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WATCH: School Building Under Construction

Construction is underway for the new school building at an IDP camp in NIgeria. The building is being constructed as originally planned, even after delays. RFC is not only constructing but fully outfitting the school for the TIV Tribe. Watch this video to see the construction that is taking place.

WATCH: Crisis in Nigeria

Christians in Plateau State, Nigeria are in grave danger as Sunni Muslim Fulani Herdsmen rampage their way through towns and farmland, killing Christians and destroying homes. Our orphanage and farm are in their path. Learn about one Christian orphanage that was miraculously saved during one of these terrible attacks.

Saving a Life

Over 25% of Jordan’s 10,000,000 residents are classified as refugees. Because of the number of refugees who are not paying taxes, the health care system is strained. A member of the staff of our ministry partner in Jordan contracted Covid-19 recently and was told he had to go onto oxygen immediately.

The Chairman’s Report for April, 23 2021

Classrooms for Christian IDP children in Benue State, Nigeria / Third year for our farm project at Nigeria orphanage in Plateau State / Detailed results of the annual Religious Freedom Coalition supporter’s poll / Capitol Hill – My conversation with Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska

Conversation with Senator Ben Sasse

On March 18th I spent over an hour on a Zoom call with Senator Sasse to discuss the state of religious liberty. I was also able to speak with his National Security Advisor, Brett Fetterly, to discuss in great detail the persecution of Christians in Nigeria and the failure of our government to call out the Sunni Muslim president.

The Chairman’s Report for March 26, 2021

Post cards to Biden demanding action in Nigeria sent to all supporters! / We build classrooms for Nigerian Christian children in displacement camps / Religious Freedom Coalition supporters back Nigeria and diaper programs / Adult diaper delivery to disabled Christian elderly in Middle East