Report From Washington – February 17, 2012

ATTACK ON THE CAPITOL – My Friday on Capitol Hill was interrupted when I learned that a Muslim with what he thought was an explosive vest had been arrested on his way to the Capitol Building to blow himself up and “kill as many people as possible.” MSNBC reported the man was Moroccan but never mentioned that he was a Muslim. The story never made it as a headline at CNN. The CNN site referred to him as “a man,” and never used the words, ‘Muslim’ or ‘terror’. On the other hand Fox News reported that the Moroccan Muslim was arrested after prayer at his mosque in Virginia but before reaching the Capitol Building. It is my guess is that if ABC, CBS or NBC mentions the story tonight that the Moroccan’s prayers at the mosque will not be mentioned and no mention will be made of Islam or terror. CAIR will, I am sure, release a statement soon stating that the terrorist was “entrapped” by the FBI.
Terror threat to Capitol Building / Obama, Religious Freedom and social justice / Senator Blunt speaks out on religious freedom / Congressional hearings on Obama Care and religious liberty / The Vagina Monologues at the church altar – yes, really / Colorado school choir sings “there is no other truth except Allah” / Interpol enforces Islamic blasphemy laws / Islamic coup in Maldives

OBAMA, RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AND SOCIAL JUSTICE – To Barack Obama religion and democracy are secondary to “social justice.” What is social justice? Social justice is whatever a liberal wants to accomplish at any given moment. In the case of Obama Care, social justice is making sure every woman of child bearing age in the United States can have sex without the “burden” of children. During his 2008 campaign for the presidency, Obama actually said about his two daughters, “I don’t want them punished with a baby.” Faced with an absolute prohibition in the Constitution to government intervention in the affairs of the Church, Obama ordered churches to supply contraceptives and even the “morning after” abortion bill. In his mind, as in the minds of virtually all liberals, babies are a preventable disease. Liberals have a self-loathing of humanity. OBAMA’S ARAB SPRING – President Barack Obama has worked to push out secular leaders of several Muslim nations in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the result: Hazem Saleh Abu Ismail, Egypt’s presidential candidate and a vocal supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, has said that there is no room for personal freedom in Islam. “”If you claim that Allah considers it your personal freedom, show me your reference? Nobody has ever said that – except for people have no understanding of Sharia,” Ismail said. Read more
Sen. Roy Blunt, (R-MO), who heads the Values Action Team in the Senate, argued that the debate over forcing church organizations to furnish contraceptives is “not about cost” but rather about faith-based institutions’ right to moral objection. “This is not a financial consideration – if you’re opposed to something because it costs money, that’s different from being opposed to it because you have a moral objection to it or a faith-based objection to it.” Read more
the House held hearings on the HHS mandates that require religious organizations to furnish contraceptives, sterilization and the morning after pill to employees. Representatives of the Catholic Church, as well as various Protestant and Jewish groups, testified that the mandate was a danger to the very basic Constitutional guarantee of religious freedom. Read more

St. George’s Anglican Church in St. Catherine’s, Ontario, a church apparently operated by a band of giggling pagan priestesses, staged The Vagina Monologues this week at the altar. The Vagina Monologues. a play which has been around since 1996, glorifies “sex workers” which is the liberal term for prostitutes, lesbians and people involved in various other forms of immorality. Read more. This is not isolated to Canadian churches. The promoters of this filth seek churches out for their performances in both Canada and the United States.
A Colorado high school student quit the school choir rather than sing an Islamic song containing the lyric “there is no other truth except Allah.” James Harper, a senior at Grand Junction High School in Grand Junction, objected to singing “Zikr,” which is in essence an Islamic confession of faith. Read more

Now available, the Chairman’s Report for February 16, 2012. IN THIS ISSUE: Obama’s war on individual liberty / Obama Care and the march to central planning / Friedrich von Hayek on central planning / Contraceptive mandate and religious liberty / Air Force erases God from flight patch / Honor killings in Canada / Dubai police chief no longer trusts America / Meet Obama’s man in Egypt
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this is a staggering and scary story. Apparently the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) caused the arrest of Saudi newspaper columnist Hamza Kashgari in Malaysia. His reported crime, committing blasphemy in Saudi Arabia. He was deported back to the Saudi kingdom to almost certain death. A Malaysian police spokesman verified that: “This arrest was part of an Interpol operation which the Malaysian police were a part of. He will be put to death for the following tweet: “I have loved things about you and I have hated things about you. There is a lot I don’t understand about you – I will not pray for you.” President Obama has granted Interpol permission to operate in the United States with immunity, although they do not have arrest authority as yet.
Male, Maldives is a destination for wealthy tourists. Resorts line the shores of the Island. However, last week hard-line Islamists helped in overthrowing the democratically elected government. In a coup this week President Mohamed Nasheed was ousted as his political adversaries claimed he was trying to undermine their faith.

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