Life Enrichment at the Orphanage

Our orphanage recently entered a total of 18 youth into cycling competitions in Jos.

All the youth participating received cycling clothing from vendors advertising their products. The children are thriving after enduring the evacuation from our original orphanage site in Miango in August 2021 because of a Jihad attack.

Youth from the orphanage ages 13 to 15 participated in 8K and 16K races and other competitions. The competitions were open to boys and girls.

In all, the orphanage children received ten medals including three gold! All of the medals were awarded in the “under 15” category.

Sports are not the only area the children are excelling in now that they are in a safer home inside Jos City.

Various aspects of the orphanage are improving, but Jesus is still the center. Daily Bible lessons are part of the curriculum, and the chapel is used daily!

The below photos show some of the activities the children are participating in at the orphanage.

The first photos shows our students playing board games with guests from areas near the school. Visitors also regularly attend the Sunday services in the chapel!

The next photos show a girl’s baking class and some of the children at a computer learning center.

The last photos show some traditional skills being taught. Pictured is a boy’s furniture making class and a girl’s basket weaving class.

Please continue to pray for the safety and quality of life for the children at our orphanage. Your support allows us to continue bringing these children out of the devastation that once surrounded them.

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