Report From Washington – February 8, 2013

Editor: William J. MurrayIn this issue: Obama “not involved” during Benghazi attack / Obama’s new Egypt to try children for “insulting Islam” / Bachmann was right about Islamists in Administration / Karl Rove vs. Conservatives / Islamic America by 2050? / Apostasy killings show Islam’s weakness / Belgium: Assassination attempt on Islam critic / Nigeria: Muslims kill nine health workers.

The Presidency
Obama “not i
nvolved” during Benghazi attack – The White House told the public that President Obama was in touch and intently watching the situation in Benghazi, Libya as our Ambassador and three others died. But in sworn testimony this week, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that Obama was absent on protest-end-persecution-Egyptthe evening of September 11, 2012. Panetta told Congress the Commander-in-Chief left everything, including knowledge of what resources were available to help the besieged Americans, “up to us.” Read more
Obama’s Egypt to try children for “insulting Islam” – Barack Hussein Obama and his European counterparts backed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of formerly secular nations in the Middle East, including Egypt. The result is horror for the Christian communities. The trial of two Christian children for “insulting Islam” is just one example. The children, Nabil Naji Rizq and Mina Atallah are just 10 and 9 years old, and are accused of insulting the Koran because a Muslim man saw them playing in rubbish that he claimed included pages from the Koran. Read more
Bachmann was right about Islamists in Administration –
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann provoked the rage of the far left and their Islamist allies in America last year when she suggested that the Obama Administration was infiltrated by Islamists. Democrats on the radical left worked furiously to remove her from the House Intelligence Committee. Now, an Egyptian publication has named six Muslim Brotherhood infiltrators in the Obama Administration, including Mohammed Elibiary who sits on the Homeland Security Advisory Council. Read more
Karl Rove vs. Conservatives –
Karl Rove has begun a campaign against conservatives in the GOP with the formation of the Conservative Victory Project, whose purpose is to knock out social conservatives and Tea Party candidates in 2014 primaries. He believes the GOP lost ground in 2012 because of pro-life and Tea Party candidates. Reality: All five of the economic conservatives running for Senate in 2012 who were supported by Rove’s PAC lost. In contrast, the social conservative PAC of which I am chairman had three winning Senate candidates out of the five we supported. All the candidates we supported were outspoken social conservatives. Read more
Religion and Culture
Islamic America by 2050? –
The future of the country – that was conceived by the pilgrims and Puritans as ‘the new Zion’-is now bound inextricably to Islam.” So writes Paul L. Williams in his new book, Crescent Moon Rising: The Islamic Transformation of America. “Islam by 2050 will emerge as the nation’s dominant religion.” Read more
Apostasy killings show Islam’s weakness –
Islamic scholar Dr. Mark Durie exposes the apostasy laws as proof of the weakness of the Islamic religion. Muslims must literally kill people to stop them from converting to other religions. The growth of Islam since Mohammed has been through violence. Read more
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Belgium: Assassination attempt on critic of Islam –  Lars Hedegaard, a well-known seventy-year-old free speech activist and critic of Islam, narrowly escaped a murder attempt on February 5 outside his home in Copenhagen, Denmark. Read more
UK: Muslim Patrol warns UK Prime Minister – “We will take their alcohol, we will tell the naked women to cover up and implement Islam upon your own necks, David Cameron.” Read more
Nigeria: Muslims kill nine health workers –
Nine female polio vaccinators have been shot dead in two shootings in northern Nigeria. Islamist militant group Boko Haram – a sect which has condemned the use of Western medicine – has been blamed for the attack. Read more
Mali: Stoning deaths reported –
The brutality the people of northern Mali endured under Sharia before being liberated by French troops is can only be described as pure Hell. Read more
Syria: Not what the CIA wants to see – Well fed, well armed Syria troops dancing to American Music as they prepare to fight Islamists on the outskirts of Damascus. See the video.
Join me in a fact finding mission to Israel – A once in a lifetime mission led by William J. Murray, William Federer and Frank Gaffney, all three experts on Israel and Islamic affairs. Not a standard “tour,” the mission includes visits to settlements and military bases plus evening panels. Limited time for $400 discount! Read more
More from the Religious Freedom Coalition
New Chairman’s Report – Now available, the February 8th, 2013 edition of the Religious Freedom Coalition Chairman’s Report. In the current issue: William J. Murray answers CIA “specialist” who claims democracy will “moderate” Islam / Saudi cleric pays $50,000 fine for raping and murdering his daughter / UK judge lets Muslim rapist walk because he was taught “women were worthless” by his religion / UK politician jailed for critical Facebook comment on Islam
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  1. Dan Fleury
    Dan Fleury says:

    Why don’t we push for legislation that formally declares Sharia Law as unconstitutional? We have “Sharia Zones” (see: Deerborn) where although Sharia is nor formally recognized it is still practiced which undermines our laws and our Constitution. We need to push our legislators to formally declare Sharia unconstitutional and “Sharia Zones” as unlawful.


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