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New:       Who writes your congressman’s letters to you? – President Obama’s staff?
Update:  Post Card program continues to grow as 150,000 cards mail so far in 2016
Update:  A return to our summer camp – Christian summer camp for kids in Jordan
Update:  Diapers for Refugees becomes a critically needed program in Iraq

Telling the Truth on Capitol Hill

The Truth is hard to find: Even for a veteran of Capitol Hill such as myself, the mountain of disinformation is difficult to dig through to find the truth. Telling the truth to Capitol Hill staff is even more difficult than finding out what the truth is to start with.

There are catch phrases that have been put into play that are less than truthful, but have been said over and over again so many times that they are accepted as truth by virtually everyone, including the media. It is utter fiction that there was a “peaceful” uprising against the Syrian government in 2012 which only turned violent after there was a “brutal crackdown.” The uprising was actually violent from the start and led by radical Sunni Muslim rebels who had been supplied arms by the Qatar and Saudi Arabia royal families. The revolt, supported by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, was actually against Syria’s secular government.

The same was true in Egypt where the Obama Administration, with Hillary Clinton riding point, took down a secular government and installed the Muslim Brotherhood as leaders. The so called “free election” at the time has since been exposed as a charade in which the election board was ordered to declare the Muslim Brotherhood as the winner.

Whoever controls the State Department controls the chatter in Washington, DC. Congressmen and Senators, as well as their staffs, receive whatever information they have on foreign affairs from State Department briefings. When a constituent such as yourself writes a letter to their congressman or Senator, or perhaps sends a postcard distributed by the Religious Freedom Coalition demanding an answer on a subject such as arming Muslim fighters, then the staff turn to an answer book provided by the State Department or sometimes the Pentagon.

This is why a letter to a constituent from a Democrat congressman in New York is often very similar to a letter sent from a Republican congressman in Texas. Even if the two congressmen vote differently, they accept the “facts” given them by the State Department or Pentagon. These congressmen seem to forget that the Obama Administration runs the government and that any briefing book is going to provide only the “facts” which support what the particular Administration wants them to believe.

In plain English, the State Department and Pentagon hand the congressmen and Senators Administration propaganda tilted to support the President’s actions. The media of course, accept these “facts” also, even if they draw different conclusions from them.

The Religious Freedom Coalition’s postcard campaigns try to break through with the truth, and particularly with what is happening to Christians in Islamic nations.

My favorite line, accepted by almost everyone is: “Iran is the greatest exporter of terror in the world.” Iran is Shiite, and virtually all the terror in the world is perpetrated by Sunni Muslims. Virtually all the funding of terror comes from the royal families and the rich in Sunni nations such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. BUT – BUT – BUT – We can’t tell the truth about Sunni terror and who finances it, because Sunni Saudi Arabia is “our best Muslim ally” and “a key part of our coalition to fight terror.” Translation: “The Saudis have a lot of money and oil.”

The Mullahs of Iran are not nice people at all. They twist the arms of their politicians and are the root cause of the persecution of Christians in Iran. Are the missiles that Iran tests a threat to the United States? Or course not … BUT … they are a threat to the Persian Gulf from which over half of the world’s oil is shipped. At any time, the Iranians could choke off half the world’s supply of oil. So, why not tell the simple truth that Iran could be a threat to the world’s oil supply? Washington can’t do that. The truth diminishes the threat to America, which is energy rich, and thus threatens the policy to back the Saudi regime whose real goal is to kill or enslave every Shiite Muslim in the world — before turning its malevolent attention to Christians.

I am on Capitol Hill every week that Congress is in session and I am a part of meetings that sometimes just flat stun me. Putting aside the Middle East question — most Republicans on Capitol Hill see nothing wrong with women on the front lines of the Marine Corps. They don’t question why making the restrooms on military bases “transgender” will make our armed forces better able to face the enemy (which may be true, since the Chinese and Russian military may collectively laugh themselves to death watching the drag queen contests at U.S military bases on YouTube).

On Capitol Hill the United States is everything but a Christian nation. Republicans put on a good show at Christian events, but I get to see a lot of them in their natural state on Capitol Hill. Just as with the Democrats, the real religion of Republicans is politics.

There are some good men and women in Congress and I am able to work with them. I have had dinner with them and sometimes with their families. I have prayed together with them. Some are deacons of their churches. Unfortunately, they are in the minority, and even more unfortunately, when it comes to the Middle East they also get their “facts” from the Obama run State Department and from a feminized, gay friendly Pentagon that plays patty cake with the Sunni governments that hate them for every gay loving drop of blood in their bodies.

The post cards continue to roll out: We can make a difference. We can put cracks in the Barack Obama – Hillary Clinton wall of “facts” that are nothing more than propaganda to support their bizarre anti-Christian attitudes and their insane plan to enable Saudi Arabia’s ultimate goal of a Sunni Middle East “purified” of Christians, Jews and Shiite Muslims.

Every month the Religious Freedom Coalition mails at the very least 50,000 personalized postcards to social conservatives with a letter telling the real truth about the Middle East and Saudi Arabia’s agenda, and demanding that Congress and the Obama Administration stop giving arms to Sunni fighters. Even when the Administration says it will stop, it is a lie.

