November 5, 2010 – Washington, DC

Obama’s race based politics fail / Huckabee leads Obama in polls / Pelosi just won’t go despite defeat / Blacks and Hispanics a part of new GOP Congress / The evangelical vote changed the Congress / Be afraid of the marriage of the far left and Islam / More Christians murdered in Iraq

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OBAMA’S RACE BASED POLITICS – On Tuesday, November 2nd more Americans went to the polls to vote than in any previous midterm election, and the results were stunning. Just two years ago Barack Obama swept to power with a messianic image. Women fainted at virtually every one of his rallies and the American media, along with throngs of Europeans, threw themselves at his feet. Barack Obama was “The One.”

His shining image vanished in just two years and was even further diminished by his flagrant use of race baiting and hate rhetoric during the midterm campaign. He told Hispanics that they should not vote for the “enemy.” This is the man who refuses to refer to Islamic terrorists as “enemies” of our nation, yet he dares to refer to patriotic Americans as “enemies” simply because they do not vote for his party? He addressed black voters in racial terms as if they were plantation slaves, promoting the Democrat Party as their only choice despite the fact that a record number of African-Americans ran as Republicans this year. Are these elected black Republicans also the enemies of blacks and Hispanics, Mr. President?

Gov. Mike Huckabee would beat President Barack Obama 52 to 44 percent in a hypothetical match according to a new CNN poll. Mitt Romney come in second, beating Obama 50 to 45 percent. The poll shows that Obama would beat either Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich. Huckabee has more support in the GOP to lead the ticket in 2012 than anyone else. The downside to Huckabee moving into the White House in 2012 is the loss of his very popular Fox News program on the weekends.


CONGRESS ADJOURNED – The House and Senate have both officially adjourned. No set date has been posted by the Majority Whip for the “lame duck” session.”

Radical Left San Francisco Democrat and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is not gone yet, despite losing more than 60 seats in the House. Although the Republicans won a wide new majority, Nancy Pelosi will still be the Speaker of the House during the “lame duck” session in November-December. A blitz of far left anti-business legislation can be expected, as well as laws to promote the homosexual agenda and assist the abortion industry.

For the first time in many decades there will be two black Republicans in the House of Representatives, one from South Carolina and one from Florida. In addition, nine GOP women are coming to the House as freshmen, adding to those already there. There were also numerous Republican Hispanics elected in the House. This does some real, credible damage to the claim by the Democratic party that they “own” black, Hispanic and female voters.


THE EVANGELICAL VOTE – A post midterm election survey conducted this week found that those who identified themselves as evangelicals totaled 29% of voters. Of those who classified themselves as evangelicals, an astonishing 78% voted for Republican candidates. The same poll, which was commissioned by Public Opinion Strategies for the Faith and Freedom Coalition found that 52% of Tea Party members are evangelicals. Many economic conservatives in the GOP had hoped that the Tea Party movement was based only on economic issues and that it would allow them to force social conservatives out of the party. This just is not going to work.

The charges against a Michigan woman who posted an ad on a church bulletin board for a “Christian roommate” have been dropped. The state was enthusiastic about prosecuting her just a few days ago. What happened? It became public knowledge that there are numerous “Muslim only” roommate services in Michigan. Not wanting to prosecute Muslims as well, state bureaucrats had to drop charges against a Christian.


Partying together: Huffington, Bloomberg and Rauf BE AFRAID, VERY AFRAID – The photo at left should scare all of America. Pictured at a party in New York City is Arianna Huffington the publisher of the far left Huffington Post, which spends a lot of its energy attacking Fox News and attempting to characterize evangelical Christians as Nazis. Huffington and her bloggers may just sound hysterical to most Americans, but she is a frequent White House guest of President Barack Obama. She is also buddy-buddy with extremist billionaire George Soros. With Huffington in the photo is Mayor Michael Bloomberg representing the political elite, and Imam Feisal Rauf, the Ground Zero mosque proponent.

This single photo represents the marriage of the far left, the political elite and Islam. The photo represents a horrifying alliance. The liberal mainstream media has gone out of its way to present Islam in a favorable light and those opposed to the construction of a mosque (rabat) at Ground Zero as extremists. The reality that America suffered a jihad attack on 9-11 is forgotten in this unholy alliance of the radical left, the political elite and Islam. Read more

Have you signed the No 911 mosque petition to New York’s Mayor Bloomberg? Visit our new No 911 mosque site at


MORE CHRISTIANS MURDERED IN IRAQ – On Sunday, November 1st, terrorists from a group called the Islamic State of Iraq stormed Our Lady of Salvation Syriac Catholic Church in Baghdad . Their first act was to murder two Catholic priests with shots to the head. The few American media outlets reporting on the attack, including Fox News, said it was part of a major attack on the Iraqi stock exchange, but that was not true. A car bomb was exploded at dusk near the exchange when it was already closed; this was only a diversion to lure guards away from the church. The real target was the church.

The attackers had explosives and wore suicide vests. The attack came during the traditional time of Catholic mass when 120 worshipers were in the church. Most media in the U.S. didn’t report the full extent of the bloodbath; however, some European news outlets did report in detail how 58 died and 78 others were injured. Many of those who survived the bombs lost limbs, were paralyzed or suffered other very serious injuries.

The White House issued a sort of generic statement on the attack that never mentioned that the victims were Christians, or that the attack was on a church. In part the statement read, “The United States strongly condemns this senseless act of hostage taking and violence by terrorists linked to al Qaeda in Iraq that occurred Sunday in Baghdad killing so many innocent Iraqis.” No wonder so many Americans think President Obama is a Muslim.

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