Report From Washington – February 10, 2012

In this issue: Can the Church back down Obama? / Santorum’s big win / Lawmakers try to counter Obama’s attack on religious liberty / Air Force kicks God off logo / Religious Freedom Act needs Senate support / CPAC explained – Why I don’t attend / a must for Christian families / Turkey converts another church to a mosque / A French politician tells the truth / Mafia move over here comes the Ikwan

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CAN CHURCH BACK DOWN OBAMA? – The political backlash against President Obama’s plan to force religious organizations to supply health care policies that include contraception, sterilization and the “morning after” pill has been immense. Make no mistake what all of this is about: Liberals love whales and hate babies. At the heart of liberalism is the belief that the planet is more important than the people on it and to protect the empty plains, bare mountains and desolate desserts the population must be reduced. This ideology is so intrenched in the hard-left that Obama was willing to risk the loss of the Catholic vote to reduce the number of live births in the United States. With Catholics and Bible believing Evangelicals against his people hating philosophy he may be forced to back down. Update: Obama has offered a “compromise” that is a total joke and slap in the face of those who believe in religious freedom.
Let me make it clear that I have never personally supported Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich for the GOP nomination. During the GOP primary process I have watched with alarm as evangelical voters moved from one candidate to the other in search of “someone who can win” rather that looking at the core beliefs of the candidate. While the Religious Freedom Coalition cannot endorse a candidate I can personally say that I endorsed Rick Santorum before the Iowa caucus because of what he stands for and the life he has lived. Santorum’s victory over Romney and Gingrich in three states on Tuesday sent a message to the GOP establishment that real values do matter.

Members of the House and Senate are tirelessly working to overturn the Obama mandate to force church based organizations such as hospitals to provide the “morning after” pill to employees. A bipartisan group of Senators filed an amendment to the federal highway re-authorization bill that would have protected religious employers; however, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blocked the amendment. The language was identical to the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act, previously introduced in the House. The HHS mandate tramples on the American legacy of religious freedom. Members of the House Prayer Caucus continue engaging in efforts to overturn it.
The Air Force removed a Latin reference to “God” from the motto of the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO) after receiving complaints from the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF). Thirty-five Members of Congress joined Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA) in sending a letter to the Air Force expressing concern over the decision. The RCO patch, previously displayed the Latin motto that translated into “Doing God’s Work with Other People’s Money”; however, the Air Force altered it to now read “Doing Miracles with Other People’s Money.” Especially troubling about the move is the Air Force’s implication that the very presence of the word “God” on a military patch-regardless of its context or intent-is somehow unconstitutional.
SUPPORT S-1245 –
Senator Roy Blunt has recently introduced the Near East and South Central Asia Religious Freedom Act of 2011 (S-1245) to give Secretary of State the authority to name a Special Envoy to promote the religious freedom of religious minorities in the Near East and Central Asia. The Special Envoy would be an expert in human rights and religious freedom issues and would have the rank of Ambassador. In light of the continued attacks on Christians in Islamic areas of the world it is important to move this legislation forward. Please contact your Senator requesting support of S-1245.
I am presently in California and not at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference. CPAC gets a lot of hype from the press but its core has so deteriorated that it is now ignored by most social conservatives. It is basically a libertarian event devoid of family values, an event for college age Ron Paul supporters to party at. For many years I was one of the sponsors of CPAC. That ended several years ago when homosexual groups were invited to participate and any mention of radical Islam was banned. The only Washington conference I now participate in is the Value Voters Summit.
As mentioned above I am presently in California working on various projects including a possible documentary movie based on my first book, My Life Without God which is being re-released on the 50 anniversary of prayer being removed from public schools. While here I will support and attend the gala held tonight. is a Christian organization that is changing the way Hollywood does business. It is my firm opinion that Christians should not go to a movie without first consulting

Now available, the Chairman’s Report for January 27, 2012. IN THIS ISSUE: Obama’s continued war on religious freedom / Court defeat for Obama on EEOC attack on churches / HAMAS cheered by Obama support of Arab Spring / Rick Santorum defends faith and family / Former congressman jailed over Sudan contacts / Egypt’s richest man faces blasphemy charge / Muslim Brotherhood owns Egypt / The Arab Spring turns to an Islamic fall / Boko Haram kills hundreds more in Nigeria / New York Times says Boko Haram “not a problem” / More from Religious Freedom Coalition
One of the best locations on the Internet to learn about Islamic Sharia law and its effect on the West is FACEBOOK FAN? Sharia Free USA now has a Facebook page with more than 1,500 followers. Join with us at Facebook today!

When the Ottoman Empire fell and the modern Turkish state was established it was secular and religious political parties were banned. The military was given the constitutional responsibility to guard Turkey as a secular state and as a result it was an ally of Israel. A religious party, one associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, has come to power and the Turkish military has been purged of secularists. Some generals have been arrested and Turkey is no longer a friend of Israel. Persecution of Christians has increased and ancient churches are being converted to mosques. Even the New York Times, a Muslim Brotherhood lover, has taken notice. Read more
French Interior Minister Claude Guéant said this week that he stood by remarks that not all civilizations are equal, as critics denounced his comments as dangerous and xenophobic. “Contrary to what the left’s relativist ideology says, for us all civilizations are not of equal value,” Guéant said. “Those which defend liberty, equality and fraternity, seem to us superior to those which accept tyranny, the subservience of women, social and ethnic hatred,” he said referring to Islam. Read more
The southern Italian island of Sicily is about to become the proud new owner of a multimillion euro mega-mosque. The mosque, to be built in the medieval town of Salemi in southwestern Sicily, is being paid for by the oil-rich Persian Gulf Emirate of Qatar. Supporters of the mosque hope it will become a reference point for Muslims in Sicily as well as the rest of Italy. Read more
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  1. Skittles
    Skittles says:

    Why don’t you mention Ron Paul? The mainstream media and establisment have been treating him unfairly like the 13th floor of a hotel. They have also lied about him and twisted his words. In debates a lot they only give him like 3 minutes to speak in 2 hours while Romney and Newt get into a petty argument about personal issues that had nothing to do with the issues at the debate. Ron Paul has the most loyal supporters of any of the rest and has broken records in campaign donations in a single day.

    I respect you very much Bill don’t get me wrong. I just ask that you look and Ron Pauls record which is the most consistant and follows The Constitution to the dot. I ask that you look at everyone all four of them and come to a middle. I can’t tell you or anyone what to do and how to vote. From what I have seen you are knowledgeable on The US Constitution I myself have learned much from you on that point. I agree with you a good bit of the time. Voter frauds are happening even now and supporters of all 4 candidates and calling it out. See what you might be able to find out about this with your sources.

    • Skittles
      Skittles says:

      I like the Vaule Voters Summit Ron Paul gave a great speech and even won the straw poll.

      Now when it comes to CPAC what you said is well founded. It is however a platform that is useful in a way.
      Its well known and broadcasted so if you can get in and have a platform to speak on you could still speak against radical Islam and what have you (Using your 1st amendment right) people will hear the message. You could give someone inspiration. If you know what I mean? Use it to your advantage…

  2. Kayla
    Kayla says:

    I’m really glad you are making a documentary on your book as well as rereleasing it. I hoped one day you would do both. Your book is life changing and very powerful and I get copies of it and used copies of “The Church is not for Perfect People” from Amazon (only place I can find it since its out of print) to give to people. I gave several copies of these books you have written because of the way your own personal testimony shows Gods word in action.
    God uses you in a great way


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