Report From Washington – August 3, 2012

Israel Fact Finding Mission A once in a lifetime mission led by William J. Murray, William Federer and Frank Gaffney, all three experts on Israel and Islamic affairs. Not a standard “tour,” the mission includes visits to settlements and military bases plus evening panels. Read more

In this issue: Will Romney move our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem? / White House not sure where capital of Israel is / Obama executive order to help blacks only get into college / 60% leave Conservative party in UK over same-sex approval / Congressional resolution on Syrian Christians / Newt Gingrich defends Michele Bachmann / Attacks on Chick-fil-a backfire / Christians arming themselves in Syria / More attacks on Christians in Nigeria


Jerusalem Capital of IsraelMove U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem? – Palestinian officials are fuming after Mitt Romney stated that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. Romney implied, but did not state, that he would follow the law and move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem if elected. Barack Obama has not only refused to honor the law passed by Congress to move the Embassy, but the U.S Consulate now in Jerusalem conducts business in Arabic, not Hebrew.
Same-sex marriage and conservatives –
What happens if the Republican Party moves away from endorsing “traditional marriage” in favor of an “its all about the economy approach?” In the U.K. the conservative party went that route, and has lost 60% of its paid membership since Prime Minister David Cameron announced he would forge ahead and endorse “same-sex marriage.” Even Barack Obama is facing a backlash from Black ministers because of his endorsement of sodomy — and he is a left-winger.
Obama executive order to help blacks only –
This week Obama signed an executive order, an excerpt of which states the goal of “increasing college access and success for African American students and providing support to help ensure that a greater percentage of African Americans complete college and contribute to the goal of having America again lead the world in the proportion of adults who are college graduates by 2020.” But the goal is not “every American”. The goal is to force whites, Hispanics and Asians out of entrance slots into colleges. This same executive order would bar public schools from expelling more blacks from school than the percentage of their population in the school, regardless of the offense. is this racist? of course. Read more
Resolution on Syrian Christians –
Congressman Bilirakas (R-FL) who is the co-chair of the International Religious Freedom Caucus has entered a resolution calling for the protection of the “religious minorities” in Syria in light of the continued growing presence of Al-Qaeda growth in that nation. His resolution (H.Res. 763) comes at a time when more and more congressmen and Senators are being alerted to the truth about the nature of the Islamist uprising in Syria. Syria will become another Iran! Read more
Michele Bachmann defended by Newt Gingrich –
Newt Staunchly Defends Bachmann and other Members of Congress on their astute observations about the Muslim Brotherhood influence peddling in Washington and its infiltration into the State Department. Read more
Chick-fil-A Day –
Congratulations go to Gov. Mike Huckabee for his efforts in organizing a Chick-fil-A appreciation day on Wednesday. Gov. Huckabee had over 25 million visits to his Internet site to get details. At many Chick-fil-A stores, people had to wait more than an hour to get a sandwich. To show their “tolerance” , McDonald’s is handing out free chicken sandwich vouchers to homosexuals who plan to demonstrate against Chick-fil-A’s pro traditional stance today.
Chick-fil-A protest backfires –
Adam Smith, who posted an online video of himself going through a Chick-fil-A drive-thru and ordering only the free water, was canned from his gig as chief financial officer of Vante, a Tucson medical manufacturing company, after the video made the rounds. Read more

New August Chairman’s Report –
Now available, the August 2nd, 2012 edition of William J. Murray’s Chairman’s’ Report. In this issue: Obama and our dwindling freedoms / Friedrich von Hayek’s predictions on the dangers of Obama style central planning / Newspaper ads in four states warn of Obama’s attacks on religious freedom / Should Christians pray for victory of the Islamist threat? Read more 
Constitution or Sharia DVD –
This is the complete set of DVD’s from the November 11, 2011 Constitution or Sharia conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The Constitution or Sharia: Preserving Freedom Conference was the first true national conference on Sharia and the Islamization of America sponsored by major freedom oriented organizations! It was not just another educational conference. How do deal with and stop implementation of Sharia law in the United states was outlined by speakers and in panels. Order today 

hristians arming themselves in Syria – As evidence mounts that foreign Islamists are fighting alongside Syria’s increasingly radicalized rebels, Christians in Aleppo and elsewhere are taking up arms, often supplied by the regime. “We saw what happened to the Christians in Iraq,” Abu George, a Christian resident of Aleppo’s Aziza district told GlobalPost. “What is going on in Aleppo is not a popular revolution for democracy and freedom. The fighters of the so-called Free Syrian Army are radical Sunnis who want to establish an Islamic state. Read more
More attacks in Nigeria –
Over 1, 000 worshipers fled from what could have been a massive bomb attack at a Nigerian church on Wednesday. The bomb was set in the church during the evening service but failed to detonate. The police bomb squad defused the bomb, describing it as “foreign-made and capable of bringing down not only the church but surrounding buildings as well.” Read more The first week of August, more than 100 Christians were killed in attacks including a Nigerian senator.
Syrian Christians need help –
The Religious Freedom Coalition operates co-operative missions in Amman, Jordan which are assisting Syrian Christians. Medical and other supplies have been moved to Damascus to assist Christians in need because of the brutal attacks upon them by Islamist rebels. Please contribute today to our Middle East Missions Fund
Syria news outlet –
The CIA is blocking the Syrian government’s news outlet at SANA.SY. However, the site can be visited by going directly to its server address at: NOTE: Links cannot be created using numeric addresses. You will have to copy and paste this into a browser.

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