Chairman’s Report for March 16, 2011

WHITE HOUSE DEMONSTRATION FOR SHARIA – Imam Anjem Choudary, whose group has been banned in the U.K., announced a pro-Sharia law rally in front of the White House for March 3, 2011. Choudary said that by force the Islamic flag would fly over the White House and that Sharia, or Islamic law, would replace the Constitution. Leading organizations opposed to the Sharia movement, including the Religious Freedom Coalition, held a news conference in front of the White House at noon on the day the demonstration was to occur. At the news conference I made the following statement:

March 3, 2011-Washington, DC – The only minister in the Pakistani government who was a Christian was gunned down by assassins on March 2nd. Shahbaz Bhatti died when his car was hit by more than 25 bullets in broad daylight in Islamabad, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Bhatti was the second high level government official killed by Islamists in the last 60 days for failing to follow Sharia law, which is the way of the Qur’an. Both he and Punjab province Governor Salman Taseer were murdered because of their opposition to Sharia blasphemy laws. Tens of thousands of Muslims flooded the streets to celebrate the murder of Taseer, showing the true nature of this “moderate” Islamic nation that is an ally of the United States.

Sharia is not something separate from Islam, it is an integral part of Islam. Just since January 1st there have been hundreds of terror attacks in the name of Sharia in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. In Thailand alone, although never mentioned in the American media, there have been more than 35 attacks killing over 60 people.

Imam Anjem Choudary, is here today in front of the White House to call for a murderous revolt against our Republic. Ask Choudary and he will tell you that democracy is an apostate religion that must be destroyed and that there can be no peace in the world until “the flag of Islam” waves over every capitol in the world. Ask him and he will tell you that he wants for America the same system that murders in the name of Islam in Pakistan. The same system that hands out death penalties for those who criticize Islam.

The mainstream media including the Washington Post and the radical left represented by the Huffington Post will paint Anjem Choudary and those that follow him as extremists, but this is just not the case. Choudary is following the path of Mohammed faithfully. He wants for America the public whippings of Saudi Arabia. He wants for America the public beheadings of Afghanistan. He wants for America the public hangings of gays as in Iran. Imam Choudary wants nothing less than to bring the barbarity of 7th century Islam to America in the form of Sharia. Just ask him.

Although the anti-Sharia groups were present, Anjem Choudary was a no show. He was forced to cancel the pro-Sharia demonstration because he was unable to fly to the United States. Apparently because of his numerous connections to Islamic terrorists, he is on the “no fly list” and was not allowed to board a flight in London.


TERROR ATTACK ON OUR TROOPS – On March 2nd, a Muslim from Kosovo walked onto a bus carrying US airmen at an airport in Germany, and while screaming “Allah Akbar!” he killed two airmen and wounded two others. He was a civilian employee of the airport, which allowed him to have access to the bus. President Obama’s statement about the attack was very much like the statement he made when Muslim terrorist, Major Nidal Hassan, killed 13 fellow soldiers in the Ft. Hood massacre.

Obama made no mention of Islam or terror at a news conference about the attack. He opened his remarks by referring to the Islamic attack on unarmed airmen as “a tragic event that took place earlier today in Frankfurt, Germany.” This follows a pattern. It took seven weeks for the White House to admit that Major Hassan, who also screamed Allah Akbar while killing unarmed servicemen and women, was indeed a terrorist. The final Pentagon report on Hassan never mentioned that he was a Muslim and never used the word Islam. We can expect the same from the White House concerning not only the latest attack, but future terror attacks as well.

ABOUT EGYPT, MR. PRESIDENT – The number of dead and injured Christians in Egypt grows each day. In just the first two weeks of March more than 20 Christians have been killed and hundreds more injured. Many churches and Christian homes have been looted and burned down.

Apparently the “democratic revolution” that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton supported in that nation just does not include any human rights for Christians. Hosni Mubarak was a dictator, but he was a secular dictator.

Muslim women hold anti-democracy signs

Muslim women in Egypt have a message for President Barack Obama about democracy

Without a secular presence in government, the imams of Egypt are directing the wrath of their faithful virtually every Friday toward the minority Christian population. What do we hear from the White House or the State Department about these murderous attacks on Christians? NOTHING!

THE CALL AT 3:00 AM – During the 2008 primary, Hillary Clinton ran a TV commercial against Barack Obama asking this question: “Who do you want to answer the phone at 3:00AM?” Real calls like the one suggested in the ad concerning our national security continue to come to the White House, and Barack Obama continues to put the calls on hold. The crisis in Libya is a prime example. Despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of Americans work in the half dozen Muslim nations facing revolts and violence, Obama moved no significant military presence into the Mediterranean as the crisis in Libya unfolded.

As a result of his inaction, Americans fleeing Libya rented cars, crowded onto fishing boats, and crossed deserts on foot to escape. Significant caches of weapons were taken from military supplies in Libya and even military aircraft are unaccounted for. Barack Obama seemed frozen in place for days. It was not until rebels appeared to have the upper hand that Obama called for Gaddafi to leave. In a flip of fortunes it now appears that the dictator and terrorist Gaddafi has the upper hand using air power to crush his opponents. Whose side will Obama be on next week?  Meanwhile Obama sent Hillary Clinton to Geneva to “seek a solution.”


ISLAMIC TERROR HEARING – Congressman Peter King, the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, began hearings on March 10th on the “radicalization” of American Muslims. The goal of the hearings is to determine the cause of the dozens of arrests during the last two years of American Muslims who carried out or attempted terror attacks in the United States. Witnesses included tearful family members whose children had been recruited at radical mosques for jihad.

