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February 4, 2011 – Washington, DC

Obama, Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood / House out, Senate in and a vote on ObamaCare / New movie on GZ mosque / New GZ imam kicked out on gay issue / Muslim Brotherhood has role in Egypt / More dead Christians in Egypt
NEW FEBRUARY 3, 2011 CHAIRMAN’S REPORT- Issue highlights: Slumlord Feisal Rauf replaced by “Sheik” Adhami as GZ mosque imam / Elites and gays unhappy with Adhami / Obama, Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood / Radical Muslim found in car trunk at Mexican border / Suicide bomber book found at Mexican border / Democrats bring out the race card (again) / Congressman enters bill to assist repressed religions in Middle East / Will Congress reaffirm “In God We Trust” 

President Barack Obama wants Eqypt’s Mubarak out now and is ready to deal with the Muslim Brotherhood or Ikhwan in a new government. Obama’s eagerness to give the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) a role begs this question: does Obama understand the political positions of the Ikhwan? Perhaps he should put his politically correct CIA briefings to one side and simply watch a video of a Ikhwan leader declare its purpose.

HOUSE OUT, SENATE IN – This past week was a “constituent work week” for the House as Members went home to work in their various local offices. The Senate stayed in session and Minority Leader McConnell forced a vote to repeal ObamaCare. Predictably the vote was along party lines and lost to the Democrat majority. The Republican minority in the House had previously passed a repeal. Unable to win in the Senate the Republicans in the House and Senate will now try to slow down the implementation of ObamaCare with a series of “fixes.”  
EGYPT – This past week I had the opportunity to speak with a Senator who serves on the Homeland Security Committee. He of course has access to top secret briefings on the situation in Egypt. Yet when I told him about the caravans of cars full of Americans going across the Sinai desert to take refuge in Israel he was surprised, telling me he thought that Americans were all being evacuated by air. He was also surprised when I gave him specifics of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel demonstrations in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood. By the end of my conversation with him I came to the conclusion that he had been briefed by the same idiots who had briefed President Obama on the issue.

Bloomberg on a prayer rug with his best buddies NEW MOVIE ON GZ MOSQUE – The big screen in Times Square was lit up with an ad for a new movie about the Ground Zero mosque, and this could not have made the Islam loving, Jewish mayor of New York city very happy. The movie is being promoted by Pam Geller, a New Yorker described by the liberal media as a “hate monger” because she points out the intolerance of Islam. Information on the movie can be found at her site located at Atlas Shrugged
NEW GZ MOSQUE IMAM KICKED OUT – When it comes to New York city, being a homosexual trumps just about all else, even being Muslim. Shariff el-Gamal, the Ground Zero mosque developer, found this out the hard way when he dumped party circuit imam Feisal Rauf for hardliner Abdallah Adhami. As soon as the new imam’s “anti-gay” lectures were exposed, the heat was on. Just a week after being named to replace Rauf, it was announced that he was leaving to “finish a book.” The reality is different. Unlike Rauf who was able to keep his mouth shut on the “gay” issue while cruising parties with Arianna Huffington and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Adhami had lectures on the Internet that exposed the real position of Islam on homosexuality. Mayor Bloomberg didn’t have a problem with Adhami saying that those who leave Islam and become apostates should be jailed, but when he said homosexuals were not “born that way” the elites in New York like Bloomberg turned against him.
NO 911 MOSQUE – Visit the RFC site dedicated to the Ground Zero mosque controversy at
MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD IN TRANSITION GOVERNMENT – The newly appointed vice president of Egypt, Omar Suleiman, is in talks with the Muslim Brotherhood to form a new government with “shared” responsibilities.Cross Swords logo of the Muslim Brotherhood The Muslin Brotherhood has been banned in Egypt for decades because of its Jihadist roots. The Brotherhood has made clear that if it takes over in Egypt the treaty with Israel will be torn up, and that war will follow soon after. Hamas, a front organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, currently controls the Gaza Strip; another associated organization, Hezbollah, is moving toward a ruling position in Lebanon. The Muslim Brotherhood’s goal is for the Qur’an to become the sole law of the land for the entire world, thus eliminating all other forms of government and eventually creating a worldwide caliphate.  
EGYPT: MORE DEAD CHRISTIANS – The Assyrian International News Agency is reporting that two Christian families have been murdered by Muslims under the cover of the turmoil in Egypt. They report that, “”Two Islamists groups, aided by the Muslim neighbors, descended {through} the roofs of houses owned by Copts, killing eleven Copts, including children, and seriously injuring four others.” As the Muslim Brotherhood moves to take control of Egypt more violence against Christians can be expected.
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