How Obama encourages Islamic violence

Exclusive to WND: William J. Murray notes ‘free speech’ isn’t to blame – appeasement is

by William Murray

William J. Murray is the chairman of the Washington, D.C.-based Religious Freedom Coalition and the author of seven books including “My Life Without God,” which chronicles his early life in the home of destructive atheist and Marxist leader Madalyn Murray O’Hair. Having lived the Marxist and the Ayn Rand lifestyle, he has a unique perspective on religion and politics.
Ambassador Christopher Stevens

Murdered Ambassador Christopher Stevens

Our ambassador to Libya was killed and our embassy in Cairo attacked this week. There is a reason I wear body armor in many of the locations I go to in the Middle East, and it is not because I like to wear 30 pounds of Kevlar reinforced with a ceramic breast plate in 110-degree weather. Even in “moderate” Islamic nations such as Jordan, attacks on non-Muslims have begun. Egypt has become a hell hole for Coptic Christians.

Islam is a culture of death, and the attacks on our embassies in the “Arab Spring” nations of Egypt and Libya, which we “liberated” from secular dictators, demonstrate this. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was on TV today with the old George W. Bush line that a small violent minority from the “religion of peace” was responsible for killing our ambassador. Really?

This was not the most disturbing aspect of the Obama administration’s reaction to the attacks on our diplomats in Egypt and Libya.

What was most disturbing was that once again the Obama administration apologized for America, this time for one of our most cherished values – freedom of speech. Although Barack Hussein Obama now claims to “disavow” the earlier statement of his own administration, both he and his righthand man, Hillary Clinton, continue to cast blame for the violence in Egypt and Libya on a movie telling the truth about Mohammed.

CNN and MSNBC, along with the New York Times and Washington Post, immediately joined the chorus of those claiming all Islamic violence would stop if only there were no criticism of Muslims as they rampage and murder. Hundreds of Christians in Nigeria have been slaughtered by Muslims so far this year. Was free speech to blame? Hindus and Buddhists have been murdered by the scores this year by Muslims. Is free speech to blame? Thailand is under siege, and dozens there have been murdered by Muslims this year. Is free speech to blame? Are the Muslim honor killings in Europe caused by free speech?

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  1. Les Young
    Les Young says:

    Dear Bro. Bill,

    God bless you for continuing to speak the truth. If the above mentioned video were really to blame for the violence (as opposed to the inherent code of jihad within Islam), then your op-ed will be to blame for more violence, and my agreement will be to blame for more violence, and……. Maybe we should blame it on the 1980’s contemporary Christian music group, the Imperials, for their song, “Ol’ Buddah!” After all, it contained the line, “It won’t be ol’ Buddah, that’s sittin’ on the throne, and it won’t be ol’ Mohammed, that’s leadin’ us home…”

    I believe that most ofthe world’s political leaders fall into the category described by Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12, snared in a cloud of deception caring nothing for the truth. But there are still those who love the truth, so please keep speaking it.

  2. kayla
    kayla says:

    It was a another false flag operation from what. I’m seeing . This is what the people of the new world order want more wars we can’t win. They are using this as part of the depopulation method. Also look up the National Defence Authorization Act or NDAA now you can be indefinitely detained without crime charge or trial and never be seen again please look this up Ron Paul warned about this.


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