obama money to train and furnish weapons to Sunni fighters in Syria or anywhere else.

We began the post card campaign after it became public knowledge that three years ago both the United States and Saudi Arabia were training and arming the supposedly “moderate” fighters that became the core of the Islamic State.

President Barack Obama still continues to assist Islamic fighters including al-Qaeda, and the Republicans in Congress still support him. When does this stupidity end?

On Sunday, June 7th under the direction of President Obama air strikes were conducted by Air Force and Navy attack aircraft in support of al-Qaeda.
U.S.-led coalition airplanes carried out four airstrikes against the Islamic State (ISIL) in the town of Suran in the Aleppo province during a battle between the Islamic State and the Islamist coalition led by Al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra.
The Islamic State had seized control of Suran the prior week and has since been fighting an alliance of Islamist rebels including Al Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra Front and the Ahrar al-Sham movement in the surrounding area.

Are you ready for this? Just last month Obama ordered air strikes against both Al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham. The last Obama ordered strike against was on May 20th near Aleppo province in Syria in which 15 Al-Nusra fighters were killed.

In May our tax dollars were used to bomb al-Nusra and in June our tax dollars were used to bomb the Islamic State and help al-Nusra take a town. All of the fighters involved are Sunni.
Summing up: Three to four years ago the United States helped to arm the al-Qaeda off shoot which became the Islamic State (ISIL) with the idea that it was more “moderate” than al-Nusra, which is part of al-Qaeda. Now the United States is arming more Sunni fighters such as the Hazzm Movement, associated with the Free Syrian Army, to fight al-Nusra and the Islamic State. But the Hazzm Brigade joined with al-Nusra in January. Obama then ordered bombing al-Nusra along with the Hazzm Brigade which we had armed and trained. Then this month we bombed the ISIL during a battle to help al-Nusra and other al-Qaeda affiliated groups.

If you understand the paragraph above congratulations, because I wrote it and I don’t even understand it. No one can understand the so-called strategy of President Barack Obama in Syria. What is even more mind boggling is that Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham want President Obama to do more of whatever it is he is doing.

This is why the post card program must continue: There is no clear American strategy in the Middle East. Let me rephrase that. There is no sane strategy in the Middle East.

President Obama and a majority of Republican Senators want to somehow defeat the secular government of Syria and disband that nation’s army, just as was done in Iraq. At the same time they want to defeat the Islamic State, as well as all al-Qaeda associated groups including al-Nusra. After all these groups are defeated, including the ones we armed and trained in the past, the final goal is to establish a “democracy” in Syria. That really worked well for us in Iraq, Libya and Yemen didn’t it?

What is the result of the plans advocated by Barack Obama, John McCain and Lindsey Graham? Hundreds of thousands of Christians driven from their homes. Thousands of Christian men murdered. Thousands of Christian women and young girls forced into Islamic marriages. Married Christian women having been used as sex slaves passed from one Sunni fighter to the next. That, and millions of both Christian and Muslim refugees starving in UN Camps.

We must continue to let congressmen and Senators know that Americans are aware of the absurdity of arming and training Islamic Sunni fighters with the belief that somehow they are actually going to carry out the will of a gay-loving, dope-smoking, feminist secular nation such as the United States, which they all view as the great Satan. The Islamic fighters we are arming and training hate every aspect of America’s secular society, and particularly what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton stand for. We must tell Congress to stop this idiocy.

The post cards are letting congressmen and Senators know that many voters are paying attention to the training and arming of Sunni Muslim fighters. As the cards mount up, votes will start to change on this issue. Sadly it takes time and persistence to get this done. Just as persuading Congress to treat Saudi Arabia like other human rights abusers in policy takes time.

The post card program is educating American voters: We are educating hundreds of thousands of social conservative voters with the post card campaign. The letter that accompanies the customized post cards explain how Barack Obama’s campaign to rid the Middle East of secular governments is destroying the churches founded by the Apostles including Peter, Paul, and John.

The church at Antioch, Syria was founded by Peter and Paul. Church history, although not the Bible, indicates that Peter was a Bishop in Antioch for seven years and left his family there before traveling to Rome where he was executed. (Liber Pontificalis -9th century) It was in Antioch that the term “Christians” was first used (Acts 11:26)

There is reason to believe that families, some with the surname Semaan, in modern-day Syria and Lebanon are direct descendants of Peter. They are of course being driven out of their homes and their churches just as are all the Christians in the region, thanks to Barack Obama.

I read comments every single day from people who have received the post card mailings stating how valuable the information in the letter was to them and that they have mailed them.
Almost everyone receiving the cards signs and mails them to Congress, but only about 5% of those receiving the cards are supporting the program financially.

Funds donated to mission work are only used for that purpose. We are urgently in need of donations to continue the post card program. If you can, please donate this month to help this vital program.

Why are 28 pages of the final 9-11 report secret?

Senators and congressmen demand release of 9-11 report – On June 2, U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), U.S. Representatives Walter Jones (R-NC), Stephen F. Lynch (D-MA), and Thomas Massie (R-KY) and former U.S. Senator Bob Graham (D-FL) stood with family members of victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks to announce new proposed legislation to release secret pages of the report on the jihad attack on September 11, 2001. The bill, S.1471, is the Transparency for the Families of 9/11 Victims and Survivors Act of 2015.

The Senate legislation was filed by Senator Paul and is co-sponsored by Sens. Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) showing that there is bipartisan support to release the full report. The legislation would require President Obama to declassify and make available to the public the redacted 28 pages from the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 2001.

These 28 pages of the report have been obscured from the public for over 13 years. Showing broad support for the release Terry Strada, National Chair of the 9/11 Families and Survivors United For Justice Against Terrorism, her daughter Kaitlyn Strada, and Abraham Scott, husband of a victim of the 9/11 attacks also appeared at the press conference with Senator Rand Paul who said:

“I stand with my colleagues today to call for the release of the final 28 pages of the 9/11 Congressional Inquiry. I firmly believe the family members of the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks have the right to know the details surrounding the tragedies that occurred on that sad day. The American people deserve a government that instills trust and a restoration of their sense of security, and I believe that the Transparency for the Families of the 9/11 Victims and Survivors Act is a step in the right direction.”

Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand said:

“The 9/11 report was meant to shed light on the circumstances that led to that horrific day, and a lack of transparency undermines that intent at the expense of victims, their families and Americans. The declassification of these pages is long-overdue, and I am hopeful my colleagues in both the Senate and House will join in our fight for the transparency Americans deserve.”

This is what was not said publicly: Everyone on Capitol Hill knows the 28 redacted pages concern the involvement of the Saudi Royal family. Conservatives and liberals alike are fed up with their being protected. I was told privately by one Senator and two different staffers that the single purpose of the bill was to expose the Saudi royal family thus allowing the families of the victims of 9-11 to be able to sue and be compensated for their loss.

Please call you Senator and ask him or her to support S.1471.


William J. Murray, Chairman

Religious Freedom Coalition, 601 Pennsylvania Ave. NW #900, Washington, DC 20004 * (202) 742-8990

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