Chairman’s Report for October 1, 2010


TAKING AMERICA BACKWorld Net Daily’s “Taking America Back” conference was held in Miami, Florida on September 16, 17, and 18. Speakers included Alan Keyes, Jerry Corsi and former Senator Jeremiah Denton.  Aaron Klein and I spoke on Islamic issues and we served on a panel on Islam with Alan Keyes, Chuck Missler and Joe Farah. My speech, “No Ground Zero Mosque,” is in three parts at Youtube. Because of length restrictions at Youtube, my speech is in three 12 minutes sections. You can check our Youtube channel at to view these and other videos related to the Ground Zero mosque.

The Religious Freedom Coalition also had a “NO 911 MOSQUE” booth at the conference and distributed thousands of special full color cards to those attending, with information about the Ground Zero mosque and directing them to our new Internet site for up to the minute information on the fight against the mega mosque. A special Power Point presentation ran constantly on a computer monitor at our No 911 mosque booth. The Power Point included an advertisement that I had placed in the Washington Times on October 6th of 2001 which pointed out that the Sharia religious laws in Saudi Arabia were no different than those of the Taliban who had assisted in the 911 jihad attack against the United States. The Power Point also ran our 60 second TV commercial on the Ground Zero mosque just about every three minutes.


The name Cordoba House was the first indication that Imam Feisel Rauf and company actually planned the construction of a rabat and not a mosque. In Islam every building associated with the religion has a specific character. I have been in mosques in various places in the world including the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. A mosque must be a one story building with a mihrab, or atrium. That one story can be 10 feet high or 100 feet, but it must have only one floor. The developer, el-Gamal, has referred to Cordoba House or Park 51 as an outreach center or Dar al-Tabligh, which is used to promote Islam or proselytize. Again, the prescribed construction does not fit the stated plans of the organizers; however, one purpose does.

A New York Post article by Amir Taheri on September 10th of this year laid out the differences between a mosque and a rabat. Beginning during the time of Mohammed’s military conquests, rabats were built after an invasion of a new territory. The purpose of the rabat was to act as a place for raiders to return to from ghazvas against the infidels who had not been conquered.  Ghazvas, also known as razzies, were acts of terror against infidels designed to convince them to surrender to Islam.

Anwar al-Awlaki, the American born imam who preaches terror and was the spiritual coach to Muslim psychologist Major Hasan who murdered fourteen people at Ft. Hood, Texas, refers to the 911 attack on the United States as a ghazva.

The Ground Zero rabat is designed to be a place of rest for raiders. Planned as a 13 to 19 story structure, several floors will be dormitories for young men from all over the world making their pilgrimage to the site of  the 911 ghazva. There will be numerous classrooms, the purpose of which we have not been told. The building will also contain cafeterias and swimming pools. This is a rabat, not a mosque!

THE GROUND ZERO RALLY At 3:00 PM on this past September 11th thousands of people rallied at Park and Broadway to protest the building of a huge Islamic center at Ground Zero. For hours before the rally city officials set up a dramatic police presence that included more than 100 police cars, hundreds of officers and several buses for transporting arrested protesters. Rally planner Pamela Geller had planned on 1,000 participants, but as many as three times that showed up. People stood shoulder to shoulder, filling up three full blocks of Broadway.

GEERT WILDERS AT GROUND ZERO RALLYThe key note speaker at the no mosque rally at Ground Zero was Dutch MP Geert Wilders, who is perhaps the most protected politician in the world after President Barack Obama because of his outspoken opposition to the Islamization of Europe. He has numerous death threats posted against him by Islamic groups as well as arrest warrants from Muslim nations accusing him of “blasphemy.” Wilders said, “A tolerant society is not a suicidal society. It must defend itself against the powers of darkness, the force of hatred and the blight of ignorance. It cannot tolerate the intolerant – and survive.”

AT GROUND ZEROMy wife Nancy and I were in New York for the anniversary of the 911 jihad attack on the United States. I was there to be able to report on the day’s activities including the rally against the Ground Zero mosque. New York is a huge city and one in which life goes on regardless of anything, and today was a typical example. The area set aside for the public sat across Broadway from Zuccotti Park where the families of victims gathered for the memorial service. Broadway was not closed and cars, taxis, trucks and city buses passed by in front of those who gathered from all over the world to remember the events of the 911 jihad attack. The setting was designed by Mayor Bloomberg to discourage public participation, because it reminds all of us of the Islamic terror attack on this city.

GROUND ZERO SUNDAY SERVICES On Sunday morning, September 12th, my wife Nancy and I attended a newly established church service at the Marriott Hotel directly next to Ground Zero. The service is organized by evangelist Bill Keller and is a precursor to establishing an evangelical, Gospel preaching church presence at Ground Zero

THE MEDIA AND THE MOSQUE The CBS show 60 Minutes ran a lengthy segment on the Ground Zero mosque which was moderated by Scott Pelley. Pelley used to be  a conservative news anchor in Dallas, Texas before taking the CBS gig about a decade ago. In order to move up the ladder at CBS, he has moved further and further to the left. Although there is a raging debate as to whether the proposed mosque is part of Ground Zero, he made the flat statement that it was not, and that those who said it was within the bounds of Ground Zero were wrong. He also painted Imam Feisal Rauf in a favorable light, without once mentioning his controversial statements such as his proclamation that Israel must be majority Muslim and cannot be allowed to remain a Jewish state.


