Chairman’s Report March 22, 2024

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Update: Compound located to house and job train orphanage graduates
Update: Program being developed for Christmas massacre orphans
Update: New accounts of the impact of Christmas programs in Syria and Lebanon
New: Google’s “artificial intelligence’ engine attacks Religious Freedom Coalition

Transition house for orphanage graduates

Property has been located near the orphanage to house young adults who are aging out of the orphanage. As the 18-year-olds leave it allows us to bring in more children recently orphaned by attacks. It is more than a house; it is a compound.

The property is L shaped and only half is shown. It includes A 3-bedroom bungalow and a separate “suite” area with five single rooms. There are two additional single rooms. The lay out would allow separate quarters for men and women.

The graduates are about 75% male, and this would work well for us.

The compound is relatively new and has four water heaters and a tap from the water board source. Rather than use the city water we will drill our own borehole because of the number of people we will have in the compound.

As soon as possible I will have a photo taken with a drone to give everyone a better idea of the size and location. It is in a safe area near the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) and not too far from the Plateau State Secretariat. At most it is ten minutes from our primary location.

I will continue to work with other ministries in Plateau State to assist orphans and IDP’s. This location gives us a head start with students who graduate this year. Educational programs are being developed with a Christian college for vocational training.

The Plateau State IDP orphans

IDP – Internally Displaced Persons: I have been working with Christian IDP’s for decades. In the 1980’s as President Ronald Reagan dealt with the communist takeover in Nicaragua, I worked to take aid to Christians who had fled to Honduras.

Using what was then called the “Denton Amendment” I arranged for entire military cargo plane loads of aid to be taken to Nicaraguan refugees in Honduras.

The first Christmas program my ministry did was in Honduras taking plane loads of Christmas gifts containing essential items to Nicaraguan refugees. The program was operating ten years prior to Franklin Graham’s founding of Samaritan’s Purse and the first “Christmas Child” program. I’ve been aiding Christian refugees and IDP’s for decades.

All the programs I have initiated have aided Christians during times when they faced persecution and even death.

Since our first aid program in the 1980’s this ministry has assisted Christian refugees and IDP’s in Kosovo, Serbia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, the Sudan and Nigeria. I have visited and witnessed the worst of the worst forms of persecution given to Christians for their faith.

I thought I had witnessed the worst Islamic extremism could do in Iraq and Syria, but I was wrong. The crimes against humanity by the Sunni Muslim Fulanis in Nigeria are the worst I have ever seen. I am not forgetting 9-11 although the American media seems to have forgotten that horrid day in our history.

What happens to the children made orphans in the latest attacks in Plateau State?

Worst case scenario: Hundreds of the new orphans who witnessed the murders of their parents turn away from Jesus.

The main purpose of the programs I have initiated for more than 40 years is to show the love and faithfulness of our Lord. The purpose of every program is to reinforce the faith of the persecuted by showing the love of Jesus for them from other believers.

Not enough beds: We cannot absorb 1,000 new orphans into the orphanage we designed and built for a maximum of 160 children.

Relatives of the children are poor villagers themselves and can’t take them into their homes without help. Many live on less than $2.00 per person per month.

Right now, the work is being done to fully set up the process to have families sign up to take in a child who is a relative. I am working with our staff in Nigeria and tribal leaders to set up the process and vet the families.

As part of the package the families will be required to attend church weekly with the children they are caring for. The program is meant to grow the family spiritually as well as to assist the children materially.

The planning for the program to place the orphans is done, but not all the mechanics of it have been finished, including work with tribal leaders.

More from the Christmas events

More amazing stories: The Christmas program covers many areas in the Middle East including some where the war with radical Islam continues. Syria is still in a state of conflict. The United States occupies the oil rich areas of northeast Syria, while Islamic Jihadists control parts of the northeast of Syria. Terrorist strikes continue in other areas. From time-to-time Turkey bombs Kurdish areas of Syria including places occupied by the United States.

In the midst of all of this the Religious Freedom Coalition held Jesus centered Christmas programs. Because of the conflict, full reports are just now arriving on my desk. This is one of the stories of a young boy encountering Jesus at one of our Christmas evens in Syria:

The joy was obvious on the faces of all the children who participated in the Christmas event at the Baptist Church in Douwailaa, including Salim*, the 11-year-old child who wasn’t expecting anyone to remember him with a gift on Christmas. His father was traveling, leaving no one to bring him a gift. This year Salim experienced a special encounter with Jesus and was assured that he is never alone or forgotten. The boy expressed: “Even though my father is far away, God has filled this empty place and blessed me with a precious gift beyond my expectations”.

In Lebanon in the Bekaa Valley a volunteer wrote of the joy in bringing the true meaning of Jesus to refugee children. She wrote:

It was truly heartbreaking the way the children clung to us, asking us to come back again. It was very rare if at all that they were given the opportunity to just be children! Living in tents and in extreme poverty, the care we provided them was priceless in their eyes. And the gifts they received were beyond their imagination!

The report from our Lebanon/Syria coordinator covered 17 pages and much of it dealt with the changed lives of children who came to understand God’s true love for them. They received a material gift, but more important they received the eternal gift of Jesus’ love.

Church activity is mostly back to normal in Iraq despite some attacks, but the Christian population is greatly diminished. The church in Jordan has managed to absorb most Iraqi refugees and there are no more IDP camps. But sadly, there are still many hundreds of thousands of Christian refugees from both Syria and Lebanon.

During 2024 most of our Middle East outreach will be in Lebanon.

Why do Facebook and Google have so much hatred of the Religious Freedom Coalition?

Let’s start with Google … This is what Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine named Gemini has to say about our Internet site: That website displays significant biases. It presents very one-sided information, demonizes specific groups, and uses language designed to provoke fear and anger. These elements are harmful and could potentially incite violence against vulnerable groups.

What groups are “demonized” by my reporting? I report on Muslims murdering Christians in Nigeria. I am not promoting violence; I am reporting on violence.

How do I use language that is “designed to provoke fear and anger?”

Let’s get real … The accusations against me and the Religious Freedom Coalition did not originate from Gemini. These accusations were hard programed in by the social misfits and incels who control the input into Gemini and ChatGPT. These “guardians of the Internet” earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, live in their parents’ basements, and watch porn and play video games all night long.

These are the same people who think a six-foot biological male playing on a women’s high school basketball team and injuring three female opponents during one game is normal.

Backtracking … The Gemini comments about the Religious Freedom Coalition site were made when the system was asked if a story at our site about a Christmas massacre was true.

A link to the same story posted at the OpenDoors site in the UK was not referred to as biased. I fed the same story from several other Internet sites into Gemini and the only time the Gemini computer warned about the accuracy of the information was when it was displayed at the Religious Freedom Coalition site.

What other sites does Gemini warn about? It seems that every Internet site that appears on the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center list of “hate groups” is attacked by Gemini and ChatGPT.

How dangerous is this? Law enforcement agencies have started using AI sites such as Gemini to gather information on people.

Elon Musk, the father of Tesla and SpaceX, issued a statement calling for Google’s AI “Gemini” to be shut down after it refused to say that Hitler’s mass murder was worse than Musk’s posts on Twitter. Google stated, “It is not possible to say who definitively impacted society more, Elon tweeting memes or Hitler … “

Google’s Gemini image producing was shut down because it refused to picture any white men as Europeans. All of this hatred toward freedom and religion is affecting the minds of our youth. Prayer is needed to stop the politically correct madness in our nation.

In the past two years many long-time supporters have been lost to aging and illness.

Google and Facebook are making it difficult to find younger supporters. Help is needed!

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