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Chairman’s Report for July 19, 2024

Jiret witnessed the murder of his parents on Christmas Eve. / 200 new orphans placed. Some older teen orphans have found work. / Orphanage school graduates have moved to new transition house! / The news cycle … Middle East Christians not important to the media.

Chairman’s Report April 19, 2024

Program to move newly orphaned children from IDP camps to homes / Orphanage in Jos prospers as we train Christian leaders for Nigeria / Work continues for transition house for orphanage graduates / Full results from Religious Freedom Coalition supporter poll

Current Orphanage and Transition House News

No major construction is set to go at our orphanage for now. The children are not just living, they are thriving. Many of the children are participating in extracurricular activities. The transition house for orphanage graduates will train young men and women to join the workforce.

Chairman’s Report March 22, 2024

Compound located to house and job train orphanage graduates / Program being developed for Christmas massacre orphans / New accounts of the impact of Christmas programs in Syria and Lebanon / Google’s “artificial intelligence’ engine attacks Religious Freedom Coalition