God bless us, every one

Christmas Eve, 2010 – Washington, DC

Ronald Reagan’s Christmas message / Barak Obama censorship message / Queen Pelosi takes her last ride on luxury jet paid for by taxpayers / Fed tells bank to remove Christmas message from lobby and Internet / Mayor Bloomberg secretly used staff to assist Ground Zero mosque organizers / Christmas canceled in IraqNEW DECEMBER 22nd CHAIRMAN’S REPORT – Issue highlights: Pakistani pastor set on fire, Mayor Bloomberg sued over Ground Zero mosque. Obama the messiah has no crown and he doesn’t know the national motto. Congressional liberals go down in flames. The Justice Department sues a school to give a Muslim teacher special rights. More international

God bless us, every oneCHRISTMAS UNDER RONALD REAGAN – Just 30 years ago an American President sat in the Oval Office and broadcast a Christmas message to the American people, something that has not been done in very many years. During the short message Reagan talks of the birth of the new born King. It is well worth the three minutes to watch at Youtube.
OBAMA’S FIRST STEP TO CENSORSHIP – THE FCC has seized the Internet and this will lead to the control of content on cable TV and just about no one really understands what has happened. The FCC’s is authorized by Congress to regulate broadcasts over “public airways” and has never had the authority to control content of anything transmitted privately over land lines. Cable TV and the Internet is a private contract between the provider and the purchaser and that is why pornography can be transmitted. But, Obama is after FOX News and conservatives on the Internet and the only way to eventually silence them is for the FCC to control the Internet and cable TV. When the FCC this week declared “Net Neutrality” it was doing far more than allowing Netflix to use the broadband space of ATT and Verizon without paying, it was a declaration that the FCC controls the lines that carry materials to your home, both Internet and cable.

THE QUEEN HAS LEFT THE CASTLE – Queen Pelosi departed Capitol Hill this week and took her last flight on the luxurious Boeing 757 the Air Force has provided for her to fly to San Francisco each week for the last four years. The large cabinet filled with expensive whiskeys has been removed from the jet and it has been returned to military service. The new Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has said that he will continue to fly commercially to Washington, DC as he has in the past. Maybe next year under Speaker Boehner the Congressional Christmas Tree will be back replacing Queen Pelosi’s “holiday tree.”
FEDS TO BANK: GET RID OF CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS –About every four years Federal Reserve examiners make visits to banks to make sure they are complying with a laundry list of regulations. This year the examiners visited a small local bank in Perkins, Oklahoma and were dismayed to find a sign that said, “Merry Christmas, God With Us.” The feds ordered that all Christmas decorations that referred to God and a daily Scripture at the banks Internet site be removed. More than anything this reveals that the federal government and its many agencies lean toward hiring intolerant liberals. Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA) and 37 other Member of the Prayer Caucus wrote a letter to Chairman Bernanke questioning the authority of the Federal Reserve to take this action.
BLOOMBERG SECRETLY ASSISTED MOSQUE – Liberals like Mayor Michael Bloomberg are for strict separation of church and state if a church is involved, but when it comes to the Ground Zero mosque the “wall of separation” crumbles. Bloomberg’s office helped Ground Zero mosque organizers numerous times and even intervened with city administrators to obtain temporary prayer service permits at the location. A member of Bloomberg staff actually wrote one letter for Daisy Khan, Imam Feisal Rauf’s wife. Just imagine the outrage by the hard left if a Republican mayor in any city would have an assistant ghostwrite a letter for an evangelical church to help it obtain permits!

The documents revealing Bloomberg’s heavy handed assistance for the Ground Zero mosque and those associated with it were released as a result of a lawsuit by Judicial Watch. The suit had to be filed because Bloomberg’s office refused to comply with the law and release the materials. The documents also revealed that Mayor Bloomberg accepted money from the those associated with Imam Rauf to hold a Ramadan dinner at his official residence. More at no911mosque.org

NO 911 MOSQUE – Visit the RFC site dedicated to the Ground Zero mosque controversy at www.no911mosque.org

CHRISTMAS CANCELED IN IRAQ – As Americans open their brightly decorated boxes of Chinese made junk this Christmas morning, Christians in Iraq will be praying that they live to the end of the day. There will be no Christmas decorations, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day services in Iraq. Even an appearance by Santa Claus has been canceled. Christian leaders called off Christmas celebrations all over Iraq because of continue Islamic threats of terror. Dozens of Christians have already been killed this year and the exodus of Christians from Iraq has escalated. At last the media has begun to pay attention to the devastation done to Christians in Iraq after ignoring the terror they have gone through for the past eight years.
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