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Washington Report – October 4th, 2013

In this issue: Saudi black ops team responsible for chemical attack in Syria / Christians arrested for evangelism in Obama’s boyhood home / Muslim Brotherhood salute at Homeland Security / Senator McCain hires paid propagandist / Prayer Caucus Congressman gives back his pay during shutdown / Syria: More churches destroyed by rebels / Syria: Jihadists unite into one group / Nigeria: Death count rises in school attack / United Kingdom: Tax funded Sharia compliant schools / Qatar’s World Cup slaves


Chairman’s Report – September 6th, 2013

In this issue by William J Murray: The unbelievable lies to justify war on Syria / Kerry claims 2003 Iraq photo is proof of Syria chemical weapons / Democracy and Freedom are not synonymous / Egyptian Style Democracy for America? / Radical GOP Senate Standoff


Chairman’s Report – July 5th, 2013

In this issue: Obama’s “rebels” behead monk in Syria / Ship carrying Obama arms to Syria breaks in half and sinks / William Murray reports on his three week mission to China / The state of religious freedom in China today / Religious Freedom ad campaign exposing Saudi evil expands / Suicide bombers for democracy?


Report From Washington – May 31, 2013

In this issue: State Department tells Nigeria not to abuse terrorists’ “rights” / State Department refuses to recognize persecution of Christians / Saudi columnist says Obama weakest president ever / Justice Department demands no religion in private companies / Senator McCain visits anti-Israel jihadists in Syria / Vatican report says 100,000 Christians a year die for faith / Muslims kill seven Marines in Philippines / 500 Christian Coptic girls kidnapped by Muslims since “Arab Spring” / Syrian Bishops still held by McCain supported “rebels” / Afghanistan comes to London


Report From Washington – April 26, 2013

In this issue: Obama nightmare: Boston bombers not in Tea Party / Obama’s FBI not allowed to ask if terror suspect is Muslim / No remembrance of genocide of Armenian Christians / Congressman questions Saudi’s on Christian arrests / Congressman exposes plight of Middle Eastern Christians / Exposing the evil Saudi empire / UN Chief: Most important issue in world is “sexually confused” / US funded jihadists kidnap two archbishops / Confirmation that European jihadists fighting in Syria / Death for conversion in Morocco / Behead three Christian teen girls and go free


Report From Washington – August 3, 2012

IN THIS ISSUE: Will Romney move our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem? / White House not sure where capital of Israel is / Obama executive order to help blacks only get into college / 60% leave Conservative party in UK over same-sex approval / Congressional resolution on Syrian Christians / Newt Gingrich defends Michele Bachmann / Attacks on Chick-fil-a backfire / Christians arming themselves in Syria / More attacks on Christians in Nigeria


Report From Washington – July 13, 2012

In this issue: Romney to throw election to Obama? / Obama’s love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood / Obama, enemy of religious freedom / New Chairman’s Report prepared in Middle East / The Syrian situation / Christian refugees from Syria / Instability in Jordan as Saudi Arabia plans invasion / Congress acts on ObamaCare, sort of


The Chairman’s Report for January 29, 2021

More results from Christmas programs in Middle East – New photos! / Christmas program in Lebanon expanded – Over 5,000 children reached / In Syria program expanded to 3,823 children, with new towns served / Nigeria orphanage conducts traditional Christmas programs


The Chairman’s Report for August 14, 2020

There will be Christmas for Refugees in 2020 / Advocacy … Sanctions stop aid delivery to Syrian Christians. Let’s change this! / Advocacy … President of Turkey goes full Islamist and must be stopped / Nigerian orphanage near capacity and remains in the danger zone


The Chairman’s Report for January 6, 2020

Demonstrations in Lebanon and strikes in Paris hamper Christmas programs / Some children attending were raised as Muslim but now confess Jesus
New: Visits to some of the first Christmas programs in Lebanon in 2019 / Iraq Christmas programs remind children of Jesus’ love for them / Watch the next issue of the Chairman’s Report for Jordan and the West Bank