Join The Fight To Free Meriam Ibrahim From A Sudan Prison

Meriam-Logo_300The Religious Freedom Coalition is joining in the fight to @RescueMeriam Ibrahim from a Sudan prison. She faces 100 lashes and death by hanging for refusing to deny her faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

The penalty of 100 lashes is for “adultery” (having sexual relations with her Christian husband). Death by hanging is for “apostacy” – leaving Islam.

Meriam gave birth to a baby girl while in prison with heavy metal shackles on her legs and chains fastened to the floor.

She faces the 100 lashes as soon as she is fully recovered from giving birth and weaning her baby girl, Maya.

Her situation is desperate and Barack Hussein Obama seems to have no interest in helping her.

Read more about Meriam Ibrahim’s plight and the plight of other Christians in Sudan at: Rescue Meriam. Sign the petition!

Watch this horrific video of Islamic Sharia “justice” in action against a Sudanese girl who repeatedly cries out for her mother:

This is the horror of Islam.


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