Bob Armstrong helps at our literature table at The Awakening

The Awakening: Jihad, Terror and Saudi Arabia

by William J. Murray

The Awakening: The Awakening is a large gathering of mostly evangelical social conservatives, for a two day conference on various issues. On April 19th and 20th of 2013, The Awakening was held near Orlando, Florida on the campus of the First Baptist Church of Oviedo and the Religious Freedom Coalition was there to educate those present about the root of terror in the world today – Saudi Arabia.

The Panel: As chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition, I served on the Radical Islam and National Security panel with Frank Gaffney, Pamela Geller, and Prof. Jonathan Matusitz. Frank Gaffney is the president of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, DC and served as Under-Secretary of Defense under President Reagan. Pamela Geller is a well know fighter against the political correct approach to Islamic terror, and Professor Matusitz is an expert on Islamic affairs.

I was the first panel speaker and began by presenting the facts of 9-11, that 15 of the 19 hijackers were well educated Saudi citizens, and I explained my frustration at the time with the Washington elites’ twisted mindset that directed American outrage against a third world nation, rather than against the heart of the problem, which is the Saudi Arabian Wahhabi cult.

The presentations of the other panelists were impressive as well, but I made every effort to focus on the core problem of Saudi funding of radical mosques throughout the world and the refusal of the United States to face this reality, because of Saudi oil. I find this particularly strange because the United States now imports virtually no Saudi oil, and by 2015 will actually produce more oil that Saudi Arabia. The United States and Canada together hold the majority of the energy reserves of the entire planet.

Bob Armstrong helps at our literature table at The Awakening

Bob Armstrong helps at our literature table at The Awakening

RFC at the convention: As part of the presence of the Religious Freedom Coalition at The Awakening, a booth was manned during the entire event. Two large vertical banners were on each side of our table presenting the facts about Saudi Arabia and its persecution of Christian guest workers. Our Internet site was promoted!

Literature about our program to fax congressmen and ask them to speak up about various Saudi royal family evils was available, as well as general brochures about the Religious Freedom Coalition, and some of my books.

Many of those who visited out table at The Awakening signed up for our weekly e-mail alerts from Capitol Hill. This year the Religious Freedom Coalition will participate in several of these types of events.

Religious Freedom Coalition newspaper ad ran in Orlando: As part of our ad campaign, a newspaper ad exposing Saudi Arabia’s brutal treatment of Ethiopian Christian guest workers ran in a weekly newspaper that covers the Orlando area. This helped to reinforce our presence and resulted in dozens of the petitions being faxed to Florida Congressmen.

Video: A video of Radical Islam and National Security panel will be posted here soon.

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