Fifteen Open Beds for 1,000 Orphans

This ministry cannot help every orphan in Nigeria, as there are literally millions of them! There are over two million children who have been orphaned just by AIDS.

We can help the victims of Islamic oppression, the orphans created by Jihad.

Children, many now parentless, set outside a temporary IDP camp. A few days before they had homes and parents.

Our Nigeria orphanage has openings for just 15 children this year. Over 1,000 Christian children have been orphaned in Plateau State by Jihad just in the last year! Which 15 do we take in and what happens to the other 985?

There is much to be done. In many cases locating relatives for younger children, transporting them and helping with food and clothing will be enough. Some children have lost their entire extended families and placement will be more difficult.

Hundreds of children still have their mother, but she has lost her husband and the farm the family once lived on. These single parent families need urgent help with food and shelter, and they need more permanent solutions.

I am not alone in working to find solutions. My ministry has partners in Plateau State.

The orphanage has formed a new body of skilled volunteers to deal with the newest orphans and the hardships they face.

This is our ministry in Nigeria, and we can build onto it!

Currently food and clothing are the biggest problems for widows and orphans in Mangu, Bokkos and Barkin-Ladi Local Government Areas. They were able to take nothing as they fled their homes from Fulani. Their homes were burned with all their belongings.

Several teenagers from our orphanage went to Bokkos with on January 6th. They were protected by six “rented soldiers” as they investigated the situation. Their report states that only 5,000 of 15,000 displaced Christians were able to find shelter in IDP camps.

Our orphanage children donated some of their own clothing to the victims, but much more is needed.

Our orphans prayed with families who had lost loved ones and homes.

Can we do more? Yes. The most urgent needs will be identified as we raise additional funds to help. Our brothers and sisters in the Lord need our help!

Please pray for the persecuted Christians of Plateau State, Nigeria.

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