Chairman’s Report for November 10, 2010


Arianna Huffington with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Imam Feisal Rauf

Photo by: Dave Allocca/

“THE THREE MOSQUE-TEERS” – That was the headline at the New York Post on October 29th. The sub-headline under that was “Mike, GZ imam & Arianna in ‘holy’ alliance.” This may sound like a funny headline for a photo of a far leftwing blogger with the mayor of New York and the Ground Zero mosque imam, but it is actually an alert that should strike fear into the heart of every America.

Arianna Huffington is the publisher of the far left Huffington Post which spends a lot of its energy attacking Fox News and attempting to characterize Evangelical Christians as Nazis. Huffington and her bloggers may just sound hysterical to most Americans, but she is a frequent White House guest of President Barack Obama. She is also buddy-buddy with extremist billionaire George Soros. With Huffington in the photo is Mayor Michael Bloomberg representing the political elite, and Imam Feisal Rauf, the Ground Zero mosque proponent.

This single photo represents the marriage of the far left, the political elite and Islam. The photo represents a horrifying alliance. The liberal mainstream media has gone out of its way to present Islam in a favorable light and those opposed to the construction of a mosque (rabat) at Ground Zero as extremists. The reality that America suffered a jihad attack on 9-11 is forgotten in this unholy alliance of the political left, the political elite and Islam.

The threesome marriage shows how blind hatred of the traditional value system of this nation drives the far left. Arianna Huffington is an extreme feminist, yet she has nothing negative to say about the second class situation of women in Islam. While arguments rage on Middle Eastern TV between imams on whether a man may leave marks on his wife while beating her, Huffington is holding hands with Islam in America.

Despite the overwhelming anti-Semitism inherent to Islam, many Jews in the U.S. who belong to the political elite rush to endorse a mosque at Ground Zero.

SAUDI PRINCE DUMPS RAUFBillionaire Saudi prince Al-Waleed bin Talal has told numerous news outlets that he is against the Ground Zero mosque. Al-Waleed’s Kingdom Foundation has long financially supported Feisal Abdul Rauf, the “spiritual guide” of the Ground Zero mosque. Al-Waleed has donated more than $200,000 to Rauf’s American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA). At first the billionaire price said he thought construction would offend the families of 9/11 victims, but more importantly to him it would be near a strip club that would offend Muslims as they went to pray.

Al-Waleed is the second largest shareholder of News Corp, owning 7 percent – a $2.3 billion stake. News Corp operates the Fox News channel and owns the Wall Street Journal, both of which have been critical of the mosque location at Ground Zero.  But neither Al-Waleed’s media power or wealth can dissuade Feisal Rauf and his partners from insisting that a rabat must be built where parts of one of the 9-11 aircraft fell during the jihad attack.

The gala party mentioned above was hosted by Arianna Huffington at the Skylight Studio in SoHo, honoring “100 innovators, visionaries and leaders.” At this event Feisal Rauf confirmed his resolve to build the mosque at the Ground Zero site. “While we respect the points of view of other interested observers, we plan to build this community center in this location,” Rauf said using the imperial “we” rather than “I” in response to the question. Rauf must have huge resources to be able to tell his largest backer he doesn’t want his money, unless of course the exchange was all for show and Al-Waleed plans on continuing to fund Rauf’s efforts to bring Islamic sharia law to America.

RAUF JUST CAN’T SAY THE “T” WORDImam Feisal Rauf just could not get the “terrorist” word out when trying to describe the 9-11 Jidhad attack on America while he was being interviewed on Al Jazeera TV. Previously he has called the 9-11 hijackers, “those who attacked America.” This time, while in the Persian Gulf, he referred to the terrorists as, ” … those who’ve attacked America [and who] utilized the vocabulary of religion.” Rauf continues to claim that the mosque (rabat) that he plans for Ground Zero is to “heal wounds” from 9-11 and to show Americans a softer side of Islam. How can Rauf show a softer side of Islam if he refuses to admit that the jihad attack against the United States on 9-11 was terrorism?

Even some in the Middle East are able to see Feisal Rauf’s duplicity. In a September 19, 2010 article on the liberal website Elaph, Lebanese journalist Joseph Bishara wrote that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf does not really believe in tolerance but rather is deceiving the public, using the Islamic principle of taqiyya (concealing one’s true beliefs) Bishara says Rauf is hiding his real intentions to spread sharia law.

In his closing argument Bishara made a statement all Americans should take to heart: “Abdul Rauf says he is trying to build bridges among religions, and that he is a man of peace trying to illuminate the tolerant face of Islam. But his illogical statements and his provocative actions reveal him in a different light. He is employing taqiyya, which is sanctioned by the shari’a, in order to Islamize America.”


OBAMA DROPS THE CREATOR On the campaign trail to salvage some support for his agenda before the midterm elections, President Barack Obama has invoked the Declaration of Independence three times. On each occasion he has managed to misquote the Declaration of Independence by deliberately deleting the phrase “by their Creator.”

On October 18th Obama said, “As wonderful as this land is here in the United States, as much as we have been blessed by the bounty of this magnificent continent that stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific, what makes this place special is not something physical. It has to do with this idea that was started by 13 colonies that decided to throw off the yoke of an empire and said, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that each of us are endowed … with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.'” Where the three dots appear Obama deleted the words, “by their Creator.” This was not the first or last time.