The American-Russian cease fire in Syria was less than two weeks old when trucks headed into Syria from Turkey with American-made arms for Sunni fighters. Separately, Turkey (our NATO ally) helped move hundreds of armed Al-Nusra (which is al-Qaeda in Syria) fighters into positions in Syria to fight the Kurds. In the northern regions of Syria and Iraq, the Kurds are allies of the Christian militias. The same weapons Al-Nusra is using against the Kurds, they are also using against the Christian militias! We must stop the madness.

Christian Summer Camp : I have not written much about Camp (redacted) in the last few years, although we have continued to send aid to this Christian youth camp in Jordan. It is hard to describe how important this camp has been, for over thirty years to the whole Christian community in Jordan, a country that is 97% Muslim, and where Islam is taught in all the public schools.  At Camp (redacted) children can have fun and fellowship while hearing the Gospel and openly discussing their faith.  Many Jordanian pastors even today say they first felt their call to ministry as a youth at this summer camp.

Over the years the Religious Freedom Coalition has done much to assist the camp. In 2010 we replaced the entire water system of the camp. At right, the top photo is of the old metal tanks which had actually rusted through and had insects flying in and out of them. Every building had its own water storage tank that also supplied water pressure.

[su_button url=””]Babies of Iraqi Christian refugees from the Islamic State need diapers – Please help![/su_button]

At bottom is a photo of the very modern system we installed, like that now used in the Middle East by everyone who can afford it. Water is very scarce in Jordan, and water is turned on just once a week for residents to fill their home tanks. Once the water in the tank is gone, they must wait until the next week for additional water.

A couple of years later the Religious Freedom Coalition purchased mattresses for the children at Camp (redacted) to replace those that were on average more than ten years old. We also replaced the canvas curtains that are the main walls of the sleeping quarters.

Each year the Religious Freedom Coalition assists with scholarships to the camp for Christian refugee children. This year the pledge to assist with transportation and scholarships is $20,000 which is a great deal of money that goes directly to help the children, because the entire staff is volunteer. The funds are for transportation, food and water. The camp is not on the nation’s water grid, so water must be purchased privately and trucked in.

The assistance to Camp (redacted) is one of the many projects the Religious Freedom Coalition is involved in to assist Christians in the Middle East. As a reminder; the Religious Freedom Coalition accepts no funds from USAID or the EU. Because no government funds are accepted, our aid may be directed to certain groups without government direction.

Diaper for Refugees distribution in Iraq

Diaper for Refugees distribution in Iraq

The Diaper program: There are just some things people don’t talk about when it comes to personal sanitation. Diapers for example, are not mentioned much in American culture. Who wants to hear about the dirty diapers of someone else’s kid? In the Middle East diapers are never mentioned, which is why the great need for them among Christian refugee families has been overlooked for so many years.

This is what I found out after learning of the need and investigating further. Mothers are using what are essentially rags for their babies. Anything from cut up old sheets and shirts, to the rags that are sold to polish cars. These are not the absorbent cloth diapers that are made for the purpose, so they often leak. Most of these makeshift diapers are washed out by hand in cold water, many times without any soap. Having a place to dry them can also be a difficult issue.

My first response was to try and supply cloth diapers until the realization hit me that in most cases there was no way to properly wash out the cloth diapers, and children would still get bad rashes and perhaps illness from them. In places where hot water is available we will furnish some cloth diapers, but for now the disposable type are most in need.

More than diapers: There are some other items that are also not talked about publicly but which I discovered are needed, such as women’s sanitary products. (Sorry men, but I just have to mention this.) These are expensive and needed. Also, there are some elderly and disabled people among the refugees, women in particular for some reason, who require adult diapers.

The Diapers for Refugees program is not yet mature. It took three years to build a network in three nations to provide thousands of children with a Christmas program and food for their families. Programs can’t be built overnight. Delivery and distribution has to be ironed out. Once a family is in this program we want to keep them in it until they can afford to buy diapers or the child no longer needs them. We just can’t pass them out willy-nilly. We have begun work on a specific Internet site for the program that will be available at that will have reports and a photo gallery but that takes time to build as well.

Utopian Road to Hell 2Utopian Road to Hell: My new book is doing well at Amazon. It is a book that fits very well into the current political circus, particularly with a “Democratic Socialist” winning more state primaries than the queen of the Democratic Party. The book has hit as high as number two in the Politics and Social Sciences category at Of course it will never sell as well as the current crop of fiction and fantasy books that most Americans lose themselves in.

I believe it is an important book that every Christian who votes should read to discover the strange world of magic think that underlies collectivist logic. It is available directly from the Religious Freedom Coalition as from Amazon.

We have an Internet page at where you can buy a copy for $14.41 and we will mail at no charge. You can find the Amazon Kindle version here.

William J. Murray, Chairman

Religious Freedom Coalition, 601 Pennsylvania Ave. NW #900, Washington, DC 20004 * (202) 742-8990

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