The Chairman’s Report For June 22,2018

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New:      Amazon claims Religious Freedom Coalition is a “hate group” – No donations
New:      Anti-Semitic groups such as CAIR receive funds from Amazon programs
New:      Diapers for Refugees is a “hate group” because it helps Christian babies
Update: Huge expansion of Diaper Program / New well for orphanage in Nigeria

Amazon declares Christmas for Refugees is bigoted for helping Christians

Religious Freedom Coalition kicked out of Amazon charity site:  Have you made purchases at and helped the Religious Freedom Coalition or some other non-profit or charity?  If you signed up, for each dollar you spent on Amazon, the Religious Freedom Coalition received a small amount.  With thousands of people buying from Amazon and naming the Religious Freedom Coalition, those small sums added up.

No more! Amazon has declared the Religious Freedom Coalition “not eligible.”

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, is a radical liberal on social issues and has banned hundreds of pro-family and conservative organizations from using the Amazon Smile donation program including the American Family Association, Coral Ridge Ministries, and Christian legal defense organizations like Liberty Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom and others.  Any group that Jeff Bezos sees as “bigots” (those not supporting his radical social agenda) are removed.

Jeff Bezos is a strange leftist.  He believes in capitalism – his current wealth is over $150 billion and his donations from that wealth show what he believes.  He gave $33 million to a college fund for those who came into the United States illegally.  He and his wife have given millions to advance same-sex marriage and he makes sure that Amazon Smile donations go to the baby killers at Planned Parenthood.

How are conservative and Christian groups excluded from Amazon Smile?  Amazon bars all “hate groups” listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a discredited organization whose leaders have hidden millions of dollars in off-shore accounts so they can raise even more money from radical-left billionaires like Jeff Bezos.

Of course, our Diapers for Refugees program is “bigoted” as well, because we distribute diapers to Christian families persecuted by Muslim jihadists.  Jeff Bezos would probably want us to give diapers to the four wives of one of the jihadist fighters.

Jeff Bezos has told others he is a libertarian, but he has not donated any political money to Senator Rand Paul who is the only libertarian-leaning Senator.  His donations are focused on Democrats and he may have political aspirations in that direction.  Why do I think so?

Jeff Bezos is building a 26,000 sq. ft. home in Washington, D.C.  He has already purchased the Washington Post newspaper and its broadcasting affiliates.  He may run against Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential race.  Jeff Bezos is fifty times wealthier than Donald Trump; that is, he has about $50 billion to every $1 billion for Trump.

Amazon leads people to believe there was wrong doing

Amazon Smile’s posted notice says the Religious Freedom Coalition is “currently not eligible to received donations.”  That is deliberately worded to make people think that there is some financial wrong doing.  The wording was chosen to do harm to organizations that Jeff Bezos does not like politically.

The opposite is true:  Organizations he does support, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, have shady financial practices and hide funds in off-shore accounts in the Caribbean.

On the other hand, the “not eligible” Religious Freedom Coalition has a gold medallion from GuideStar.

Guide Star is the number one organization keeping track of non-profits and sharing information about them including posted copies of tax returns.

Guide Star furnishes complete information on more non-profits than any other reporting agency and the Religious Freedom Coalition is top billed at Guide Star.  Donations can even be made to the Religious Freedom Coalition directly from the Guide Star website!

Amazon removed the Religious Freedom Coalition from the AmazonSmile system because of the cocktail hour philosophy of the elites who run the corporate offices at Amazon under Jeff Bezos.  One by one, conservative and pro-family groups are being excluded from the program.

Muslim organizations such as CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) are not excluded from Amazon’s Smile program.  Muslim charities that assist only Muslims are listed for support at Amazon Smile.  The Jeff Bezos agenda is simply anti-Christian.

Recently a CAIR official made statements that were clearly anti-Semitic.  CAIR has issued statements telling Muslims never to cooperate with the FBI during investigations.  CAIR also receives funding from sources in Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Gulf States and has refused to condemn organizations such as HAMAS.

CAIR is the kind of organization Jeff Bezos wants his Amazon Smile program to support, but Diapers for Refugees and Christmas for Refugees are excluded.

