Air Conditioning Units Installed in Bethlehem Day Care Center

Our work is making a difference: When we arrived at the day care center in Beit Sahour (Beit means house and Sahour means shepherds) in the Bethlehem area, toddlers were taking their naps on mats under the air conditioners we had purchased. Walking through the now fully air-conditioned day-care center was a blessing for my wife Nancy and me.

Air Conditioning units were installed in four rooms of the day care center.

The project cost just $7,000 to complete, which includes the rewiring that was required and the purchase of the six units. Two of the rooms, which were for babies under one year old, already had air conditioning. We supplied the new units for the two, three and four-year-olds.            

Why did we buy six wall units instead of central air? … In most nations of the world air conditioning is done per room with built in wall units, not with central air. This saves a lot of energy and money particularly at night when only bedrooms are in use.

We were greeted by the head of the day care and the chairwoman of the organization that provides not only the day-care but other services for Christian women and children. As it was summer there were fewer children in the day-care, but there were still many children. The committee was extremely grateful for the new air conditioners, because the day-care had been functioning for several years with no air conditioning for the children over one-year-old.

William J. Murray, Chairman

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