Orphanage Tragedy: Murder!

The brother of our principal at the orphanage school was murdered by the Sunni Muslim Fulani in Mangu. His home and some others nearby, about 63 Kilometers (39 miles) from the orphanage, were attacked. Several were killed.

Religious Freedom Coalition received the following message from the orphanage director on Saturday, August 5th

It is sad to announce that part of the community under Barkin Ladi was attacked last night by Fulani herdsman and killed the brother of Mrs. Josephine (mama wisdom), orphanage school principal. Kindly reach out to her with prayers of comfort.

The attack came in Heipang which is a town in Barkin Ladi. Barkin Ladi is the equivalent of a county in the United States. Barkin Ladi, which has a large Christian population, has been attacked numerous times in the last few weeks, with more than 200 killed.

Several thousand Christians have been made homeless as homes have been torched.

We have ordered emergency aid to those made homeless who are now living in a temporary IDP camp set up in an elementary school. So far, the Religious Freedom Coalition has sent 110 mattresses, 4 bales of used clothing, 3 bales of shoes, some blankets, plus food including rice, beans, spaghetti, and other essentials.

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