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The Chairman’s Report for March 26, 2021

Post cards to Biden demanding action in Nigeria sent to all supporters! / We build classrooms for Nigerian Christian children in displacement camps / Religious Freedom Coalition supporters back Nigeria and diaper programs / Adult diaper delivery to disabled Christian elderly in Middle East

Diapers for Refugees Update

Our Diapers for Refugees program is still curtailed by Covid-19 which is severe in the Middle East. Despite the difficulties, there are successes in places such as Bethlehem and Beit Sahour in the West Bank. In Iraq, Jordan and the West Bank diapers must be delivered to homes and care centers because of government restrictions.

Inside Our Work in Nigeria

In this update from William J. Murray, learn about the different areas the Religious Freedom Coalition is helping the persecuted Christians in Nigeria. These efforts include the continued partnership with an orphanage along with a new venture we have begun which is centered around building school houses for displaced children.

WATCH: Schools for Nigerian Children

WATCH: We have partnered with the Tiv Tribe to build one school building for children to learn away from the beating sun and pouring rain. But I believe we can do even better, as there are thousands of displaced children who need some form of education.

A Look into Christmas for Refugees in Lebanon

At one event in Lebanon, children were greeted by costumed characters. Then they heard a story as they watched a woman make candy canes. The children were told how the different colors of the candy can represented different aspects of the Gospel story. The children were then given their gifts.