Objective is an Islamic Nigeria

Nasir El-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State from 2015 to 2023 confessed to the goal of Islamification of Nigeria in a speech to his tribe that has been posted on social media without his permission. Below is a report on the context of the speech, which was delivered in Hausa, a tribal language of Nigeria. (Below from Islamic social media post).

Nasir El- Rufai was governor of Kaduna
State until this year. (Photo Linked-in)

El Rufai disclosed that Islamic government and Jihad has been inaugurated in Kaduna during his tenure to promote Islam and to wage war against Christians of Southern Kaduna until they surrender to Islamic rule and accept Islamic rulership as a way of life!

After a few more tenures of Muslim rulers in Kaduna state the Christians of Southern Kaduna will be dealt with continuously until they surrender without further resistance to Hausa Fulani rule in the state!

He also said the Idea of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu was agreed upon by him and Muslim Colleagues in the North to pave the way toward inauguration of permanent Islamic rule in Nigeria through an Islamic alliance between the Muslims in the North and Muslims in the Southwest.

He said after a few more Muslim-Muslim Presidency what is happening in Kaduna will be replicated in Nigeria.

Kaduna is a key “belt state” that lies between the capital of Abuja and Plateau State. Both Kaduna and Plateau were majority Christian just a few decades ago, but Christians have been steadily driven out. The city of Jos, where the orphanage is located, has managed to maintain its Christian nature, but incursions have been made.

Bola Tinubu, a Muslim, has been elected the new president of Nigeria. He chose a Muslim vice president, breaking a long-standing tradition of the vice president being a different religion from the president. Yet many Christians in Nigeria voted for the Muslim/Muslim ticket.

Why did many Christians vote for a Muslim with a history of hatred toward Christians? Simply because of fear!

During the campaign it was made clear by Muslim leaders that there would be an increase in violence if a Christian won. About 20% of Christians who voted did so for the Muslim/Muslim ticket headed by Bola Tinubu.

The only Christian candidate was Catholic politician Peter Obi and most of his campaign promised an end to corruption, but the Muslim candidates promised that as well.

What is the condition of Nigeria under Muslim leaders?

A recent poll of Nigerians found an astounding 90 percent said the country is moving in the wrong direction. The poverty rate is 60 percent. Nigeria ranks number 150 out of 180 nations in corruption.

(The nation with the least corruption is Denmark that is rated one, Finland is two.)

Open Doors’ World Watch List ranks Nigeria highest as the nation where Christians face the most persecution. The chart above shows how Islam has spread through violence.

This once Christian nation is officially now 55% Muslim, but Muslims continue to immigrate into Nigeria illegally. All of the northern states have a form of Sharia law. The darker the green in the illustration above, the greater the percentage of Muslims.

Can it be stopped? I don’t know when, but the partition of Nigeria is probably a temporary solution. Partition would mean civil war.

Summary: For decades I have worked in the Middle East to help Christians and encourage them to remain in their homelands. My work in Nigeria is an extension of that doctrine.

In Nigeria the Religious Freedom Coalition works to aid the victims of violent Sunni Islam. Our orphanage is just one of our projects, but there are others.

Prayer is needed of course, but material help must be provided for our brothers and sisters in Christ to maintain themselves.

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