Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation Launches Social Media Campaign

InGodWeTrustThe Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation has launched a social media campaign to promote the message of our national motto: “In God We Trust.”

This social media project is scheduled for July 30th.

It’s called the “Million Voice” shout out – and it will be using Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to reach millions of Americans with the message that we trust in God and no one else!

The Religious Freedom Coalition is a supporter of this effort to reach millions of Americans with the “In God We Trust” message through social media.

We urge you to become one of the millions of Americans who will be involved in this July 30th social media event.

Sign up to become part of this event on July 30: In God We Trust – Our National Motto |

Purchase a copy of “The Pledge: One Nation Under God” by Religious Freedom Coalition Chairman William J. Murray to learn about the Judeo-Christian history of America. 

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