Chairman’s Report for November 18, 2022

In this issue of the newsletter
Update: Jos Christian Refuge for Children opens fully functional. Praise God!
New: Graduating orphans need transition homes during 33% unemployment
New: Former Muslims who accept the Lord need assistance and prayers
Update: Christmas for Refugees programs face first cuts in over a decade

Children at home in our new orphanage!

October move in completed: The displaced Christian orphans we have cared for over the last several years have moved into their new home in Jos, Nigeria.

The children have sent photos and videos of appreciation which I know are genuine. They know we care for them with the love of the Lord. The smiles on their faces are genuine.

The Jos Christian Refuge for Children (JCRFC) is fully functional although some more work needs to be done. A block of six classrooms is now under construction and should be finished by the time you receive this newsletter. Other finishing touches are needed and of course, over time there will be other additions as the orphanage matures.

All this in fourteen months! It was in August of 2021 that the original orphanage in Miango was destroyed along with our farm. I thank God our orphanage director managed to get all 147 children to Jos City the day before the Sunni Muslim herdsmen overran the grounds and burned every building to the ground.

The children left Miango with nothing but the clothing they wore that day. Fourteen months later we moved them into renovated and newly constructed buildings on land that we purchased inside a major city.

The children have new mattresses to sleep on, new clothes to wear including school uniforms, new textbooks and new Bibles. They have everything they need until they graduate!

What happens to the children when they age-out and graduate? The unemployment rate in Nigeria is currently 33.3%. The youth unemployment rate is a staggering 53.4%.

Three recent graduates are living with the orphanage director’s father while they try to find full time employment.

Two recently graduated females are being partially supported by baking cakes. Both received baking training while at the orphanage.

Transition house: Currently I am investigating the rental of a house in Jos for graduates in transition. A mentor couple would be present to manage it. I am also in talks with other ministries to open joint facilities for graduates from Christian orphanages.

Christmas for Refugees

Reductions in some areas: The Christmas for Refugees program has faced reduced funding this year and I have moved $50,000 from our emergency reserve fund to help. As of today, the program is still short funds and reductions are planned if needed.

Our Christmas programs in Jordan and Lebanon could be reduced by more than 25% and programs in Syria by 50%. Program events for 4,700 children could be reduced or put on hold. Programs in Iraq and Nigeria are much smaller and have remained fully funded.

I wait upon the Lord and believe He will provide. Romans 12 tells us to be “patient in tribulation.”

Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing in prayer.
Romans 12:12 (1599 Geneva Bible)

A church in Bethlehem was attacked this month. Christians in Lebanon face inflation of 154% within the last year. Supplies were cut off in some areas and there was more violence in Nigeria.

There is a time of tribulation for us for this Christmas, but we must stand fast as we are called to His work. Yes, there are Christmas programs on hold, but I believe the Lord will provide.

Please be in prayer for the displaced Christian children of the Middle East. Please pray for a miracle of funding to go ahead with the programs that are now on hold.

Please pray for the dozens of volunteers who came forward in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq to help us with the Christmas programs this year.

Please pray for the graduates of the Jos Christian Refuge for Children as they conclude their classes and turn 18. Pray for their future as young adults as we work to find solutions and transition
homes for them.

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