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New:   The “Nobel Peace Prize President” goes to war – Again and again and again
New:   The Deep State led the “Peace President” to war but didn’t win even once
New:   The CIA supported Clinton – Attacked Donald Trump when he won
New:    Why did the “Deep State” try to delegitimize President Donald Trump?

The Nobel Peace Prize President and the Deep State

The apology tour turns sour: Last week President Barack Hussein Obama departed the White House after eight solid years of military adventurism that included the toppling of the governments of several sovereign nations, including one that was democratically elected. By the end of his second term President Obama had dispatched American troops to fight in more nations than any president since Franklin Roosevelt — the difference being of course, that Roosevelt was defending the freedoms of Americans, something that Obama did not do.

Soon after his election, during his world tour that many dubbed his “apology tour,” Barack Obama made this comment at the Cairo University on June 4, 2009: “So America will defend itself, respectful of the sovereignty of nations and the rule of law.  And we will do so in partnership with Muslim communities which are also threatened.”

Less than 18 months later the CIA was arming “militants” to overthrow the government of Libya. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton led the charge for President Obama to topple the long time strong man of that nation, Muammar Gaddafi. This came after Gaddafi had voluntarily surrendered to the United States his “weapons of mass destruction” which consisted of chemical weapons, and had allied himself to the United States.

During the Libyan revolt sponsored by the United States under Obama and directed by Hillary Clinton, all the al-Qaeda operatives that had been jailed by Gaddafi were released. The civil war which the CIA predicted would take just a few days began in February of 2011. Gaddafi was captured and murdered by CIA supported and armed al-Qaeda linked forces in October of 2011. Despite the “few days” predicted by the CIA the civil war is still going on five years later. Libya is a hot bed of terror, with the Islamic State holding some of its territory. In all, there are six regions held by different forces, all hostile to each other.

On her first visit to Libya in 2011, while fighting was still going on and Gaddafi was still alive and leading his troops, Hillary Clinton flew in and made this statement:

“First is simply to offer on behalf for the United States, on behalf of the American people and government, our congratulations, our best wishes to the Libyan people for what, through great hardship, sacrifice and courage, they have achieved in opening the door to a more promising future for Libya after 42 years of the Gadhafi dictatorship.”

The “promising future” Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton delivered was the destruction of most of Libya’s infrastructure, with only sporadic electric power in most cities and a constant state of civil war that has seen aerial bombardments of Benghazi as recently as this week.

The “Peace President” takes aim at Syria:  Under orders from the Nobel Peace Prize winner, President Barack Obama, weapons from Muammar Gaddafi’s arsenal were shipped by the CIA to Syria in support of a civil war begun there by Saudi Arabia in the Spring of 2011.

Saudi Arabia is the heart of Sunni Muslim supported terror in the world today. Both World Trade Center attacks were financed from Saudi Arabia. The Saudi royals see it as their duty to eliminate Shia Muslims, Jews and finally Christians, to obtain world domination for Sunni Islam. Syria is a secular nation, but the majority population is Sunni. So, it was natural during the turmoil of the “Arab Spring” for Saudi Arabia to finance a Sunni uprising against the secular Baath Party government of Bashir Assad. The armed revolt began in April of 2011.

The Saudi’s received CIA assurance that their assessment was correct, and that within days of an uprising the majority of the Syrian Army would defect and fight Assad alongside their Sunni brothers. That was six years ago. The Saudi sponsored revolt was failing badly, so our Nobel Prize winning “peace president” authorized the CIA’s disastrous “Operation Damascus Volcano.” Damascus Volcano was modeled after the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba authorized by President John Kennedy in April of 1961. Same premise and same failure.

[su_button url=””]Babies of Iraqi Christian refugees fleeing the Islamic State need diapers – Please help![/su_button]

As with the Bay of Pigs invasion, Damascus Volcano had at its core the faulty idea that an armed incursion would cause the “repressed” citizens to rise up and toss off their chains. They rose up in Damascus all right, just like the people did in Cuba in 1961, to fight the CIA backed invaders and not to help them. CIA officers and thousands of paid mercenaries wound up trapped in a pocket of a Damascus suburb. To save the mercenaries, a chemical weapons attack was “discovered,” giving Obama and European allies an excuse to bomb a path for the mercenaries to escape. When the UK backed out, the plan to bomb Syria to save the “rebels” fell apart and Obama backed down. That was his “red line.”

