Report From Washington – November 16, 2012

URGENT: Riots have broken out in Jordan near our aid distribution centers. Christians are fleeing Syria to Jordan. Our aid work must continue. Please help now!

In this issue:Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood buddies riot in Jordan / The Obama-Morsi love affair / Does Romney finally get it? / Secret Benghazi hearings / Focus on the Family to “refocus” / Unemployment up and prices up / Obama reelected and Israel attacked / More Syrian Christians murdered / Last Christian in Homs, Syria murderedThe Presidency
Obama sponsored riots come to peaceful Jordan – The reelection of Barack Hussein Obama has made jihadists around the world confident they can overthrow even more “moderate” governments. The Muslim Brotherhood has now sponsored riots in Jordan allegedly because the government dropped fuel subsidies. This is the same benefit drop that allegedly caused the riots in Egypt that brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power there. A second Obama term is a green light for Islamic aggression. (See International for attacks on Israel.)
The Obama-Morsi love affair – Barack Hussein Obama loves the Muslim Brotherhood and his favorite of the bunch is Mohammed Morsi, the president of Egypt. “Moderate” Morsi just ordered the Egyptian ambassador out of Israel. Morsi is angry that the Israelis fired back at the Gaza Strip after over 150 rockets hit Israel. It is Morsi’s position, and probably that of Obama, that Israel should absorb the attacks without retaliation. NOTE: As of Thursday Israel had been hit by over 850 rockets in 2012.
Romney finally gets it? – During a call with large donors to his campaign Mitt Romney said that he lost the election because Obama had bought off so many different groups with “gifts.” The loss was due to far more than “gifts.” Romney lost trying to sell tax cuts to a dependency driven society in which half of the households pay no income taxes at all. Read my lengthy analysis of the Romney loss at
Why are Benghazi hearings secret? – Both the House and Senate held closed hearings today on the continuing and broadening Benghazi situation … Why is it secret? Congressmen will ask the State Department why a group of known jihadists who had fought against the United States in Iraq were guarding the consulate in Benghazi. The February 17th Martyrs Brigade was formed in memory of those killed attacking the Italian Consulate in Benghazi on February 17th, 2006. At the time, Libyan strong man Gadafi was an ally of the West and defended the Italian consulate. In doing so he killed 13 “martyrs.” The attack on the Italian consulate was a protest against an Italian minister who was DEFENDING FREE SPEECH.” The February 17th Martyrs Brigade went on to fight against American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is the organization Hillary Clinton hired to defend the American Consulate in Benghazi! Now you know why the hearings are secret. I could disclose more, but I don’t want a visit from the FBI.
Congress in, then out – Congress was in this past week for hearings but for no votes of any consequence. The House will adjourn to district work next week because of Thanksgiving and return to the Capitol on November 27th. No vote on the “fiscal cliff” can possibly be made prior to December.
Religion and Culture

Time to give up, says Focus on Family leader –
Several years ago Jim Daly organized a coup against Focus on the Family founder Jame Dobson. He convinced the Board of Directors that Dobson was too political, and that to make the organization grow it needed to drop politics. Since Daly’s take over, the organization has declined radically. His new solution is to toss in the white flag on same-sex marriage because he says, “demographics are against us.” The real solution for conservative Christians is to oust those like Daly who want to follow the world instead of the Lord. Read more.
Higher unemployment and higher costs – On Thursday the government reported initial weekly jobless claims surged by 78,000 last week to 439,000. That marked the highest level since April 2011. In the closing weeks of the election the Obama Administration reported jobless claims dropping.
HAMAS Rockets hit IsraelObama reelected, Israel attacked – What a coincidence! Barack Hussein Obama is elected and immediately hundreds of rockets pour down into Israel from the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile the jihadist rebels supported by Barack Obama in Syria take over the villages around the Golan Heights and Hezbollah moves heavy weapons to Israel’s northern border. Seventy percent of Jews voted for Obama, but eighty-five percent of Muslims also voted for him. Which group will he stand with? Does he “have Israel’s back” as he said, or will he back the Muslim Brotherhood’s call for Islamist control of the entire Middle East?
Syrian Christians Murdered – In October a video appeared on the Internet showing Syrian “rebels” murdering a dozen unarmed men. The news media reported the video as showing Syrian Army soldiers who had been captured being executed without trial. Somehow no one in the media noticed that none of these men were wearing military uniforms or military style boots. Most of the men were also clean shaven, indicating that they were probably not Muslims. In reality the men had been kidnapped from a Christian neighborhood the “rebels” had invaded in a town west of Aleppo. Some of the men in the video were recognized by workers in Syria who have assisted us in distributing aid to Christians. These men were murdered by the “rebels” simply because they were Christians. Others were murdered in Saraqeb south of Aleppo.
Last Christian in Homs killed – The last Christian to remain in Homs, Syria was murdered this past week. 84-year-old Elias Mansour, a Greek-Orthodox Christian did not want to leave his home on Wadi Sayeh street – even though he knew his life was in danger – to care for a handicapped son. Mansour reportedly said that nothing would induce him to leave his home, adding that, if he met the rebels, “He would remind them about the Ten Commandments and the Holy Scriptures.” There were 80,000 Christians in Homs when the Islamists began the uprising against the secular government there and ran them out.
Our warehouse in danger – Our facility is in danger of Muslim Brotherhood riots in Amman, Jordan. Please send funds now to help us move supplies to aid Syrian Christian refugees.
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