New Genocide In Nigeria

Christian leaders in Nigeria stated in July that the Fulani herdsmen alone had killed 6,000 Christians.  The Fulani are the tip of the spear for Muslim expansion into the Christian heartland in the south of Nigeria.  They drive their cattle onto the farms of Christians, destroying their crops.  Then come the attacks at night with guns and long knives.  In a typical attack, most of the Christians in a village are killed, but the younger girls — those 8 years old up to unmarried teenagers — are taken and forced to convert to Islam and then sold into Islamic marriages.

But not all attacks are during the night. Quoting Christian leaders in Plateau State, CNS reported:

“In April, Fulani herdsmen attacked a group of Christians during Sunday mass, killing two priests and seventeen parishioners.  The same attackers then razed fifty homes belonging to Christians.  In fact, earlier in the year, on New Year’s Day, 72 people died at the hands of a Fulani attack.”

The missions of the Religious Freedom Coalition are simply not yet large enough to do much to assist in Nigeria.  Our mission in the Middle East is reaching many thousands of families and we cannot turn away from the families we are already helping.  Christians in Nigeria are facing the same kind of genocide at the hands of various Sunni Muslim terrorist groups that Christians have faced in the Middle East for over 1,300 years.

Why growing our missions is difficult right now:  Because the Religious Freedom Coalition has publicly stated that the Diapers for Refugees and Christmas for Refugees programs only assist Christians, we are under a powerful attack by the radical left-wing establishment.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled the Religious Freedom Coalition on a “hate map” that many corporations use to block donations by their employees.  All donations from purchases made at Amazon by Religious Freedom Coalition supporters have been blocked by the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos.  Other companies are also now not allowing their employees to donate through their charity trusts to the Religious Freedom Coalition.

In a new attack, Charity Navigator altered our audited financial statement.  Yes … Charity Navigator altered our audited financial statement and changed the amount for “program services” to less than half of what it actually is.  Charity Navigator then placed the altered document publicly at their Internet site to justify giving the Religious Freedom Coalition a “zero” rating. Our attorney has demanded that the altered documents be removed from the Internet.

Since the founding of the Religious Freedom Coalition more than 30 years ago the Internal Revenue Service has never questioned one of our 990 filings because of the professionalism with which they are done.  Our financial information receives an outside audit every year and is publicly posted at our website.  Audited financial statements are supplied to every state agency where fund raising is done.  Why the problems now?  Simply put, because the Religious Freedom Coalition has really grown the last five years, the left-wing establishment wants to destroy the organization.  We just don’t do things the establishment (deep state) way.

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