Chairman’s Report for June 21st, 2012


William J. Murray speaks on Capitol Hill

William J. Murray speaks at a prayer breakfast in the Capitol Building on June 18th, 2012

As chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition, I want to thank the thousands of people who are responding to support our advertising campaign to expose President Barack Obama as the greatest threat ever to religious freedom in the United States.

Fortunately the courts have stopped some of Barack Obama’s attacks on our religious liberties, but he continues his policy to render the church irrelevant. Barack Hussein Obama wants government to take the place of the church in America; he wants the people of this nation to worship the White House rather than the God who created the universe.

The main thrust of the attacks on religious liberty by Barack Obama is his attempt to control individual religious organizations. Obama and his Cabinet members have made it clear that they view any church affiliated organization as “just another employer.”

In January of this year the Supreme Court was forced to step in and find the Obama Administration had acted unlawfully in attempting to force a Christian school to keep in its employ a teacher whom they felt had not met her “ministerial” obligations. The Court found against the Obama Administration by a resounding nine to zero vote.

Obama and his radical pro-abortion head of the Department of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, have stated that no religious organization should have a “religious exception” from any government rule if they offer services to anyone outside their denomination. That means if a Jewish group offers a free lunch program and one non-Jew shows up to eat, then the group must hire Muslims.

At the time of the decision Chief Justice John G. Roberts wrote, “The interest of society in the enforcement of employment discrimination statutes is undoubtedly important. But so, too, is the interest of religious groups in choosing who will preach their beliefs, teach their faith and carry out their mission.”

In the current dispute with religious organizations, President Obama wants to force religious organizations to furnish medical insurance that includes “birth control.” However, what was ordered was far more than “birth control pills,” which is the interpretation of the general public. The order under Obama Care also requires implants and other expensive means of birth control. The order also requires paying for sterilizations and for the “morning after pill”.


As of Sunday, June 17th our ads have been in newspapers with paid circulations of more than 225,000 in Florida. By the end of June we will have reached more than half a million people. Under our current media plan we will reach more than one million people in Florida by the end of July

Although the ad featuring Obama’s attacks on religious liberty will appear in fewer newspapers in June, the number of people reached will nearly double as the newspapers chosen have even greater circulations.

People who read newspapers are far more likely to participate in the political process than those who don’t. Already my office is being contacted by congressmen in Florida who have received calls from those viewing the ads we have already placed. By August our advertising schedule will move forward into South Carolina and then up into Virginia and Pennsylvania.

In addition a larger half-page version of our ad has already appeared in the national edition of the Washington Times. Letters of support have been received by my office here in Washington, DC from all over the United States as a result of the Washington Times placement.

NOT AN ELECTION AD – As I mentioned in the last issue of the Chairman’s Report, our purpose is not to affect the outcome of the election. However, during an election year politicians listen. Now is the time that we can influence not only President Barack Obama but Governor Mitt Romney as well. Both of the presidential candidates have operatives who read everything in every newspaper to determine the “temperature” of the people. From the analysis of their advisors the candidates move from side to side, changing policies to get elected.

If Barack Obama feels the heat, his Administration may back off its attacks on the Judeo-Christian heritage of our nation.

MORE THAN 100,000 COPIES MAILED – We have not stopped at just running the ads in newspapers. The Religious Freedom Coalition has obtained the ability over the past three decades to contact tens of thousands of people by direct mail. Since the campaign exposing Barack Obama as the most dangerous individual ever to religious freedom in the United States, copies of our ad have been mailed to about 125,000 addresses, many in key areas. In Florida alone we have mailed 50,000 copies of the ad directly to homes.

Many individuals have responded to the ads by sending funds to help place them in additional newspapers. Do you know someone willing to help place ads? Individuals can see the ads and can contribute at:

THE FIRST HUNDRED DAYS OF MITT ROMNEY – The problem is not just Barack Obama; it is decades of government overreach and government attempts not only to take the place of the church, but to become God. Christian institutions, including schools and hospitals, have been placed under onerous rules and regulations. God is being cleansed from virtually every public place. City council meetings can no longer open with prayer and even the crosses honoring those who died in the service of our nation have been ordered to be torn down.

My office is near Capitol Hill. For decades, on my way to meetings I walked into the Capitol Building, sometimes just to take an air conditioned short cut between the Senate office buildings on one side to the House office buildings on the other side of the Capitol. That changed, particularly under radical leftist Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who made the Capitol Building a “bureaucrat-only zone.” Like most “civilians” I must now enter through the new multi-million dollar Capitol Visitor Center (CVC) that has been built beneath the Capitol. This huge underground structure contains vast meeting rooms, restaurants and shops.

