Chairman’s Report for August 23rd, 2012



Religious Freedom Coalition newspaper ad on Obama's attack on religious libertyOur “Obama, number one enemy of religious freedom” ads have run for four months in the key states of Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. In those states the ads ran in very strategic areas. For example, in North Carolina we ran several ads in Black Mountain newspapers where there are numerous Christian summer camps. In Virginia the ads ran in counties with some of the largest military installations in the nation. We ran an ad in Stafford, Virginia which is the home of Marine Base Quantico.

Most newspapers welcomed our ad because most of the mid-sized and small town newspapers are conservative. Some editors even commented positively on our ads. In many areas there were numerous letters to the editor written about our Obama ad.

We caused political discussion in areas where there  is not normally much political discussion. And we got results. While the White House refuses to give us totals, we know that thousands of people called the White House asking Obama to back off his attacks on religious freedoms. We know this because of the number of people who called and afterward called us.

Even more people contacted their congressmen and Senators. Some of our ads ran in Congressman Allen West’s district, and his office staff said he received many calls because of our ad. People in the smaller towns and rural areas where there is no Fox News or large newspaper, received information on Barack Obama that they would not have received otherwise.

We were able to make hundreds of thousands of Americans more aware of the danger Barack Hussein Obama represents to our precious freedoms.

The count is not final, because ads will continue to be placed as time and funds permit. So far, ads have been placed in 36 newspapers in seven states and nationally in the Washington Times Weekly, because of the generous supporters of the Religious Freedom Coalition!

OUR AD TO RUN UNTIL SEPTEMBER 6TH  – Although out ads are educational in nature and do not call for the election or defeat of a particular candidate, the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (known as BCRA or McCain–Feingold Act) can create specific problems for organizations such as the Religious Freedom Coalition in the last 60 days before a general election. The Religious Freedom Coalition could be forced to report donors and expenditures to the Federal Election Commission if they rule that the ads are political in nature. As a result the Religious Freedom Coalition will cease advertising on this issue on September 6th, 2012.

However, a political action committees can run similar ads pointing out to the public the threat to our liberties that Barack Hussein Obama poses. I am very sure that one or more PAC’s will take up this cause and run advertising in newspapers warning of the danger Obama represents to our precious freedoms. The only difference will be the intent of the ads. Ours, of course, were purely educational with no political intent. A PAC may call for the election or defeat of a candidate.


            On Thursday, August 16th I attended a reception in Richmond, Virginia with Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, Governor Bobby Jindal and Governor Bob McDonnell. Both Jindal and McDonnell were on the list of possible choices for the vice presidential slot at one time or another.

Congressman Paul Ryan is a Roman Catholic who believes that life begins at conception. He has always voted with social conservatives in Congress, but he has never sponsored or authored any socially conservative legislation. Governor Jindal is a born-again believer who is outspoken about his faith in Jesus Christ. Governor McDonnell has been heavily criticized by the liberal media for his pro-life, social conservative views.

It was therefore very surprising to me that I was virtually the only social conservative at the reception. Practically everyone else attending supported Mitt Romney because of his positions on the economy and taxes. Most of those attending owned small or medium sized businesses that are hurt by Obama’s economic policies and overbearing regulations. Social conservative issues were not mentioned once by Ryan, Jindal or McDonnell. This is, I am sure, Mitt Romney policy.

Virginia, where I live, is a battleground state. The entire Romney team is focused on the areas of the state where liberals live, such as Arlington, Richmond and Virginia Beach. Cities that are socially conservative such as Lynchburg, Leesburg, Manassas and others are being ignored. The assumption of the Romney team is that social conservatives will show up to vote in those areas and all they need to do is convert a few marginal liberals to vote for Romney. This isn’t going to happen and the logic is dangerous.

In 2008 more than one million conservative evangelical Christians who were registered to vote did not go to the polls. Had they voted in states such as Virginia and Florida, there would be no President Barack Hussein Obama. Could that many social conservatives stay home again even with pro-life Paul Ryan on the ticket? Yes. It happened with very socially conservative Governor Sarah Palin on the ticket in 2008, and it can happen again.

