Sunni Muslims kill hundreds of Christians on Christmas Day

Mourners surround mass grave in Bokkos County on Christmas Day. Courtesy of Masara Kim (

Sunni Muslims kill hundreds of Christians on Christmas Day – Does anyone care?

Beginning just two days before Christmas, Sunni Muslim Fulani Herdsmen began a military style campaign in Plateau State, Nigeria.

The attacks occurred just south of Jos where our orphanage is located.

The campaign culminated on Christmas Day with the mass murder of more than 300 Christian villagers.

Most of those murdered were in the Bokkos and Barkin-Ladi Local Government Areas of Plateau State.

Many Christians massacred were buried in mass graves on Christmas Day. Their families had planned on celebrating the birth of Jesus, but instead they were at funerals mourning the deaths of loved ones.

The message from the Sunni Muslim Fulani Herdsmen was clear: “We can kill you even on your most sacred days.”

The Muslim Fulani have military style brigades that are well armed in a nation that prohibits the ownership of guns. The Fulanis who attacked had AK-47’s and the farmers had no weapons at all because of the anti-gun laws in Nigeria.

Where do the Sunni Muslim Fulani obtain their weapons?

There are 12 states in northern Nigeria that are totally controlled by Muslims and have Sharia law. Sharia law supports Jihad. This is Jihad just as were the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

Jihad is not new … Damascus, Syria was Christian until it was overrun by Jihad in 634. Christians and Jews lived peaceably in Jerusalem until it was overrun by a Muslim army in 637. Constantinople, capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, was overrun by the Muslim Ottoman Empire in 1453. The Jihad is ever expanding and as murderous as ever.

William Murray holds curious young orphan girl made parentless by Sunni Muslim Fulani.

In August of last year, I drove through Barkin- Ladi to visit the victims of previous attacks in Mangu. Our Heart for the Persecuted Church Project delivered mattresses, clothing, food and medical supplies while I was there.

At a school set aside as an IDP camp, I prayed with the mothers whose husbands had been murdered.

I will never forget one of those women I talked with, she told me of receiving a call from her husband’s cell phone … but the call was from his murderer! The Fulani who had his phone told her that he had killed her husband, and by Islamic law she now belonged to him.

I went to hospitals where many of the seriously wounded victims of the attacks were fighting for their lives and prayed with them. I saw wounds that will last a lifetime — like that of one man I prayed with who had lost his tongue and the roof of his mouth to an AK-47 bullet.

The Western mainstream media calls this slaughter of Christians “Clashes between farmers and herdsmen.” This is not a “clash,” it is the genocide of Christians. These actions are the reality of jihad. This is Sharia law!

The last time I was in Nigeria I traveled on the road from Jos to Mangu. This road goes through Barkin-Ladi, and I stopped there to deliver aid to more victims of Jihad.

As part of our Christmas program the new orphans of Mangu received a lunch.

Our Christmas for Refugees events were held in Mangu, which is located between Barkin-Ladi and Bokkos. This was only a few days before the attack.

At the Christmas celebration held in Mangu, the orphans we provide for at our orphanage presented the program. There were puppet shows and the singing of Gospel hymns, as well as some games, and also coloring contests.

Most touching was their presentation of the story of the birth of Jesus.

The Christmas celebration was presented to over 500 children who had been made orphans during attacks by Muslim herdsmen in 2023. The children were joyful that they had not been forgotten.

(Note: Just over 1,000 children had been made homeless during the 2023 attacks in the area, but we did not have the resources to provide for all of them. We choose 500 of the youngest and most vulnerable for the Christmas celebrations and gifts to families.)

Were our orphanage kids who traveled to Mangu in vans to share the good news of Jesus in danger? They had the protection of our Lord who took them safely to Mangu and back.

Every Christian in Nigeria is in danger. Currently the danger is greatest in Plateau and Benue States, as jihad is conducted southward from the northern states that currently have Sharia law.

Despite billions of dollars being spent by the United States to “fight terror” since 9-11, Al- Qaeda and the Islamic State now control 40% of the territory in Mali and Burkina Faso.

The United States and its allies will not admit the “terrorists” are Muslims, because that would offend our “Sunni Allies” such as Saudi Arabia … yes, the same Saudi allies who reduced oil output last year to raise the price of gasoline in the USA.

A recent map produced by the Wall Street Journal showed the current influence of Al-Qaeda and its affiliates. It showed a band that crossed Africa from West to East, including far northern areas of Nigeria.

Somehow Al-Qaeda and its affiliates obtained not just AK-47’s but heavy machine guns and artillery. In another decade or so, those weapons will probably include war planes. Their goal is to force Islam and Sharia law on the entire world, including Europe and the Americas.

Can the Jihad in Africa be stopped? That would take the full military posture of the United States. We can’t defeat Jihad in Africa and the Middle East as long as most of our military structure is set to defend the South China Sea from China.

By its nature Communism is self-destructive. The communist leadership of China will bring that nation to a state of collapse. The United States should not spend trillions of dollars to contain China while ignoring an expanding Islamic threat that will eventually bring tyranny to the entire world if not stopped now.

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