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Chairman’s Report for December 4th, 2015

In this issue of the newsletter: Update: Christmas for Refugees program will meet goals for 2015 Update: Matching gift challenge met, enables Christmas program expansion New: Jihad in Paris: Was attack caused by Islam or global warming? New:  President Obama’s love for Christianity’s “sister religion” Christmas for Christian Refugees program begins soon             First Christmas events […]


Christians In Syria Struggle To Survive Amid Terrors

In a country where the Islamic State (IS) is carving out a caliphate with atrocities committed against those who don’t swear allegiance to it, it is a high-stakes question. In an unnamed village outside Aleppo, according to Christian Aid Mission, which assists indigenous Christian workers in their native countries, Islamic State militants on Aug. 28 crucified four Christians, including a 12-year-old boy, and beheaded eight others in separate executions. The boy was the son of a Syrian ministry team leader who had planted nine churches.


Chairman’s Report for August 21st, 2015

In this issue of the newsletter
Lawmakers respond to our two post card programs / Senators come to the defense of the murderous despotic royal family of Saudi Arabia / Totally ignorant responses to letters from congressmen and Senators / Form letters from Senators not updated for as long as three years / The campaign against funding Islamist fighters.


Obama Assisting al-Qaeda In Saudi Arabia’s War Against Shia Islam

In Iraq and Syria Christian men are being beheaded for refusing to convert to Isam. Their wives are being forced into sometimes ten and twenty “temporary marriages” a night. In Islam these are legal “marriages” although some last less than an hour. Younger Christian girls who are virgins do not face this fate but rather are taken as “wives” by senior Islamic State and al-Nusra fighters.


Chairman’s Report for June 19, 2015

In this issue of the newsletter
New: First group of Iraqi Christian widows with children moving to European country
More Iraqi and Syrian widows with children to be resettled
Update: Our post card program to stop funding of Islamic fighters hits one million mark
New: In June the United States began supporting al-Qaeda with air strikes against ISIL
Obama bombed al-Nusra in May and then helped them fight ISIL in June
New: Senator pushing for release of 9-11 report that exposes Saudi Arabia in terror attack


Chairman’s Report for May 29th, 2015

In this issue: Update on our post card program asking congress to stop arming Islamic fighters / Update on our new “boycott Saudi Arabia” program calling attention to human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia and the royal family’s support of terror / Update on our continued efforts to assist Christian families you have fled Iraq and Syria


Chairman’s Report December 12, 2014

In this issue: Christmas for Refugees program begins in Lebanon / Did Senators and Congressmen respond to constituents’ demands to stop Islamist rebels? / The National Defense Authorization Act, not exactly transparent / The Damascus Massacre – will history repeat itself? / Syrian refugees — from middle class to suddenly dirt poor


Chairman’s Report July 17th 2014

In this issue:  William J. Murray speaks this week at two events in Washington, DC, each concerning religious freedom.  The first rally was sponsored by the Falun Gong, whose members are sometimes imprisoned in China for their faith; some have even been executed and their organs harvested for transplants to  wealthy Westerners.  Murray called on the Chinese government to stop persecuting the peaceful Falun Gong, and stop tearing down the churches of peaceful Christians, and to focus instead on the Islamic terrorists who are their real enemies.  Murray also spoke on Capitol Hill at a conference sponsored by the Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia, where he explained how Saudi influence is behind many of the seemingly incomprehensible foreign policy decisions of our government.


Washington Report- October 18th, 2013

In this issue: Obama’s DOD threatens priest with arrest / Obama’s Army says Christian groups are “hate” groups / Obama rebels collect jizia tax / McCain attacks Congressman Gohmert / California law allows boys to enter girls’ restrooms / Morocco: Court persecutes Christians / Pakistan: Christian families in hiding / UK: Muslim terrorists arrested on plot to attack mall / Thailand: New bombings by Muslims kill at least 13