Even with Paul Ryan on his ticket there is just no real enthusiasm in the social conservative movement for Mitt Romney. And there are reasons:

  1. Telephone polls by Mitt Romney’s organization don’t mention life or family issues.
  2. Mitt Romney’s direct mail campaign mentions no social issues.
  3. Mitt Romney’s TV and radio ads don’t address any social issues.
  4. Romney’s choice as keynote speaker for the GOP convention Chris Christie beats up on social conservatives.
  5. Chris Christie has also appointed homosexual activists to high level posts.
  6. Romney recently affirmed that he thinks the Boy Scouts should have homosexual counselors.
  7. Romney will not address the issue of Sharia law being used in American courts.

I work on Capitol Hill. On August 2nd I attended a meeting with the “paid staff” of the Republican Platform Committee. These are the people who actually write the platform for the committee members such as Governor Bob McDonnell. While the platform will remain pro-life, it was my distinct impression that there would be no pro-family proclamation in the platform such as marriage reserved for one man and one woman.

Don’t get angry at the messenger! I am reporting, not advocating.

On November 6th I expect millions of social conservatives to show up to the polls and vote against Barack Hussein Obama. Most will not be voting for Mitt Romney, just against Obama. All it will take is just one million of those social conservatives to lack enough enthusiasm to vote, and the nation will have Barack Hussein Obama for four more years. The election will be that close

I have high level access and I am working to change the attitudes inside the Republican Party to stay with us social conservatives. But, I must be honest. The economic conservatives, such as Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, want to return the Republican Party to the days of Richard Nixon when the only GOP issues were taxes and defense. They really want to run us off. They think, foolishly, that the GOP can win elections only on the issue of taxes and that they can attract “gays and single mothers” with us gone. How? Almost 50% of Americans don’t pay any income tax. About 35% of conservative voters don’t pay any income tax. Millions of people who vote Republican do so because of social and other issues such as gun rights. It isn’t all about taxes, and the entire Romney camp just doesn’t get it

If Obama is to be ousted from office it is the social conservatives who will have to be the deciding votes. Romney and company better wake up to that fact fast and speak to them.

HOMOSEXUAL SHOOTS UP SOCIAL CONSERVATIVE OFFICE Social conservative organizations in Washington, DC work closely together. The Family Research Council headed by Tony Perkins owns, thanks to the generosity of the founders of Amway, the largest and best equipped office of any of the social conservative organizations in Washington. Among the attributes of the Family Research Council building is an auditorium which is used for meetings by numerous organizations,  including the Religious Freedom Coalition.

For instance, in 2011 the planning for the Constitution or Sharia Conference that was held in Nashville, TN was initially done at the Family Research Council (FRC) headquarters, even though the FRC did not participate in the actual conference itself. I am present at many meetings held by various organizations at the FRC headquarters each year. It is not unusual for many people to enter the building who are not known to the security guard who is stationed near the front door.

Because of the number of people coming and going from the FRC headquarters, it was easy for a homosexual activist with a gun to get through the front door.  But the security guard became suspicious when the man was unable to explain his reason for being there, and didn’t know what meetings were going on.  It was at that point that the homosexual activist pulled out a gun and shot the guard. Fortunately the guard was able to wrestle the gun from him and hold him for police, even after being shot.

This is where it gets strange.

Obama’s buddy, Eric Holder, runs the Justice Department. The FBI serves under the Justice Department.  In other words, it is Obama’s FBI. Within hours of the attack by a lone homosexual, the FBI oddly labeled the attack as “domestic terrorism” rather than as a “hate crime.” Had this occurred at the offices of CAIR (Center for American-Islamic Relations) the FBI would have immediately declared the attack a hate crime and it would have been front page news for months. Obama’s FBI will never declare any attack on Christians as a “hate crime.”

