The Religious Freedom Coalition confirmed to WND it has been thrown out of the program because the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center labeled it a “hate group.”

And Amazon? Its officials don’t want to talk about their reliance on a group that has been linked to domestic terror through Floyd Corkins’ violent gun attack on the Family Research Council in Washington.

When RFC questioned Amazon about the decision, a lawyer, Ambika Kumar Doran, said there would be no explanation coming.

“Amazon relies on the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control and the Southern Poverty Law Center to determine which registered charities fall into these groups,” the lawyer wrote.

Doran explained the company excludes “organizations that engage in, support, encourage, or promote intolerance, hate, terrorism, violence, money laundering, or other illegal activities.”

“As you are likely aware, the SPLC has listed RFC on its ‘Hate Map.’ … Accordingly, RFC is not eligible to receive charitable donations from the AmazonSmile Foundation. Should you have any questions regarding the SPLC’s inclusion of RFC on its Hate Map, we encourage you to contact SPLC,” the letter said.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2018/06/proof-splc-sets-rules-at-amazon/#OCwZ74x8FmDlHJTm.99

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