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Chairman’s Report for June 23, 2023

Dollar dropping in value will affect all ministry operations’ power / Temporary classrooms made of scrap lumber must be replaced / Orphanage farm may produce many tons of potatoes and corn / Former Nigerian governor flatly states Christians must accept Muslim rule

Objective is an Islamic Nigeria

Nasir El-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State from 2015 to 2023 confessed to the goal of Islamification of Nigeria in a speech to his tribe that has been posted on social media without his permission. Inside is a report on the context of the speech, which was delivered in Hausa, a tribal language of Nigeria.

The Dollar’s Decline Is Hurting Missions

The devaluation of the dollar means we must pay more for products in nations we operate in such as Jordan or Iraq. In Nigeria the cost of food has been stable, but products used in construction have increased. This means our current project of creating a school room has gotten more expensive.

Chairman’s Report for May 19, 2023

Communist governments are still persecuting Christians / Biden Administration praises oppressive communist government / Jihad in Nigeria since 1804 – Most of the land now controlled by Muslims / Orphanage improvements / The secrets of helping Muslims who come to Jesus

Communist Vietnam No Better Than Red China

Ignoring persecution of Christians? The communists who run Vietnam are now the best buddies of our State Department. Secretary of State Blinken headed to Hanoi in April to rub shoulders with this despotic communist government. We signed onto a letter urging the Secretary to address the ongoing persecution of Christians.

Chairman’s Report for April 14, 2023

Home found for seven aged-out orphans, but there will be eleven more soon! / Boys’ building at orphanage has hot water for showers! / Return of the farm? / Nigerian children from a “Muslim background” / Entire families in Iraq! / Final update on the 2023 supporter poll: Yes for Nigeria, maybe for Capitol Hill

“Aged Out” Orphans

As orphans turn 18 where do they go? That has been a compelling question, and now our prayers have been answered. We just can’t turn 18-year-olds with no real job training out onto the streets. They had no families to support them and no source of income while they were in the orphanage.

Chairman’s Report for March 24, 2023

The situation for Christians in Bethlehem and the West Bank worsens / Bethlehem has a great need for diapers for special needs adults / Supporter poll shows strong support for Nigerian orphanage programs / Advocating for persecuted Christians / The cost of not being woke