Roof of Orphanage Chapel Collapses During Storm

The roof of the chapel collapsed at the orphanage we support in Nigeria. Just last year, children participated in our Christmas and Easter events in this building.

Last year I visited the orphanage we support in Nigeria for Easter, and an Easter program was presented in the chapel while I was there. This year, during Easter week a powerful rain and wind storm completely destroyed the roof of the chapel.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, whom I traveled with to Nigeria in 2018 was at the camp at the time of this recent storm. He was there to deliver the funds to create the small farm our ministry had provided. He and the others had to take refuge in one of the childrens’ hostels until the storm had passed. The chapel only had one wall; three sides were open and the powerful wind was able to get under the roof and do the damage.

It is a setback, but it can be repaired. I hope to have an estimate to rebuild the chapel soon. If we can help, I would want to make sure that the structure is far more secure than the previous building. If we can, I want to build a safe, sturdy chapel for worship and studies.

If the estimate for the rebuilding arrives in time it will be on the last-minute update page.

Children at the orphanage listen to a message in the hot Nigerian sun, since the chapel has collapsed.

We have made real investments in the orphanage, and it is far better today than when I first visited in April of 2018. We have installed a new water system complete with new wells and a new water tower. There is a new sanitation system, and now we have started a small farm.

With the increased number of assaults on churches, some during Easter, the number of Christian orphans will increase.

Children prepare the land for a fully functioning farm that was funded by the Religious Freedom Coalition.

Please pray for the success of the farm. The produce from the farm will give the kids fresh vegetables which has been lacking. Protein is another issue we are working to address. Our ministry is not at a place where we can guarantee protein foods to the orphanage for a prolonged period of time. I do not want to give hope and then take it away.

These children, orphaned by Sunni Muslim terror, deserve better than gruel every day, and somehow  I am going to make sure they have a better diet. The farm is a start.            

Please pray not only for the children and those who care for them, but also for our efforts to bring to the attention of members of Congress and to the American church body the continued suffering and bleeding of the church in Nigeria.

William J. Murray, Chairman

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