Obama on Christian refugees: No, thanks

Attorney Robert DeKelaita is being railroaded by the pro-Muslim Obama Regime.

Attorney Robert DeKelaita is being railroaded by the pro-Muslim Obama Regime.

By William J. Murray:

This year Obama’s so-called Justice Department, along with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has decided to wage war against Iraqi and Syrian Christian refugees seeking asylum in the United States. The indictment of Robert DeKelaita, a highly esteemed Chicago-based immigration lawyer who helps persecuted Christians enter the United States, is just one example.

DeKelaita, of Iraqi heritage himself, has dedicated his career to serving Iraqi and Syrian Christians seeking asylum in the United States, but now the Obama administration has brought his work to a halt. The U.S. Justice Department has indicted DeKelaita on charges that he falsified asylum request records by claiming Christians were “persecuted” in Iraq and Syria!

Obama prosecutors allege that DeKelaita changed the extent of persecution and falsified details involving Christian asylum-seekers to manipulate the court’s ruling. In other words, he is accused of exaggerating persecution to obtain asylum for them. Just to make sure anyone associated with these cases also goes to jail, the Justice Department also accused his interpreter of changing the testimony of the individuals in order to sway the court’s opinion. Both men face decades in jail and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines if convicted. This is yet another case of the Obama administration’s bias, even hatred toward Christians.

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The Justice Department claims are unbelievable. There is irrefutable evidence that Christians are being tortured, raped and beheaded for Christ’s name in both Iraq and Syria. Regardless, the Justice Department alleges that Iraqi and Syrian Christians would be safe enough to return home – in spite of the fact that many of them have no homes to return to, since they have either been confiscated or destroyed by Islamic Sunni fighters.

On the other hand, the Obama administration has paid to transport tens of thousands of Muslim refugees from the exact same region without hesitation. It is absurd for the Justice Department to argue that it is safe for Christians to return to a raging Islamic war zone at the same time “moderate” Muslims are freely admitted to the United States – because the same area is deemed unsafe for them.

Indicting an immigration attorney on charges that could result in decades in prison and ruinous financial penalties is one of several efforts to stop immigration of persecuted Christians to the United States. Twenty-seven Chaldean Christians were detained in a California ICE detention camp for over six months, and several have been deported. These Iraqi Christians, in desperation, did enter the United States from Mexico illegally. Then, they reported to immigration officials and requested political asylum, as do many thousands of others from various nations each year.

Normally, those entering the United States illegally and requesting asylum are kept in detention for only a few days before receiving a court date, and then allowed to live with family members until there is a hearing on their request.

But not Iraqi Christians – they are tossed into detention camps for months and set for deportation.

Seven are known to have been deported so far, but not back to Iraq. European nations agreed to take them, knowing their fate should they be forced to return to Iraq. Perhaps 20 Chaldean Christian immigrants are still imprisoned, facing deportation despite having relatives and churches in the United States willing to help them. Peaceful Christian immigrants – who would be an asset to our country and not a security threat – are facing intense scrutiny by Obama officials at the same time thousands of non-English speaking, mostly uneducated Somalis are welcomed into our nation, even having their airfare paid for by the Obama administration.

While refusing to help to the Christians of the Middle East the Obama administration continues to arm and pay salaries to Islamic fighters in Syria. The administration recently air dropped 50 tons – that is 100,000 pounds – of weapons and ammunition to “vetted Arab” rebels in northern Syria.

The Obama administration emphasized that the arms went to Arabs and not Kurds, as this would anger President Erdogan of Turkey who is currently using American fighter aircraft to bomb the Kurds not only in Turkey but Syria and Iraq as well. Supposedly these “rebels” are fighting the Islamic State. In reality only the Kurds have had success against the Islamic State, but the Obama administration will only furnish them with trucks that have no armor.

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At the same time the United States delivered the 50 tons of arms to “vetted” Arab rebels, the Obama administration helped Saudi Arabia deliver 500 TOW missiles to Sunni fighters who are trying to topple the Syrian government. The TOW missiles are for use against armored personnel carriers and tanks. Does the Obama Administration believe that the worst human rights offender in the world – Saudi Arabia – is dedicated to establishing a democratic state in Syria that will give rights to Shiites and Christians, which they do not have in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia has ordered the crucifixion of a teenager. Does that sound like the work of a nation desiring to install a democratic state in Syria? Ali Mohammed al-Nimr was 17 when he joined a demonstration with other Shiites who are a persecuted minority in Saudi Arabia. Several of those who participated in the demonstration have already been beheaded. After Al-Nimr’s mother was allowed to visit him she said this:

“When I visited my son for the first time I didn’t recognize him. I didn’t know whether this really was my son Ali or not. I could clearly see a wound on his forehead. Another wound in his nose. They disfigured it. Even his body, he was too thin.

“[When] I started talking to him [he told me that] during the interrogation [he was] being kicked, slapped, of course his teeth fell out. … For a month he was peeing blood. He said he felt like a mass of pain, his body was no more.”

It is a total travesty that Saudi Arabia, with Obama administration support, currently holds the chair of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Our nations selling arms to these evil despots is criminal. Refusing to allow their victims to migrate to the United States is actually evil.
See the original post on WND: http://www.wnd.com/2015/11/obama-on-christian-refugees-no-thanks/#IqgU7c2RbF0GM2ri.99

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