Support the Religious Freedom Coalition

Your tax deductible gift to the non-profit Religious Freedom Coalition will help us continue our important work for social conservative causes including religious freedom for Christians worldwide. The Religious Freedom Coalition’s legislative advocacy office is located just six blocks from the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. Our staff members are literally able to walk to congressional offices and talk directly to congressmen and Senators about issues affecting our freedom of religion in the United States, and to seek support for persecuted Christians in Islamic areas of the world. In the Middle East, the Religious Freedom Coalition works for freedom of religious expression for persecuted Christians and assists Christian refugees such as those from Iraq and Syria. One of our most important projects, giving the precious gift of the joy of Christmas to children who are refugees, can be supported below or directly at Use the form below or mail your gift to: Religious Freedom Coalition, PO Box 77511, Washington, DC 20013

Your assistance to our programs on Capitol Hill and in the Middle East is critical to our success. Please help today.

(To donate to the diaper program please use “designated” field and choose “Diapers for Refugees”)