West Bank Ministry Update

Below is a message from our ministry partner in the West Bank. Our diaper and food programs have continued through the current war. Please read the update below to see the impact these ministries are impacting the Christian community in the Holy Land during this difficult time. – William J. Murray, President

Diaper Program: Starting the new year, and during the most difficult of times in the Holy Land, we were blessed that Religious Freedom Coalition has provided for the needs of Christians whose presence is diminishing as families who find ways to migrate have done so at the end of 2023. The Diaper Program is very important to the Christian families who are struggling in poverty and can’t find ways to support their loved ones. During this month, we have distributed to individuals directly by going to their homes, as well as to churches and Christian shelters that care for elderlies and handicapped children. At right is a picture from House of God Shelter for handicapped children that includes 4 of the children using diapers due to their physical and mental needs. “

Food Program:

“The ongoing situation has completely destroyed the economy for both sides. Tourism is the number one source of income for the majority of the population which led to the majority losing their daily dependent income. Hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops have shut down. The situation has been very bad and the longer it continues, the more desperate people will be. Muslims have robbed Christian homes for money or valuable items that can be sold.

At left is a picture of Samir – a 16 year-old Christian who fled the Gaza Strip with his mother and sister. His father couldn’t be with them and had to stay separate. When talking to Samir, he said: ‘thank you very much for your support. My family needs it and my mom works every day and night at daycare centers to provide for us.'”

Please consider donating to allow us to continue our diaper and food programs for the Christians in the Holy Land.

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