Chairman’s Report for June 8, 2011


OBAMA, ISRAEL AND THE PRE-1967 BORDER – When Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived in Washington, DC on May 19th he was greeted by a full page advertisement in the Wall Street Journal showing the support of numerous social conservative organizations including the Religious Freedom Coalition. The full page ad ran in the Washington, DC regional edition of the Wall Street Journal and was seen by virtually every congressman and Senator. The ad was also run in the Jerusalem Post to let the people of Israel know there are Americans who still believe that Israel should indeed be a Jewish state.

Support for Israel full page ad in Wall Street JournalThe pressure on Israel to give up land, including a large part of their capital city of Jerusalem, has never been greater. Each time Israel has given up any of their land for the promise of “peace,” the people of that tiny nation have instead been bombarded by rockets fired from an even closer range. If those rockets are moved to the pre 1967 border as the PLO and Hamas now demand, Tel Aviv will be an easy target to hit.

President Obama has now joined the radical Muslim voices of the world to call for Israel to be reduced to its pre 1967 border, a border that would in places make that nation just nine miles wide.

I have stood in the center of Ashkelon where rockets can hit at any moment. I saw bomb shelters everywhere, as the people of that city must be constantly ready to take cover when rockets are fired from the Gaza Strip. A return to the pre 1967 borders President Obama seeks for Israel would mean the entire nation would have to live in the same constant fear as Ashkelon.

In the years after Israel handed over control of the Gaza Strip in September, 2005 and evicted nearly 8,500 Israeli citizens, thousands of rockets and tens of thousands of mortar shells have been fired into Israel. Homes, schools, malls and even day care centers have been hit. Innocent civilians have been killed and injured by these attacks in Israel. Most recently an anti-tank missile hit an Israeli school bus.

A surrender of more land by Israel will only move the deadly missiles closer to the population centers of Israel. The Jewish people, given the land by Jehovah in a lasting covenant, should not be forced to surrender even another hectare.

The advertisement in the Wall Street Journal was meant as an encouragement to Prime Minister Netanyahu and the people of Israel. The ad concludes by telling Prime Minister Netanyahu, “We, the undersigned, encourage President Obama, the State Department, the Congress, and the whole of the United States of America to stand unwavering with you, without further sacrificing Israel’s sovereignty, safety, or security.

The Religious Freedom Coalition along with other groups including Faith2Action, Traditional Values Coalition and Vision America also paid for a TV ad showing rocket strikes in Israel that ran during the O’Reilly Factor on the Fox News Network.

MORE THAN ISRAEL AT STAKE – President Obama and the liberals who would sacrifice Israel do not understand the true nature of the conflict. This is not about Palestinians and the small strip of land called Israel. This is a campaign, a jihad to destroy Western civilization and Israel is the point of the sword, holding that conquest back.

Muslims have a saying: “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.” The meaning is clear, first the Jews and then the Christians. Once the Middle East is “Jew free” it will be cleansed of the Christians and then the westward march can continue. The mega-mosque construction in the West will be followed by terror that the church, battered by the assault of secularism, will not be able to stand up to. In the end the world will be brought back to a 7th century tribal culture with nuclear weapons. Will God intervene to save a culture more corrupt than Sodom and Gomorrah? We can seek that answer through prayer alone.


CONGRESS STANDS 29 TIMES TO APPLAUD NETANYAHU- It was a stunning scene. During a 50 minute speech by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress, there were a total of twenty-nine standing ovations. During President Obama’s State of the Union address this year the Democrats stood 25 times to applaud him. The way Netanyahu was received by Congress was a rebuke to President Obama’s demand that Israel ethnically cleanse 400,000 Jews from parts of what is now Israel in order to return to the pre 1967 boundaries.

Netanyahu made the point that as the leader of Israel he could accept a Palestinian state when the Palestinians and Muslims surrounding Israel accepted the existence of a Jewish state. There is a huge difference between accepting Israel as a state and accepting Israel as a Jewish state. The current Arab position is that they will accept Israel’s existence as long as millions of Muslims are allowed to move there and change its nature to an Islamic state.

CONGRESSIONAL RESOLUTIONS SUPPORTING ISRAEL – Majority Leader Eric Cantor filed a bi-partisan resolution in support of Israel prior to the Obama speech in which the President demanded a return to the ‘67 boundaries. The resolution calls for President Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations to veto any move to have an independent state declared for Palestinians. The majority Islamic nations and the anti-Semites of Europe want to reduce the size of Israel so that the Jews there can eventually be exterminated. Please contact your congressman and ask him to support H. Res. 268.

After President Barack Obama’s demand that Israel return to pre-1967 borders that are not defensible, other resolutions supporting Israel’s right to defensible borders were introduced in the House by Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas and in the Senate by Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah. Congressman Gohmert is a true friend of social conservatives in Congress.


BURNING QUR’AN IS BIG NEWS, PLOTTING MURDER IS NOT – Just down the road from where Rev. Terry Jones made headlines talking about burning a Qur’an, two other religious leaders were arrested for conspiracy to murder, maim and kidnap victims in the name of their god. They had even raised and sent funds to a known terrorist organization. The father and son imams were arrested in Florida. Don’t look for this story on the front page of the New York Times, because that paper was using its front page space the same day to report on “Islamophobia.” Apparently a Christian threatening to “dishonor” Islam is big news, but Muslims plotting to murder Christians is not very important news at all.

