October 29, 2010 – Washington, DC

Obama’s Marines / ObamaCare will reduce workforce / Election comic relief / Muslim plan to bomb DC subway system / Christian roommate no, but promiscuous OK / 911 mosque imam can’t say the “T” word” / The Ground Zero mosque and sharia law / Weapons for Gaza Strip / Middle East Minorities

NEW OCT 21st CHAIRMAN’S REPORT – The October 21st edition of my Chairman’s Report is now available online in a PDF version. This issue contains new material on the financial shenanigans of the Ground Zero Mosque promoters / Slum lord imam Feisal Rauf sued by New Jersey city / Mosque developer evicted from offices Read full Chairman’s Report

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Female Marine goes PC in Afghanistan OBAMA’S MARINES – In the mind of President Barack Obama, somehow Islam and the gay agenda are completely compatible, despite the fact that in Islamic nations homosexuals are hung. During his campaign and after obtaining office, Obama promised homosexuals they could serve “openly” in the military. At the same time women service members in Muslim nations, including Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, are forced by Obama’s generals to wear Islamic religious clothing when off base. Will homosexual soldiers in Afghanistan be told not to hold hands off base? The liberal double standard of pandering to Islam as it tramples the rights of women is appalling. Meanwhile the liberal agenda of attempting to destroy the traditional family continues. In the photo above, a heavily armed Marine receives assistance to look acceptable in a Muslim town.

The bad news keeps coming for ObamaCare. Congressional Budget Office director Doug Elmendorf has issued a report stating that ObamaCare includes work disincentives that will shrink the economy. The CBO estimates that “the legislation, on net, will reduce the amount of labor used in the economy by roughly half a percent.” That 1/2 percent is equal to about 800,000 jobs. The CBO report states that the expansion of Medicaid will reduce “the amount of labor that workers choose to supply.” Some impact comes sooner. Beginning January 1st, millions of American who have HSA (Health Savings Accounts) will be required to get a doctor’s prescription to buy thousands of common over the counter drugs including aspirin, Tylenol and cough syrup. Obama wants to make sure those millions of Americans are not “cheating” and buying aspirin they don’t need.


CONGRESS ADJOURNED – The House and Senate have now both officially adjourned until after the November 2nd elections.

Although next week’s elections could determine the future of the nation, there have been some humorous moments including President Obama being called “dude” when he appeared on John Stewart’s program on Comedy Central. One of my favorite videos is a Youtube parody of California Senator Barbara Boxer that refers to her demand that a military officer call her “Senator” at a hearing instead of “ma’am.”


MUSLIM PLAN TO BOMB SUBWAY IN DC – This week the Washington Post reported that, “more than 60 U.S. citizens have been charged or convicted in terrorism cases” so far in 2010. This fact was part of the reporting on the arrest of Farooq Ahmed, a Muslim who planned to kill as many people as possible with bombs on the Washington Metro system. On the day of his arrest ABC Nightly News managed to report the story without once mentioning that the terrorist was a Muslim. Indeed, a reporter stated that there was no pattern to terrorists arrested in the United States and that they were both black and white as well as both men and women. The ABC reporter was correct, there is no pattern as long as religion is not considered a factor. ABC News has also depicted slum lord imam Feisal Rauf, the proponent of the Ground Zero mosque, as a near saint. ABC is owned by the Disney Corporation.

The Michigan Department of Civil Rights has filed charges against a woman for posting a note on a church bulletin board seeking a “Christian roommate.” Apparently the state believes that specifying religious beliefs is a grievous punishable offense. Keep in mind that this is Michigan which has a large Muslim population which practices Sharia law and forbids interfaith dating. There is a Muslim roommates internet site that clearly discriminates by religion and lists Muslim roommates in Michigan. Why are only Christians targeted by this agency?


RAUF JUST CAN’T SAY THE “T” WORD – The New York Post reported that Feisal Rauf just could not get the “terrorist” word out when trying to describe the 9-11 Jidhad attack on America while he was being interviewed on Al Jazeera TV. Previously he called the the 9-11 hijackers, “those who attacked America.” This time, while in the Persian Gulf, he referred to the terrorists as, ” … those who’ve attacked America utilized the vocabulary of religion.”

One of the most overlooked aspects of the mega-mosque planned for Ground Zero is its influence on Wall Street and the continued spread of Sharia finance which is directly tied to Sharia Law. One of the speakers at a conference in which I participated this past week was Clare Lopez, a former CIA agent who was one of the editors of a trestise on Sharia law produced by the Center for Security Policy. The full 170 plus page document is available in PDF.

Have you signed the No 911 mosque petition to New York’s Mayor Bloomberg? Visit our new No 911 mosque site at www.no911mosque.org


WEAPONS FOR GAZA – Why are “humanitarian groups” so anxious to have the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip lifted? Most of the groups, which are also anti-Israel, believe sea containers should be delivered directly to Hamas controlled Gaza with no Israeli inspection. Meanwhile Nigeria’s State Security Service discovered military arms inside of 13 shipping containers from Iran at Lagos’ Apapa Port. The arms, headed for the Gaza strip, included 107 mm rockets and launchers as well as fragmentation grenades and ammunition. The munitions have been hidden in the port since July awaiting a route to open up to Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

MIDDLE EAST MINORITIES – This week I participated in a conference on “The Plight of Minorities and Expatriates in Arab and Muslim Countries: What the US Should Do,” presented by the Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia (CDHR) in collaboration with Human Rights Advocates and Religious Freedom Defenders. The conference occurred on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 in the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center Congressional Meeting Room. Other speakers included representives of Copts, Hindus and others repressed by Muslim majorites. My comments are at Youtube/Christianrefugees.

We are now streaming the English version of “Three Things About Islam” which was originally produced in the Netherlands. This is a must see for anyone who has questions about the core of Islamic beliefs. View here!


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