Entries by Claire Marlowe

Christian Camp in Jordan

Over a period of 15 years the Religious Freedom Coalition has done much to improve the conditions at a summer camp for Christian youth in Jordan. The camp allows children of different Christian denominations to meet and to develop a closer relationship with the Lord.

Moving Forward to a Permanent Home

Just a few steps left in the process of securing a new permanent home in Jos for the Nigerian orphans. With more Christians being killed daily, the orphanage has had to turn away children. Even as persecution continues to rise, no efforts are made from the Biden administration.

Chairman’s Report for May 20, 2022

Second 2022 mission to Nigeria successful despite satanic interference / Obstacles to April trip mounted as Islamic attacks in Nigeria escalated / Attacks in Plateau and Kaduna – Train from Abuja attacked during trip / Prayers at proposed orphanage site as the Lord shows a path to success

Chairman’s Report for April 15, 2022

Safe, permanent site for the orphanage children may have been found / Owner wants outrageous price for current building that needs repair / Diapers for Refugees program continues in Iraq and West Bank / Final results of supporters’ poll ranking our mission programs

Diapers for Refugees

In Iraq our main distribution center is now Dohuc where there are many impoverished Christian families who were financially unable to return and rebuild their homes. We continue to distribute both infant and adult diapers in the Dohuc area, the home of what is left of the Assyrians.

Chairman’s Report for March 25, 2022

Results of 2022 poll of Religious Freedom Coalition supporters / Capitol Hill groups demand help to release Christian worker in Niger / More on our visit to the orphanage at Jos and plans for the building / More on visits to locations in Benue State, Nigeria – A school we can’t support

Chairman’s Report for February, 25 2022

Finally, in Nigeria – Two years of attempts at a mission trip during Covid-19 / Commissioning of our new school building at IDP camp in Benue State, Nigeria / Visit to former orphanage site attacked and destroyed by Sunni Muslims / Conditions at the new orphanage site in Jos are not ideal, but usable