The FBI reached a far different conclusion when a Muslim fanatic at Ft. Hood, Texas killed 13 fellow soldiers, plus an unborn child, on November 5th, 2009. That infamous attack was designated “work place violence” by the FBI. The trial of the terrorist killer, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, can’t even be conducted as scheduled because officials are fearful of the Muslim reaction if he is ordered to shave off his new “sharia compliant” beard as per Army regulations

The lesson from the Obama Administration is clear: Murders, even mass murders, committed by Muslims will not be referred to officially as terrorism, and attacks on Christians or Christian organizations by homosexuals will not be called hate crimes


Resolution on Syrian Christians – Congressman Bilirakas (R-FL), co-chair of the International Religious Freedom Caucus, has authored a resolution calling for the protection of “religious minorities” in Syria in light of the continued growing presence of Al-Qaeda in that nation. His resolution (H.Res. 763) comes at a time when more and more congressmen and Senators are being alerted to the truth nature of the Islamist uprising in Syria. Meanwhile Senator John McCain continues to call for military aid for the Islamist rebels in Syria.

After Michelle Bachmann and four other congressmen issued a statement of concern about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the State Department, Senator McCain condemned her and the others in a twenty minute tirade on the Senate floor. McCain loves the Brotherhood. (See details below)


The Arab Spring and the Muslim Brotherhood – More than a year ago, those of us who were critical of the so called “Arab Spring” were laughed at by the Washington establishment. Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, referred to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as “largely secular” during hearings held in Congress. Not to be out done by the radical left wingers in the White House, Republicans in the Congress jumped on board, giving praise to the Muslim Brotherhood’s “reforms” in Egypt.

As recently as a few weeks ago Senator John McCain was once again on the floor of the Senate delivering a twenty minute speech in support of the Muslim Brotherhood and attacking Congresswoman Michele Bachmann for being critical of them.

Reality is setting in: The first newspaper to be shut down by the new Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt was al-Doustour, an “opposition” newspaper owned by a Christian businessman. The shutdown occurred because the newspaper had become critical of President Mohammed Morsi’s sacking of all of the top secular leaning generals in the Army. Two television reporters at an “opposition” TV station were arrested for “insulting” the new president.

Hashem Islam, a “spiritual leader” of the Muslim Brotherhood, then issued a fatwa giving permission to kill anyone who demonstrates against President Morsi. A few days later several demonstrators were crucified naked on trees in front of the presidential palace. Meanwhile President Morsi has declared that he has the singular power to appoint a new Parliament.

Now this: Egypt has moved tanks and missiles into the Sinai Peninsula in violation of the wonderful “Camp David” accord that was the product of President Jimmy Carter.  Goodbye Arab Spring and hello to a long Islamic Winter.

American taxpayers are paying the dollar price to install the Muslim Brotherhood, but Christians are paying the human price. This year our government will hand over $1.5 billion to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. (Note: Our government will borrow $1.5 trillion to continue insane spending such as this.

There are over ten million Coptic Christians in Egypt who were repressed under the “secular” reign of Hosni Mubarak but who now face worse persecution under the Muslim Brotherhood. Churches are already being destroyed, homes are already being stolen, and Christian women are already being kidnapped and forced into Muslim marriages.

And this: The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated more than just the State Department. (Hillary Clinton’s top aid is a Muslim associated with the Brotherhood.) Even the conservative movement has been infiltrated, and offices of congressmen and Senators compromised. Islamists  have simply bought their way in. I can no longer safely distribute my materials or speak openly about my Middle Eastern operations at conservative meetings. The most influential weekly lunch meeting of conservative leaders on Capitol Hill now has a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in attendance. (I am a paid sponsor and member of this lunch.)

Many Republican Senators and congressmen believe that the Muslim Brotherhood is the future of the Middle East  and that our government must work with them to gain favor to keep the flow of oil going — how about just drilling our own oil here in North America?

There is a core group of us on Capitol Hill, leaders of organizations as well as congressmen, who are working to stop the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood and protect our Judeo-Christian heritage. The battle is ongoing and I will keep you informed as it rages on. We cannot, we must not, surrender to the totalitarian horror of Islamic domination.

William J. Murray, Chairman

Religious Freedom Coalition, 601 Pennsylvania Ave, NW  #900 , Washington, DC 20004 * (202) 742-8990

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