The demise of the secular government of Syria did not come about after a “few days” or a “few weeks” as the CIA had promised, despite Hillary Clinton’s continued chants of “Assad’s days are numbered” as she travelled the world getting donations for the Clinton Foundation.

But our “peace president” was not done. Simultaneously with the Syrian revolt, Obama supported the ouster of the secular government of Egypt and the installation of the Muslim Brotherhood. Up to the involvement of the United States in 2011, Egypt had a strict law that no religious based party could run candidates for office. The reason was obvious; once an Islamic party won the majority, there would be no more free elections. By the end of 2011 the Muslim Brotherhood was in control and a new constitution that enshrined Sharia law was in place.

By 2013 the Egyptian people had had more than enough of Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood sanctioned government, and they took to the streets demanding a military takeover which occurred and placed the nation back on a more secular path. Sadly, many churches were destroyed and Christians killed before the military coup restored order. And still, the Muslim Brotherhood, outlawed once again in Egypt, was probably behind a church bombing that killed 25 people in December of 2016, although the Islamic State officially took credit for the blast.

Islamic State butchers getting ready to behead Coptic Christians in Libya.

These Sunni Muslim revolts supported by President Barack Obama – our peace president – led directly to the establishment of the Islamic State and the mass slaughter of Christians in both Syria and Iraq. Very symbolic of what Barack Obama accomplished was the famous photograph of the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christian laborers on a beach in Libya in 2015. Virtually every civilized nation in the world (not Saudi Arabia of course) has declared the Islamic State guilty of genocide of Christians in Syria and Iraq.

Still, Obama’s CIA never stopped supplying weapons to Sunni Muslim gangs in Syria.

Our Nobel Peace Prize president was not finished. He still had Europe to mess up. The CIA had determined that the Russian naval base at Sevastopol in the Ukraine’s Crimean territory could become a major Black Sea naval base for the United States Navy if the government of Ukraine would cancel the lease of the naval base to Russia, and assign it to the United States. So,  Ukraine was offered special, lucrative deals with the EU and the USA if they would dump all connections to Russia. The pro-Russian president said “No.”

Immediately, American funded “pro-democracy” groups flooded the streets of the Ukrainian capital with people, and an armed standoff resulted that saw the democratically elected president flee for his life. A new constitution was written which assured that the eastern part of the Ukraine, which was ethnically and linguistically Russian, would be isolated and have little representation.

As the revolt unfolded, the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush headed through the Bosporus to the Black Sea, but the task force never made it into Russia’s Sebastopol base.

Russia responded first, by simply annexing the Crimea. The Crimea had been part of Russia for over 200 years and had only been assigned to the Ukraine for about two decades for administrative purposes while the Ukraine was a Soviet republic. Russia was prepared to fight for their warm water naval base in the Crimea, and if required, to use nuclear weapons. At one point a Russian bomber did a low flyover of the George H.W. Bush.  Obama backed down.

Remember the apology tour?: Obama told the world that the “imperialistic” ways of the United States were over. By the end of his second term he had American armed forces involved in conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia, plus military advisors in the Ukraine which was now fighting a separatist movement by Russian speakers.

The day he departed office our “peace president” had America’s most elite forces—Navy SEALs and Army Green Berets — deployed to 138 countries, according to figures supplied to TomDispatch by U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM).

According to data provided to TomDispatch by SOCOM, the United States deployed special operators to China (specifically Hong Kong), in addition to eleven countries surrounding that nation in 2016. China sees the United States as an aggressor seeking conflict on its border.

The question is WHY did Obama get involved in more wars than Reagan, Bush one or Bush two, and the answer is the DEEP STATE.