The CVC opened during the Bush Administration in December, 2008. The funds had been allocated when Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress. Yet there was not a single reference to God in the vast expanse of the complex. Not even the National Motto; “In God We Trust” appeared in the 580,000 square feet of the CVC.

Religious leaders in the nation’s Capital including myself were outraged. Congressman Randy Forbes of Virginia, who founded the Congressional Prayer Caucus, fought the Architect of the Capitol for more than a year just to have our National Motto – “In God We Trust” –  engraved in a wall of the CVC. Resolutions had to be passed by Congress just to get those four words  – “In God We Trust” –  in the new facility at the Capitol complex.

And that is why we will hit Mitt Romney early and hard if he wins the election. Before he takes office we will present him with a “100 day” list. These are accommodations we expect from Mitt Romney by executive order in his first 100 days in office. That list will of course include reinstating President Ronald Reagan’s Mexico City policy banning any federal funds from being allotted for abortion related services. We also will demand that the draconian employer provisions that Barak Obama has ordered on religious organizations be rescinded as well. We expect an executive order banning homosexual marriages on military bases and the gag order removed from military chaplains who now are forbidden to criticize homosexuality.

I am a member of a select group of social conservative leaders in Washington, DC who will meet this month to prepare a letter to Governor Mitt Romney telling him what we expect in the first 100 days of his Administration.

Barack Hussein Obama has done a lot of damage to this nation. Individual freedom and religious freedom have been overshadowed by what Obama calls “economic freedom.” His version of economic freedom is socialism.

I was raised in a Marxist home and I understand all too well what Barack Hussein Obama is all about: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” That is the collectivist goal Obama seeks and in it there is no room for God, just government. Under his version of “economic freedom” we all work as hard as we can and give him our money to distribute as he sees the need. That is not Biblical; it is the same Marxist utopian thought that caused the deaths of tens of millions of people in the 20th Century. It must be stopped now and if Romney takes office the damage that is done must be quickly set right.


ARAB SPRING TUNISIA – Until 18 months ago Tunisia was considered to be the prime example of a “moderate” Islamic nation with tolerance for all. Then Barack Obama and European leaders managed to back a revolt by Islamists against the secular government. Now Tunisia is a nation of strife and upheaval, with Islamist attacks on those who want to live a modern Western lifestyle. This past week one person was killed and dozens injured as Islamists took to the streets demanding sharia law.

In a mass demonstration led by the “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood, tens of thousands stood in the street chanting, “Obama, we are all Osama.” The actual video of this can be seen at

ARAB SPRING EGYPTIAN WAR ON WOMEN – What is totally unpublicized in the West is the fact that Muslim women are not allowed to have sexual pleasure. At a young age Muslim girls have part of their genitals removed by their parents to make sure they cannot enjoy sexual relations with the logic that they will stay “pure” until marriage. Under the somewhat secular government of Hosni Mubarak, many Egyptian girls never had to undergo the horror of genital mutilation.

The Barack Obama supported Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt wants to change that. The Brotherhood is now providing roving “medical” vans so parents can have their female children inspected for virginity and then have their genitals mutilated to prevent them from enjoying sex when they marry. Neither Secretary of State Hillary Clinton nor President Barack Hussein Obama will criticize the Muslim Brotherhood for this barbaric practice … but back home they both attack conservative Christians and Catholics whom they claim have a “war on women.”

ARAB SPRING LIBYA – Sidney newspaper headline: “Libya descends into militia chaos as hostages still held.” there is not much in the news about the Libya that Barack Obama and EU leaders “liberated” but there is plenty of action there. The US Ambassador’s car was hit by an RPG, UN workers have been kidnapped and there is a full scale war going on in the south between different tribes. Yes … this is what Barack Obama got a Noble Peace Prize for at the beginning of his presidency. Don’t expect to read this in the Washington Post any time soon.

AND IN FRANCE –Muslim Mohammed Merah killed Jewish school kids and now his family is suing France because he died in a gun battle with police. They claim he was “murdered” by cops to stop him from telling his side of the story. The family must believe he had a good reason to kill children … that is Sharia law. The Religious Freedom Coalition maintains a site at which posts stories such as these.

CHRISTIAN REFUGEES – Sadly it is not possible to continue to accurately report on our various missions in the Middle East in these newsletters. For years we have had to delete materials from the newsletters before placing them on the Internet. Unfortunately printed copies of the newsletter that were distributed in Washington, DC have fallen into the wrong hands. Only personal communications with the name of the individual imprinted on it will now have detailed information about our missions. Please help our missions today!

William J. Murray, Chairman

Religious Freedom Coalition, 601 Pennsylvania Ave, NW  #900 , Washington, DC 20004 * (202) 742-8990

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