Programs Update

Our newest building at the Jos Christian Refuge for Children is almost move in ready. Only half the classrooms can be seen from this angle.
The new Block B building has a cement roof for future expansion and includes new restrooms.

The United States may have declared the Islamic State defeated but it lives on in the hearts and minds of Muslims everywhere who see a day when the entire world is under the yoke of Islam.

The doors of our orphanage were opened to 15 children made orphans by the attacks near Jos including those at Mangu. In a previous newsletter I reported on my visit to Mangu. I also visited victims of the attack in a hospital who were seriously wounded.

The pledge I made to assist those who have suffered in the attacks continues to be met. The attacks don’t stop in Nigeria, just as they do not stop in the Middle East. For Islam violence and the murder of innocents is their idea of evangelism.

Christmas programs in the form of a Happy Birthday Jesus event will be held at the orphanage. In addition, the children will perform music and lead singing for displaced children at IDP camps near Mangu in December. The Religious Freedom Coalition will pay for all transportation and for food and gifts for the victims of Islam in Mangu.

Please pray for the Christmas programs. In major cities where we hold the programs there have been many “pro-Palestinian” demonstrations. In Amman, Jordan hundreds of thousands have been in the streets. They are really demonstrating in favor of the Hamas terrorists.

Our events for the children including meals, gifts and program activities are still planned to take place in Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and the West Bank.

I have major concerns about the “West Bank” event plans. The Palestinian Authority has prohibited any Christmas lights this year to “mourn” those “killed by Israel.” The lights in Manger Square have been removed and any house having lights on will be stoned.

Christmas has essentially been cancelled in Bethlehem by the Palestinian Authority.

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