OBAMA , ALINSKY AND LUCIFERMore than 50% of Americans do not know if Barack Obama is really a Christian, and about 20% at least suspect he is a Muslim. Under those circumstances one would think that the President would want to distance himself from Lucifer, but he hasn’t.  President Obama has praised Saul Alinsky and in particular his book, Rules for Radicals.

Although Alinksy claimed to be an atheist, he dedicated Rules for Radicals to Lucifer, calling him the “first radical.” It is not a far-fetched question to ask why the President of the United States would endorse a book dedicated to Lucifer. (NOTE: this is the same book Hillary Clinton wrote her thesis on in college, giving it much praise.)

Because of Barack Obama’s admiration of Saul Alinsky we would never expect him to criticize the Rules for Radicals, but would Obama at least step forward and renounce the one to whom Rules for Radicals is dedicated — Lucifer? That was the question asked by my good friend Dr. Jerry Corsi at the Taking America Back conference in Miami, at which both of us spoke last week. Corsi’s off-the-cuff remark, asking if Obama would denounce Lucifer, has literally driven the far left insane. They already fear Jerry Corsi, because his book, Unfit for Command, which included many interviews with Swift Boat veterans, largely helped to sink the presidential hopes of one Senator John Kerry in 2004.

Leftist Alan Colmes wrote a vicious op-ed attacking Corsi, and the Huffington Post has gone over the edge in attacking the idea, as has the radical Internet site Media Matters. Why? With one in five voters already thinking Obama is a Muslim, this just adds to the concern of voters about his core beliefs. Most Americans don’t know that Alinsky dedicated Rules for Radicals to Lucifer, and with Obama’s endorsement of that statement public, it can only do further damage to the average American’s image of him as a non-Christian.

WILL OBAMA ABANDON GAYS OR MUSLIMS? – A Saudi diplomat has defected to the United States and requested asylum on the grounds of being homosexual. Ali Ahmad Asseri was fired from his post by the Saudi royal family after he wrote an article attacking the Saudi religious police. The Saudi government has refused to renew his diplomatic passport, which means he is now in the United States illegally.

Asseri’s grounds for seeking asylum are clearly stated: Because they hang homosexuals in Saudi Arabia he faces certain death. But if he is granted asylum by the Obama Administration, the President will incur the wrath of the Saudis and of the “Muslim world.” Which side are you on Mr. President — the homosexuals or the Muslims? Obama can’t have it both ways.

The far left movement in the United States hates Christianity to the point that it is willing to climb into the same bed as Muslims who promote Sharia law which takes away the rights of women and most other minorities.


NOW IT’S THE DEFENSE-AMNESTY-GAY-ABORTION BILL The funds for military operations are being held hostage by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who has loaded up the Defense Authorization Act with liberal social agenda amendments. First he added a provision to allow homosexuals to serve openly in the military. But that was not enough, so he added the “Dream Act” as an amendment to give a fast track for illegals to become US citizens.

The bill was still not radical enough for some Democrats, so an amendment was added to allow abortions in military hospitals. With those radical provisions one would think that even some Democrats would vote against it, but only two did. Sixty votes were needed to move the DOD authorization to a vote, and Reid fell four votes short. The bill authorizing funds for our troops cannot pass as long as Reid insists on adding a radical left agenda to it.


TEXAS SCHOOLS AND PRO-ISLAM TEXTBOOKSOn September 24th the Texas Board of Education voted to reject textbooks that portray Islam more favorably than Judaism or Christianity. The resolution cited “politically-correct whitewashes of Islamic culture and stigmas on Christian civilization.” The Board said it would reject future textbooks that devote more space to teaching about Islam than Christianity and include “sanitized definitions of ‘jihad.” Other school boards need to show the courage to confront political correctness.


MUSLIMS BURN BIBLES On the night of September 18th Muslim mobs burned Holy Bibles, hymnals, wooden crosses and musical instruments in the Nasri Pentecostal Church in Shah Latif Town in the East District of Karachi, Pakistan. Another church, in the Cantonment Area of Mardan City, was bombed by Muslims. While police register complaints on the almost weekly attacks on churches, there are never any arrests. The United States gives billions of dollars in aid to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and our reward is the persecution of Christians.

KENYAN MISSIONARIES TORTURED AND RAPED In Barack Obama’s home away from home, Kenya, Muslims frequently kidnap and rape women. This month was no different as six missionaries, three men and three women, were kidnapped by Muslims. All were tortured and the women were raped. The missionaries were supported by Barnabas Fund. Don’t expect a condemnation from the White House or to read about the torture in the Washington Post

NEED A WIFE, SEND A CHILD Because of polygamy there is a shortage of Muslim women. As a result, the kidnapping of Christian, Hindu and Buddhist women is common in many countries. A new tactic has arisen in Egypt to kidnap Coptic Christian women. A child is sent to a Christian neighborhood to cry and act lost. The small child then approaches a young woman asking for help to return home and hands her a small piece of paper with his address on it. If the woman is sympathetic and assists the child to the address, she is pulled into the house, raped, and then forced into a Muslim marriage.

Kidnapping Christian women in Egypt continues as a problem. Just recently a Coptic Christian priest’s wife was kidnapped by a Muslim seeking a wife. In Islam wives are viewed as property and in nations where Islam is the majority not only the female children, but wives as well, are kidnapped and forced into marriage. Polygamy in Islamic nations has caused a huge shortage of women and in nations such as Saudi Arabia made it impossible for 40% of the males to find a wife without importing them from Europe.

William J. Murray, Chairman

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