Due diligence:  Our corporate attorney sent an official letter to Amazon demanding the reason for the exclusion of the Religious Freedom Coalition.  In response our attorney received a letter from Amazon’s legal counsel, Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP stating that Amazon relies on the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and stated that “… The SPLC has listed the RFC on its Hate Map.”

The Christian refugee mother at left holding her toddler in one arm and the diapers we gave her in the other arm is an indication to Jeff Bezos and his wealthy cocktail party friends that the Religious Freedom Coalition is a “hate group.”

I deeply regret that the Religious Freedom Coalition signed up for Amazon Smile in 2015.  I regret authorizing participation because many hundreds of Religious Freedom Coalition supporters bought from Amazon rather than Walmart or another source so that we would receive a portion of their purchase.

All those supporters who signed up at Amazon Smile to help the Religious Freedom Coalition are now receiving notices from Amazon intimating that there is something wrong with the Religious Freedom Coalition.

Amazon is so big and Jeff Bezos is so rich that be believes he can kick anyone in the face or do damage to anyone he wants to without worry that he or his company will pay a price.

The notices that Amazon has posted to stop donations to many conservative and Christian organizations are intended to make people think that there is wrong doing.  The notice does not say that the banned group is on a “hate map” produced by the shady SPLC. And of course, it is not mentioned that this “hate map” was used by a homosexual extremist to attack the offices of the Family Research Center in Washington, D.C.

There is something wrong in the liberal mindset, which says anyone who disagrees with them must be punished.

Don’t let the Jeff Bezos billionaire club get away with it!  Please donate to the Religious Freedom Coalition today to help us make up any loss caused by Jeff Bezos and his cocktail party leftwing buddies.

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Nigeria orphanage mission – Work on the water system begun

            Waiting for word on completion date:  Because of the generous response of Religious Freedom Coalition supporters, more than enough funds were received to complete the new water well and water tower at the orphanage we support in Nigeria.

The orphanage is near Jos, which is a large town, and there is a drilling company that will be able to dig the well.  The water tower structure will be built there, but the PVC tank must be purchased elsewhere and shipped in.

As soon as work is complete, a report on the work with photos of the new toilets will be included in the Chairman’s Report.

Doubling the Diapers for Refugees program

Iraq diaper distribution:  This section of the Chairman’s Report is printed in advance, and then my “last minute update” is added just before it is mailed to you.  In the “last minute update” I will give you more details on where we are in the Diapers for Refugees program.

I will be in Iraq when this newsletter is mailed to you!

The full break-down of the number of diapers, feminine pads, and adult diapers purchased in June will be in the “last minute update.”  Right now, we are very close to doubling the number of diapers which is our goal for 2018.  Our first purchase in 2016 was 160,000 diapers and I believe in June we will buy about 265,000, an increase of over 100,000!

The funds have been wired to our ministry partner in Iraq, but we have not received final counts, as costs can vary.

The great HR-390 confusion

Lies on top of lies:  The Religious Freedom Coalition continues to push for the original HR-390 language that would help Christians who are victims of genocide in Iraq and Syria.

Senator Corker (R-TN) changed the language to first create a “study group” to spend lots of time and money figuring out how to blame Russia for the war that was started and funded by Saudi Arabia in Syria.  Corker would also identify “war criminals.”

The original House language would define Christians targeted by the Islamic State and al-Qaeda as victims of genocide and give them assistance including immigration priority.  The language added by Senator Corker would punish Christians (and their families) if they were drafted into the Syrian army and fought terrorist groups such as the Islamic State and al-Qaeda.

This is flat out nuts!  The Religious Freedom Coalition will continue to fight for the original HR-390 that had the sole purpose of aiding Christian victims of Sunni Muslim terror.

Senator Rand Paul (R-TN) has placed a “hold” on the bill to block a vote until Senator Corker’s language is removed.

Please pray for the children and all the persecuted Christians of Nigeria and the Middle East.  Please pray for guidance in what we should do and can do to help.

William J. Murray, Chairman

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