Religious Freedom Coalition Signs Petition Asking for the Release of Christian Pastor from Chinese Prison

The Religious Freedom Coalition signed a petition addressed to U.S. Ambassador Kelly Craft, urging her to bring the wrongful imprisonment of Pastor Wang Yi to the attention of the United Nations.

In December 2018, Pastor Wang of Early Rain Covenant Church and dozens of his followers were arrested by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) has included Pastor Wang in its Political Prisoner Database, and this past December he was sentenced to nine years in prison, the longest sentence handed out to a Chinese pastor in a decade. The CCP claims that Pastor Wang was attempting to “subvert state power” and is guilty of “illegal business operations,” but these ludicrous charges mask the real reason for his arrest: his courageous willingness to speak up against the communist regime. We believe it is vital for you to raise this issue at the UN, and to strongly and consistently condemn China’s actions until Pastor Wang is released.

Read the official letter here

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  1. Patricia Anserson
    Patricia Anserson says:

    If I can be any help I will definitely be there, as God will.
    But my number one priority is getting God back into the schools n homes into the world were it should be…and would appreciate all the help I can get …and appreciate that your main focus is to do the same n I for one ant the only one feels this way…I can assure you that


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