RFC Joins FRC Campaign To Petition Obama For Release Of Meriam Ibrahim


Meriam Ibrahim's son and her newborn girl are imprisoned with her in a Sudan jail.

Meriam Ibrahim’s son and her newborn girl are imprisoned with her in a Sudan jail.

The Religious Freedom Coalition joins with the Family Research Council (FRC) in a petition campaign to Obama for him to do everything in his power to get Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim released from a death sentence. Please sign the petition at the bottom of this message from Tony Perkins, head of FRC.  

Today, as you read this, two innocent children — a toddler and a newborn baby, who based upon available evidence are American citizens — lie in a Sudanese prison while their mother awaits execution for the “crime” of following Jesus.

Already mother of 20-month old named Martin, Dr. Meriam Ibrahim gave birth to her second child, a daughter, in the prison clinic in Khartoum. This unusual delivery venue is because Meriam recently was sentenced to death in Sudan for refusing to renounce her Christian faith. Meriam was born of a Muslim father, but her father abandoned the family. Meriam became a Christian and married a Christian man who is a United States citizen — a fact that makes her two children eligible for American citizenship.

At this point the Sudanese government has refused to entertain Meriam’s release, and has refused to turn over the children to their father upon the claim that her marriage is not valid because she married a Christian. Now, Meriam and her two American babies languish in Khartoum’s Omdurman Prison — a place which a 2008 United Nations report said had an infant mortality rate of one infant death per day in the summer months.

The situation is critical. The lives of the babies and their mother hang in the balance. While many international groups have taken up efforts to pressure the Sudanese government to release Meriam and her children, the Obama administration has said little, and done nothing.

Think about this: two innocent American children are imprisoned abroad as their life hangs in the balance. If President Obama will not act in a situation like this, what will he act upon? Does Obama care?

The President has at his disposal the means to quickly grant Meriam and the children the ability to come to the U.S.; once here, she could seek permanent asylum. He could also put great pressure on the Sudanese government over this gross human rights violation. He could do any number of things, but President Obama’s inaction speaks volumes about his diminished view of what being an American means. Apparently the latent American citizenship of these children is not a status the President sees as worth acting upon.

Help us today pressure the Obama administration to take action. Join me in signing a petition we have created on the White House website to move the President to pave the way for Meriam and her children to seek asylum in the U.S. If it reaches 100,000 signatures in 30 days, the White House, according to the guidelines they have established, must respond to the petition.

We may not have 30 days. Please sign the WhiteHouse.gov petition.

Sign the petition at WhiteHouse.gov to pressure the Obama administration to act in the case of Meriam Ibrahim in Sudan and her baby and toddler in prison.


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  1. Steve Holmes
    Steve Holmes says:

    What have you done Obama to help out this family. I will pray for them. Obama you really should make a phone call. Or will that go against your Islamic views?


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