NEW MUSLIM US ATTORNEY SAID ISRAELIS ARE LIKE NAZIS – He has led marches against Israel and has shouted out praise for the name of a terrorist leader. He has been an activist in numerous Islamic organizations that preach hatred for Jews and Israel. As of May of this year he is also the new Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan. His name is Abed Hammoud, and he will be prosecuting cases associated with terror.

It gets worse: President Obama has nominated David Heyman as Assistant Secretary for Policy at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and at the same agency, Secretary Napolitano has appointed Arif Alikhan as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development. Both men are devout Muslims, and in her announcement Napolitano made that clear. When Catholics, Jews or Baptists are appointed or hired their religion is not mentioned, so why was it mentioned that these men were Muslims? Pandering to Islam and political correctness would be the answer.

Alikan is associated with the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) “a public service agency working for the civil rights of American Muslims.” Both men will have top security clearances. Several Muslims at the DHS who have top security clearances are associated with groups that claim Hamas and Hezbollah are humanitarian organizations. Meanwhile, Secretary Napolitano has ordered an investigation of the Border Agents who work for her, because they are allegedly “profiling” Muslims crossing into the United States at the Canadian border.

LAWSUIT FILED TO SAY “JESUS” – As our national leaders reveled in announcing the appointment of radical Muslims to sensitive security positions, a minister in Texas had to sue just to utter the name “Jesus.” Rev. Scott Rainey was finally allowed to pray in the name of Jesus at a Memorial Day celebration in Texas, but only after taking legal action. The pastor had been invited to pray at an event at a National Cemetery, but the Department of Veterans Affairs instructed the pastor that he would not be allowed to pray unless he removed references to Jesus. He sued and a federal judge held that the government was engaging in impermissible religious viewpoint discrimination, and was “forbidden from dictating the content of speeches”

ACLU DEFENDS SHARIA – The ACLU, which was among the first to, in their words, “applaud and congratulate” efforts to build the Ground Zero Mosque, is also among the foremost defenders of sharia law in America. The ACLU has mounted an offensive against the fifteen states which have adopted or are considering the adoption of legislation to ban sharia and other foreign or international laws from being considered in their courts.

Muslims and leftists across the nation had a field day, mocking legislation in fifteen states that would bar courts from using sharia and other foreign laws in rendering decisions.  The ACLU released a report about their efforts to stop sharia bans, and the title sums up their attitude:  Nothing to Fear; Debunking the Mythical “Sharia Threat” to Our Judicial System.


Jesus just a prophet ad on Sydney busAUSTRALIA BUS ADS OFFEND CHRISTIANS – The percentage of Muslims in Australia is very small, but with money from wealthy Arab states they make their presence known. The Australian organization Mypeace is purchasing ads on buses and billboards in Sydney claiming Jesus was a prophet of Islam.

Roadside billboards in the metropolitan Sydney area also carry one of four slogans including: “Jesus: A Prophet of Islam,” and “Holy Qur’an: The Final Testament.  Each banner invites people to get in touch by phone or online, for literature and a free copy of the Qur’an.

CHRISTIAN SISTERS KIDNAPPED AND FORCED TO MARRY MUSLIM – Muslims promise to bring the kindness and harmony of Islam to the West in the ads placed on Sydney billboards. This is how Islam is actually practiced: In Faisalabad, Pakistan a powerful Muslim businessman, with the help of a group of accomplices, kidnapped two Christian sisters and forced both of them to convert to Islam and marry him. The girls’ father reported the kidnapping to the police but the police blocked investigations by reversing the facts: they said the daughters fled because of their father’s violence.

A priest from the diocese of Faisalabad points out that the kidnapping of young women has become “common practice,” because the authorities and police are “puppets in the hands of extremists.” PLEASE NOTE: Both girls were forced to marry the same man. Islam allows men to have up to four wives.

MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD: SHARIA FOR EGYPT – A Muslim Brotherhood leader declared that Islamic Sharia Law would be imposed in Egypt if they come to power. Sobhi Saleh, a Muslim Brotherhood leader, claimed Sharia would protect not only Muslims but also those non-Muslims who pay the Jizya (protection money). Obama plans on giving more than $1 billion this year to Egypt.

CHRISTIANS ATTACKED IN SUDAN – In May Christians began fleeing the border regions near the Muslim north of Sudan as attacks against them continue amid fears of a new civil war between the Muslim Arab north and the Christian south. Hundreds have died in just the past two weeks. The Christian town of Abyei has been occupied by the Sudan Armed Forces and thousands more were forced to flee. Much of the nation’s oil reserves are in the south and it is expected that Muslim dictator Omar al-Bashir will try to seize as much territory as he can using the arms he has purchased from China. Most of the oil contracts and leases in the Sudan are held by Chinese companies.

OUR MISSION IN JORDAN – The “moderate” Islamic nation of Jordan is rarely mentioned in the news; however, the Muslim Brotherhood has called for almost daily demonstrations against the king, and is trying to force the government to become more sharia compliant. Christian families with roots in Jordan back to the days of the Apostle Paul now live in fear. This month the Religious Freedom Coalition shipped an additional $58,000 in medical supplies to the clinic supported in Amman, Jordan. Pray for the Christians of the Middle East.

Your help is needed to aid Iraqi Christian refugees. Please donate today!

William J. Murray, Chairman

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    Whats great is that even if they try to destroy it to wipe it off the map it won’t work. God will shield that land. Ever see the Left Behind movie? If not you got to it is a very well done, biblical, and moving series. Anyway it was Kirk Cameron playing “Buck” Williams and reporting while it is happening. You can likely see it online somewhere and see that part.


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