The Chairman’s Report for April 1, 2019

In this issue of the newsletter:
Update: Can we stop Amazon’s support of Islamic organizations that promote hate?
Update: Southern Poverty Law Center now has half a billion dollars in assets!
New: The liberal elites corrupted our society … Now they want to censor us.
Update: Diaper program funded for April and May … Next fund transfer in June.
Update: Nigeria orphanage: Gruel for breakfast with one egg every other day.

First Amazon Post Card Mailing

Test of program has begun – I have mailed 70,000 sets of post cards asking President Trump, The Attorney General and the head of the IRS to take action against Amazon and the Southern Poverty Law Center for discrimination against Christian organizations such as the Religious Freedom Coalition. Amazon’s discrimination against Christian organizations and programs such as Diapers for Refugees has to be exposed.

There is real support to expose Jeff Bezos and his far-left billionaire buddies. After I mailed you a report on our poll a few weeks ago, the support for the post card mailer about Amazon rose to second behind the Diapers for Refugees program. I believe people are angry that the dollars they spend at Amazon are being used to support an Islamic organization that advocates stoning women to death, while diapers for babies of persecuted Christians are denied.

No “poverty” at Southern Poverty Law Center: We mailed thousands of letters and post card sets pointing out the hypocrisy of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). That same week, it was disclosed that SPLC has over half a billion dollars in assets! The Washington Free Beacon was the first to report that an examination of the SPLC’s 2018 tax return showed it had $518 million in assets, with $121 million of that “parked offshore,” meaning in Carribean banks that do not report income to the IRS.

Last year, the Daily Caller reported that the SPLC had partnered with Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Twitter to help them classify “hate groups.” After that partnership was formed between Amazon and the SPLC, the Religious Freedom Coalition and other conservative groups were removed from being eligible to receive Amazon Smile funds.

PayPal also uses SPLC’s “hate group” list to determine who should be “blacklisted” from using PayPal to raise funds. For example, a good friend of mine in Brazil, Julio Severo, runs a small Christian conservative organization and was barred from receiving donations through PayPal because of remarks he made about homosexuality.

Make no mistake … There is a war being waged by the liberal elite class in America against free speech. The Internet is being slowly strangled with censorship. As long as the Internet was used by the establishment to make money, it was a great idea. Suddenly the elites discovered the Internet could also be used for free speech. When that “free speech” began to include conservative ideas and Christian morality, the liberal establishment decided there was too much free speech! What really upset the elites was the election of Donald Trump.

Fighting against the elites that want to censor us in a corrupt society is difficult.

The level of corruption is incredible: It is almost impossible for the children of what is left of the Middle Class to enter an elite university. The elite who run those schools want young men and women primarily from two groups: the sons and daughters of wealthy leftists, and left leaning minority youth who can be indoctrinated. A third group would be athletes who make tens of millions of dollars for the schools by getting beat up on football fields in return for tuition.

Given all that, is it surprising to learn that Hollywood actors paid off school officials to allow their children to receive some of the prized slots? The actors are one class down from the elites. An article in Zero Hedge said this:

Enormous amounts of money were paid out in order to ensure that children from very wealthy families were able to get into top schools such as Yale University, Stanford University, the University of Texas and the University of Southern California. And as The Economic Collapse blog’s Michael Snyder writes, “we should certainly be disgusted by these revelations, but we shouldn’t be surprised. Such corruption happens every single day on every single level of society in America.” At this point our nation is so far gone that it is shocking when you run into someone who actually still has some integrity.

NOTE: Zero Hedge was blocked from Facebook even though the publication has no Facebook account. You read that right! Facebook barred all users from even sharing articles that appeared at Zero Hedge, citing “violation of standards.” Of course, no one knows what the Facebook standards are, since they are not published.

Facebook relies on the Atlantic Council to determine many of its decisions to censor groups. The Atlantic Council is funded by Western governments, autocratic Muslim Gulf State regimes, NATO, and major corporations. After an expression of outrage from President Trump’s son, Donald Jr., Facebook stopped blocking Zero Hedge.

Although I don’t agree with every article in Zero Hedge, I read it daily because duplicity and lies by the Deep State are often exposed there.

More corruption: The CEO of Charity Navigator is paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. The organization raises millions of dollars, mostly from big corporations. It is not too surprising that most conservative organizations receive poor ratings from Charity Navigator. It’s a name for an organization that makes its officers rich! Corruption is everywhere.

Ever wonder why certain products are on eye level shelves at your supermarket? The manufacturer paid to have the items on that shelf. That Ford in the TV show … yes, that too!

I have attended many, many lunches and dinners with Senators and congressmen in Washington, DC. I have sat across from many a Senator and talked to him eye to eye because I was fortunate enough to have a political action committee pay for my seat at the table.

Is that corruption? I have an answer … everyone does it, and it is the only way I can take a message from you to elected officials. It is the only effective way for me to be able to express social conservative views on a one-on-one basis to a Senator or congressman.

Congressional seats that used to cost $150,000 to run for 30 years ago, now cost millions of dollars, and that money must come from someplace. That someplace is often from someone who has an agenda. Elected officials need big bucks to stay in office.