The President of the United States has almost no access to any information not provided to him by the Deep State. The Deep State is defined as the 13 intelligence agencies which provide the President with briefings. A president could tune in to CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, etc. but he is only going to get information from those sources that has been provided to them by the Deep State. On Fox or CNN, the Deep State is often called the IC (Intelligence Community.)

Every major news outlet has a liaison with the CIA, the Pentagon, the NSA, etc. The handlers at those agencies provide “leaks” to their news media liaisons that would dry up if what they provide is not reported. The situation in Syria or the Ukraine as described by the major news outlets contains only information that was provided to them by the Deep State or the IC.

Our “peace president” relied from day one on materials given him that showed the United States was “under threat” from China, Russia, Iran, and secular Arab states — but oddly enough, not from Sunni Muslim terror organizations. The CIA could somehow envision Russia invading Norway, but could not figure out that the Islamic State had the power to capture half of Iraq.

How Russia became the main enemy according to the IC or Deep State will shock you.

Why Russia is the enemy: Russia is the enemy because on average, an F-35 fighter jet costing nearly $200 million, with an additional cost of $42,000 per hour to operate is not needed to fight the Islamic State or any other terror organization. There is also no need for two new aircraft carriers at nearly $17 billion dollars each, in order to fight the Islamic State.

A boogeyman is needed to justify the cost of F-35’s and giant warships, and Russia has been built up to be that boogeyman, even though Russia’s military budget is less than 1/10th that of NATO, and NATO has twenty times the aircraft and ten times the ships as does Russia. Russia is outnumbered, outspent, and has NATO armed forces literally right on its border.

Then enters Trump: Right out of the gate after winning, President-elect Donald Trump challenged the Deep State or IC about the needs of the military. He questioned the need for NATO and said he doubted that Russia was going to invade Europe, which is its number one customer for oil and natural gas. Russia has the second largest energy reserves in the world after the United States.

Suddenly the Deep State or IC jumped on the “Russia won the election for Trump” bandwagon and produced all sorts of documents showing how Russia “hacked” the election by exposing the dishonesty and corruption of Hillary Clinton. Senators McCain and Graham jumped on board along with Senator Rubio to agree with Hillary Clinton that the Russians stole the election.

That didn’t stop Donald Trump’s Twitter messages, so suddenly a 35-page dossier appeared about Trump, produced by a political hack in the United Kingdom who at one time was an MI-6 spy (MI-6 is the UK version of the CIA). The dossier had all sorts of abhorrent material in it including an accusation that Trump hired prostitutes to commit vile acts in Moscow on a bed that President Obama had once slept in when he visited Russia. In his last few days to head the CIA, John Brennan publicly attacked President-elect Trump, lecturing him on how to conduct himself as President.

And yes, Brennan is the same spy guy that could not find any Islamic terror organizations operating in Iraq or Syria. In fact, the CIA can’t seem to find any bad Sunni Muslims at all.

The Sunni Muslim enemy: A Sunni Muslim terror attack in San Bernardino, California in 2015 killed 14 and seriously injured 22. A Sunni Muslim attack in Orlando, Florida in 2016 killed 49 and wounded 53. During the Obama presidency, there were numerous other successful Sunni Muslim attacks including at Ft. Hood, TX and at the Boston Marathon. In Europe, devastating Sunni Muslim attacks occurred in Belgium, France and Germany, killing civilians.

In the face of this terror the departing CIA director said America must at all costs work with and protect our Sunni allies such as Saudi Arabia. The Saudi’s are the main oil producing competitors of Russia and must be supported regardless of the terror they finance. Despite Sunni Muslims being responsible for almost all the acts of Islamic terror over the last twenty years, the Deep State loves Sunni Muslims with guns and wants to either sell of give them more guns.

Can President Donald Trump keep his promise and stand up for the persecuted Christians in the Middle East, or will the Deep State flip him to support Sunni Muslim Gulf States in order to “counter Russia” in Syria over the next few months? Pray that truth wins out and Donald Trump ends the war against Christians in the Middle East. He is their hope now.

William J. Murray, Chairman
Religious Freedom Coalition, 601 Pennsylvania Ave. NW #900, Washington, DC 20004 * (202) 742-8990

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