October 1, 2010 – Washington, DC

October 1, 2010 – Washington, DC

Democrat tired of defending Obama / Department of Education to “authorize” colleges and universities / No federal tax rates or budget passed for next year / Clowns in Congress call a comedian to testify? / UN passed laws to tell you how to raise your kids / House supports Mojave Cross / The pro-Obama, anti-Israel Jewish group funded by George Soros / Congressman on Obama and religious freedom / Pakistan to execute Christian for blasphemy

NEW CHAIRMAN’S REPORT – The October 1st edition of my Chairman’s Report is now available online in a PDF version. This issue contains new material on the Ground Zero Mosque — is it really a “rabat”?/ Geert Wilders speaks at Ground Zero rally/ Lefties go nuts over call for Obama to renounce Lucifer/ Obama must choose between gays and Muslims Read full Chairman’s Report

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TIRED OF DEFENDING OBAMA – A middle class African-American woman was very frank in dealing with President Obama at a townhall meeting saying, “I’m one of your middle class Americans. And quite frankly, I’m exhausted. Exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that I voted for.” She went on to express her frustration, “My husband and I have joked for years that we thought we were well beyond the hot dogs and beans era of our lives, but, quite frankly, it’s starting to knock on our door and ring true that that might be where we’re headed again, and, quite frankly, Mr. President, I need you to answer this honestly. Is this my new reality?” President Obama gave a very strange response saying that people would be frustrated with him even if he was purple. Story and clips at Real Clear Politics.THE NEW PRESIDENTIAL LOOK? – As the Congress adjourns and prepares to return home to campaign, President Obama has shed his jacket and begun a daily campaign swing to help elect Democrats. The more he runs around in his shirt sleeves not only attacking the GOP but ridiculing individual Americans and the Fox News network, the more his ratings continue to drop. Perhaps his ratings would improve if he would act and speak more like a President and less like some guy with bad poll numbers running for city council in Chicago.

IS YOUR KID’S COLLEGE “AUTHORIZED” ? – Obama’s Department of Education has drafted new rules to take effect in November that require all public and private colleges and universities to become “authorized” institutions or lose their accreditation. To become authorized a school must submit to the Department of Education’s requirements on curriculum, faculty, textbooks, evolution, climate change, abortion, sexual orientation … you get the concept. Any school or college that does not meet the requirements will be shut down. The Department of Education is very serious about this and will proceed with this power grab if not stopped. Read more.


NO BUDGET, NO TAX RATE, BUT A LOT OF HOT AIR – On Wednesday, September 28th radical left Speaker Nancy Pelosi adjourned the House leaving the nation with no budget and total uncertainty about tax rates beginning January 1st. The Pelosi run House had no time for budget votes, but it did have time for comedian Stephan Colbert. (see below). Meanwhile without knowing tax rates or rules for 2011, both individuals and companies are in a limbo that will slow economic growth.THE COMIC, THE COMEDIAN AND THE SPEAKER – Ruth Marcus writing in the Washington Post said, “Stephen Colbert is no Elmo — which is why it was crazy for House Democrats to have him testify before a subcommittee last week about migrant labor.” The late night comic made a mockery of the legislative process, making it clear in his “immigration” testimony that he was there to tell jokes to be used on his show. Many Democrats were actually embarrassed, but not House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who said, “Of course I think it’s appropriate. He’s an American, right? He comes before the committee, has a point of view, he can bring attention to an important issue like immigration.” For no other reason than to get this nutcase out of the Speaker’s office, Republicans should take the majority in the House in November.

CAN DICTATOR IN AFRICA TELL YOU HOW TO RAISE YOUR CHILD? – If the United States ratifies the the UN’s CRC (Convention for the Rights of the Child), the answer is yes. This is complicated: Only three nations in the world have constitutions that require them to enforce international treaties as law within their borders. The United States is one of those nations. All other nations can sign treaties, but are not required to enforce them inside their borders, which is why Muslim nations sign these kinds of treaties as they have no intention of honoring them. The CRC would require all domestic laws in the United States to conform to the CRC and whatever dictator happens to be running the commission set up by the United Nations at the time. This must be stopped. Learn more at www.parentalrights.org

HOUSE SUPPORTS DESERT CROSS – On Tuesday the The House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning the theft of the Mojave Cross memorial and urging federal officials to help recover it. Congressman Jerry Lewis, (R-CA) proposed the resolution which passed by voice vote. The theft occurred after a court said that its presence did not violate “separation of church and state. Read more at Congressman Lewis’ site.


PRO-OBAMA, ANTI-ISRAEL JEWISH GROUP? – Yes, there is such a thing. J Street is a Jewish lobby group that, when they are not busy shining the shoes of President Obama, work for the closure of Jewish settlements and the establishment of a Palestinian state. And where does such a group get its funding? From George Soros. About a third of the total budget of J Street comes from the wacky billionaire who also provides funds for groups who want drug legalization, amnesty for illegals, and reduced sentences for sex crimes. J Street keeps interesting company. Another third of J Street’s funds come from Consolacion Esdicul, a mysterious woman in Hong Kong who gave the funds through an unregistered charity. And yes, the White House calls J Street a “friend of the President.”UNDER GOD UPHELD – A Freedom from Religion Foundation lawsuit against the Architect of the Capitol to prohibit ‘In God We Trust’ and the Pledge of Allegiance in the Capitol Visitor Center, has been tossed out by a court. The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin issued an order granting the motion to dismiss because the court found the FFRF lacked standing. While this is a victory it can be expected that the atheists will continue to file lawsuits. Oddly, atheist groups never file lawsuits against special privileges for Muslims at schools, airports and other public buildings.


NO 911 MOSQUE – Have you singed the No 911 mosque petition to New York’s Mayor Bloomberg? Visit our new No 911 mosque site at www.no911mosque.org

MAKE COMMENTS – You can make comments on this and other articles in these updates at www.MurrayOnTheHill.com


OBAMA AND RELIGIOUS FREEDOM ABROAD – Congressman Frank Wolf, (R-VA) wrote a major paper released on Constitution Day that condemned the Obama Administration on religious freedom, saying, “These most cherished ideals, which are at the very heart of the American experiment, have time and again been sidelined in this administration’s foreign policy. This is a grievous mistake which has dire implications for the world’s dissidents and democrats who yearn for freedom and look to America to be their advocate. ” The full paper that confronts the Administration on the Sudan and treatment of Middle Eatern Christians is located at Newt Gingrich’s Renewing American LeadershipPAKISTAN UPHOLDS DEATH FOR BLASPHEMY – This week our ally in the “war on extremism,” Pakistan, has upheld a death sentence for Wajihul Hassan for allegedly uttering blasphemous remarks against Muhammad. He was also accused of hurting religious sentiments of the complainant. His real crime was converting to Christianity, but that was not brought up in the charges. This is the nation we give hundreds of millions of dollars to, so they can fight Islamic extremism. If this is not extreme, what is?


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