Right now, the supporters of the Deep State have the bucks to buy anything (and anyone).

A final word on corruption: Over the last decade, the United States has led other Western governments and China in printing trillions of dollars’ worth of currencies that have no intrinsic value. The trillions of dollars printed by the Federal Reserve in the USA have gone to inflate the stock market and to make welfare payments — not to create jobs and not to build infrastructure. It is a house of mirrors and everyone here on Capitol Hill, liberal or conservative, knows it.

The printing presses roll on. This year the United States will spend one trillion dollars more than it takes in. The official debt will hit over $23 trillion by the end of this year.

We are living inside the “The Emperor has no clothes” fairytale. There are people, including economists such as David Stockman, who are pointing and saying “the emperor has no clothes” but no one wants to listen to them yet. The money flows too easily to too many people, and all turn a blind eye to the reality that our entire economy is a fantasy. A fantasy that does not include the Middle Class who do the work and pay the bills.

Meanwhile Christians are persecuted worldwide: I attend many meetings in Washington concerning religious freedom. Ambassador Sam Brownback holds meetings almost weekly. I attend many of these, hoping that persecuted Christians will at last be getting some help from the U.S. Then, a few months ago, the emphasis of the meetings swung to a theme of “save the Muslims in China”. Yes, you read that right. Secretary of State Pompeo, who controls everything Ambassadors do, is a China hater. He, along with others who are frequently called “neocons,” is eager for confrontation with China. “Saving the Muslims” in China is a great agenda for Pompeo because it pleases the royal dictators and child murderers who run Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States – and it beats up on China at the same time! It is a twofer.

What about the forgotten persecuted Christians in the Middle East, and the Christians in Nigeria who suffer almost weekly murders? And what about the persecuted Christians in China who have had their churches bulldozed?

Occasionally Christians are mentioned at meetings and there is “extra aid” for them. Sure! — aid that is delivered by organizations following USAID rules that include an LGBT agenda. Aid groups we work with in Iraq and Jordan refused the aid because of restrictions.

In this Sept. 11, 2001 file photo, firefighters work in the smoldering toxic ruins underneath the skeletal remains of the World Trade Center towers. (AP image)

And what about the attack on us by Sunni Muslims on 9-11? Remember al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden? The United States is still assisting al- Nusra in Syria, which is a branch of al-Qaeda in the Idlib province.

These Christian killers in Syria are still considered allies of the United States, as long as they are fighting the Syrian government. The mantra of “Assad must go” continues regardless of how many more must die to carry out Hillary Clinton’s plan.

The media may have declared the war in Syria over, but it grinds on, and American troops will be in Syria for decades more, regardless of what President Trump said. The Deep State runs the war in Syria.

The Deep State will not follow Trump’s orders. They have an agenda in the Middle East, and they will simply ignore the President. Mike Pompeo and John Bolton are in charge of foreign policy, and it appears that they pay little attention to their boss, President Donald Trump.

Diapers for Refugees: It was close, but we did it! The March purchase of diapers for displaced Iraqi Christian families has been completed. All funds were transferred by March 10th. There is a huge problem if we fall short –the price per diaper increases. Right now we are providing diapers for 1,080 babies only because we can purchase $31,730 worth of diapers all at once. If we purchase fewer, the price per diaper rises.

In addition, we purchased $2,227 worth of women’s sanitary pads and $3,320 worth of adult diapers for special needs elderly in March.

I am now leaning toward doing a major fund-raising push to get in the funds for both the June and September purchases. Most supporters who responded to the poll wanted to increase the size of the program.

I want to see the program increase just as much as you do, but right now I just want to have $37,000 on hand for the June purchases.

Nigerian orphanage: The orphanage we support in Nigeria’s Plateau State has requested help with feeding the kids. This past year the Nigerian economy has not done well, so donations are down. Nigerians who are considered Middle Class earn from $480 to $645 a month.

The monthly cost for food at the orphanage is about $50 per child.

BREAKFAST: Gruel every day, with one egg on alternate days (4 eggs per week per child)
LUNCH & SUPPER: Grain based every day, with meat or fish three times in the week.

Young girl at orphanage displays her lunch meal.

The food cost is $1.50 per day per child.

I know you are probably a little stunned by the menu, but for an orphanage in Nigeria this is pretty good. However, I would really like to see more protein added, at least to have one egg daily.

Before anything is done, I need to know the level of support I can get for a feeding program, and how supporters would like to have it set up. Should we set up a per child sponsorship program, or should we just set a goal to purchase a certain percentage of the food needed?

Right now there are about 100 kids, so the food cost is about $5,000 a month. Should we commit to that for the rest of the year, or just offer to support additional protein each month?

We have already replaced the water system at the camp and had proper toilets installed. Paying for the food would allow what funds the orphanage has on hand to be used for additional needs such as chairs, desks and mattresses.

As more deadly attacks occur, and more Christian parents die, there are more orphans.

Please pray: The persecuted Christians in the Middle East and Africa need our continued prayers. The needs are great. Please also pray for our continued work on Capitol Hill.

William J. Murray, Chairman

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