The first occasion of omitting the Creator from the Declaration of Independence occurred on September 23 at a Democrat fundraiser in New York City. All three times Obama was reading from a teleprompter, so this was no accidental omission. The omission is not to save time during a speech, but to change the meaning of the Declaration itself.  If our liberties flow from the Creator, they are a gift of God. If, however, our liberties flow from the ideas of men or from governments, they can be changed or revoked at will by governments organized by men.


A REAL CHANGE?On Tuesday, November 2nd more Americans went to the polls to vote than in any previous midterm election and the results were stunning.  Just two years ago Barack Obama swept to power with a messianic image. Women fainted at virtually every one of his rallies and the American media, along with throngs of Europeans, threw themselves at his feet.  Barack Obama was “The One.”

His shining image vanished in just two years and was even further diminished by his flagrant use of race baiting and hate rhetoric during the midterm campaign. He told Hispanics that they should not vote for the “enemy.” This is the man who refuses to refer to Islamic terrorists as “enemies” of our nation, yet he dares to refer to patriotic Americans as “enemies” simply because they do not vote for his party? He addressed black voters in racial terms as if they were plantation slaves, promoting the Democrat Party as their only choice despite the fact that a record number of African-Americans ran as Republicans this year. For the first time since Reconstruction there will be several black Republicans in the House of Representatives.  Are these elected black Republicans also the enemies of blacks and Hispanics Mr. President?

In the closing days of the campaign, when it became clear that millions of Americans were ready to take away power from the Democrats, an angry liberal media resorted to viscious personal attacks.  On liberal TV shows such as The View, female Republican candidates were referred to as “bitches.” Liberal bloggers and even the wife of gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown referred to female Republicans as “whores,” simply because the Democrats believe they should own all female voters. Blatantly false personal attacks were launched in the media at the last minute, including accusations that female Republican candidates had engaged in “drunken one night stands.” With the American people no longer convinced that big government can cure their problems, the Democrats and their media allies turned to character assassination.

Attacking Republican candidates was not enough for Barack Obama, who actually attacked the voters who were leaving him as well. He said the reason “… facts and science and argument does not seem to be winning the day all the time, is because we’re hard-wired not to always think clearly when we’re scared.” Actually the opposite was true. He was elected because the American people were scared of an economic meltdown; now that they have seen his upside down version of  “facts and science” they want some sanity returned to government.


MUSLIM PLAN TO BOMB SUBWAY IN DC In October there was an arrest in Washington, DC to break up a plot to bomb the Metro system. Along with that arrest came some very creative reporting to take any blame away from Islam. The Washington Post reported that, “more than 60 U.S. citizens have been charged or convicted in terrorism cases” so far in 2010 as part of its story on the arrest of Farooq Ahmed, the Muslim who planned to kill as many people as possible with bombs at Metro stations. The Post failed to mention that all 60 of those “citizins” were Muslims.

On the day of his arrest ABC Nightly News also managed to report the story without once mentioning that the terrorist arrested was a Muslim. An ABC reporter stated that there was no pattern to terrorists arrested in the United States and that they were both black and white as well as both men and women. The ABC reporter was somewhat correct; there is no pattern as long as religion is not considered a factor. In other parts of the world, ABC and other liberal mainstream reporters refer to Islamic terrorism as “attacks by insurgents.”

The recent attack on a church in Baghdad was reported even on Fox News as being done by “insurgents.” Why would anti-government “insurgents” attack a church, murder two Catholic priests in cold blood and then set off bombs that killed dozens more? The church was not a part of a government that “insurgents” wanted to overthrow. The media is simply refusing to associate Islam with attacks directed against Christians.

OK TO ASK FOR PROMISCUOUS ROOMMATE? Bureaucrats in the Michigan Department of Civil Rights have filed charges against a woman for posting a note on a church bulletin board seeking a “Christian roommate.” Apparently the state believes that “publishing” a religious preference for a roommate is a punishable offense, but only when practiced by Christians.  There is even a Muslim roommate internet site that clearly discriminates by religion, and lists Muslims seeking roommates in Michigan.  But only Christians seem to be targeted by this agency. Should not an Internet site whose sole purpose is to discriminate by religion face prosecution as well? Or even better, shouldn’t the First Amendment apply in both cases?


ANOTHER TRIAL FOR GEERT WILDERSA Dutch court has removed the judges presiding over the “hate-speech” trial of Geert Wilders, the leader of the third largest political party in the Netherlands. The judges were removed after it was learned that one of the judges attempted have an expert witness for the defense change sides. A judicial panel agreed with Wilders that the judges were biased against him, and ordered a retrial. The three judges who were formerly presiding over the trial had forced prosecutors to pursue Wilders even though they believed no crime had been committed by the anti-Islamic legislator. As the trial opened the prosecutors had asked that all charges be dropped and the obviously biased liberal judges refused. The case against Geert Wilders is a European milestone. If he is convicted, it marks the end of free speech in Europe and a major victory for oppressive Islam.

MIDDLE EAST MINORITIESOn October 26th I participated in a conference on “The Plight of Minorities and Expatriates in Arab and Muslim Countries: What the U.S. Should Do,” presented by the Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia (CDHR) in collaboration with Human Rights Advocates and Religious Freedom Defenders. The conference was held in the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center’s Congressional Meeting Room. Other speakers included representatives of Copts, Hindus and others repressed by Muslim majorities. My comments centered on the repression of Christians in Iraq under the government the United States installed. About 60% of Iraqi Christians have been displaced by Islamic terror since the beginning of the second Gulf War. My comments are available at Youtube/Christianrefugees.

William J. Murray, Chairman

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