Several Democrat congressmen insisted that the hearings were not needed because there is no Islamic terror threat. Congressman Ellison (D-MI), who is a Muslim, cried at the hearing as he told of the persecution of Muslims in America. (NOTE: The official FBI report says that there were twelve times as many “hate crimes” against Jews in the USA since 9-11 than against Muslims.)

The liberal media, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and NBC, have whipped up such hysteria and hatred against Congressman King because of his honesty on the subject of Islam, that 24 hour security had to be put into place to protect him and his family. On behalf of the Religious Freedom Coalition I wrote a letter to Congressman King thanking him for shining a light on extremism in American mosques. In that letter I stated:

“There is evidence that many mosques in our country are teaching hatred and calling for a Sharia based society with values totally alien to and incompatible with our Judeo-Christian heritage and our representative democracy based on the rule of law.  We have prominent American schools and universities that have received substantial funding from the governments of Muslim nations, and our leaders need to understand how this influences what is being taught in those institutions. Thank you again for what you are doing to serve and protect our country.” (Letter can be found at


IMAM FEISAL RAUF RALLIES ATHEISTS AGAINST HEARINGS – On Sunday, March 6th, Imam Feisal Rauf and his wife, Daisy Khan, rallied some Muslims and a lot of leftwing nuts of all kinds, including atheists, for what was billed as an “I am a Muslim, too” march.  The purpose of the protest, held of course near Ground Zero, was to express outrage against Congressman Peter King’s efforts to  investigate radical Islam.

Imam Rauf, who was at one time the lead spokesman for the Ground Zero mosque, refuses to refer to the Jihad attack on 9-11 as terrorism.  He and some Hollywood types and radical leftist leaders spoke to a crowd of what the NY Times claimed was about 300 people. Currently the New York Times is leading a media boycott of any stories about the Ground Zero mosque. Why? Because Americans are so overwhelmingly opposed to the construction of the mosque at Ground Zero that the editors of the New York Times want people to forget about it while it is being built. Judicial Watch, the Religious Freedom Coalition and other groups are making every effort to keep the story alive.

I have seen numerous photos of the “I am a Muslim, too” rally and my favorite is a woman carrying a sign with the American Atheist logo on it that says, “Atheists for Islam.” I would have loved to print the photo here but I have not been able to locate the photographer to obtain the rights to it.


MORE ATTACKS ON EGYPTIAN CHRISTIANS – Violence against Christian Copts in Egypt escalated this week. A mob of 15,000 armed Muslims using Molotov cocktails, guns, and clubs, attacked Christians just outside Cairo. The Egyptian army, rather than restoring order, joined in the attack, shooting the Copts with live ammunition. So far twelve Christians are known dead with hundreds injured. This attack came after Christians protested earlier attacks and church burnings in Christian neighborhoods.

All of this violence started when a Muslim man refused to murder his daughter because she dated a Christian man. This is Islam, this is a true story, and you can’t make up stuff like this.

In the first week of March the father of a Muslim woman was killed by his cousin because he (the father) refused to kill his daughter to preserve the family’s honor. The daughter had had a romantic relationship with a Christian man. Many in the Muslim woman’s extended family believed she should die as a result of the relationship, but the father refused to kill her. NOTE: It is the father’s responsibility in Islam to murder a female child who dishonors the family in any way. Because he refused to kill the daughter he was murdered by the cousin.

The woman’s brother then killed the cousin to avenge the death of his father. Got that so far? Imams then blamed both murders committed by Muslims on the Christian community because the woman had dated a Christian man. Thousands of Muslims men then attacked the Christian village where the man in the relationship lived, killing innocent people, burning down homes and churches. When Christians near Cairo protested the attacks on the village and the murder of Christians, they were attacked by the army. (Described earlier)

All of the violence, all of the murders were the result of Egyptian Muslims following Islamic Sharia law. In London, Paris and other major European cities there are large areas where the police just don’t go. The areas are controlled by the imams and Sharia law is in place. Think then what the result will be for the millions of Copts and other Christians who live in Egypt should secular laws be dropped in favor of Sharia.

TURKEY FALLS DEEPER INTO ISLAM – American liberals often point to Turkey as a majority Muslim nation that is a democracy. A secular constitution was put into place at the end of World War I when the Ottoman Empire fell. Under the constitution, it was the job of the military to protect the secular state from Islam. No more. Since an Islamic Brotherhood backed political party came to power several years ago, major changes have been made. Dozens of secular Army generals have been arrested as the Islamists put their own generals in charge. This month media outlets have been shut down and journalists arrested for “conspiring” to reestablish a purely secular state.

If the Muslim Brotherhood can bring down the Turkish secular state which has been established for decades and has democratic elections, how then do President Barack Obama and many European leaders believe nations such as Egypt can be democratic and secular given the examples of sharia honor killings that have led to attacks on innocent civilians as illustrated above?  Democracy and Islam, unfortunately, are not compatible.

William J. Murray, Chairman

Religious Freedom Coalition, 601 Pennsylvania Ave, NW  #900 , Washington, DC 20004 * (202) 742-8990

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  1. Kayla
    Kayla says:

    Its be best to get back to being the republic we are supposed to be.

    In the pledge it is “And to the Republic for which it stands” Not to the democracy but the republic. Even in the Constitution it is obvious.

    Many of the elite are wanting to get rid of freedom of speech. It was discussed behind closed doors off record at the 2011 meeting of The Bilderburgs in switzerland this year.
    They want to basically cause the Orwellian “memory hole” and if this is allowed it will be nothing short of the Orwellian nightmare we must say no to.


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